Scenario:Katalina - Freeing the Girl in Blue

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Freeing the Girl in Blue

Katalina serves in the imperial army as Lyria's guard, and their relationship deepens as they spend their days together. Katalina realizes that Lyria should be free to see the world, and it's during their escape that they meet (Captain).

Katalina Aryze runs frantically through the forest of Zinkenstill.
She betrayed the Erste Empire to free Lyria, and the two have become separated in the escape.
Katalina: Huff... Huff...
Where is she? Where could she be?
Katalina: I've got to find her before they do. Or else...
Imperial Soldier: Halt! Who goes there?
Imperial Soldier: You're the officer... No! You're the traitor Katalina!
Imperial Soldier: There's no mercy for those who wrong the empire! En garde!
Imperial Soldier: Agh! Nghh...
Katalina: I aimed away from your vitals. I'm not looking for a fight.
Imperial Soldier 2: Hey! Did you hear something?
It's you!
Katalina: They just keep coming...
Katalina fends off more imperial soldiers before running deeper into the forest.
Katalina: (Hang on, Lyria... I'm on my way.)
Katalina: (I'll keep my promise to you... even if it costs me my life!)
Lyria is of vital importance to the empire, serving as a test subject for their experiments.
She spends her days in a lab enduring cruel tests to discover the truth behind her hidden power.
Monster: Grrr...
The Girl: ...
Pommern: I'll spare you the details, but today's experiment involves a battle with monsters imbued with dark essence.
Pommern: This way please, Lieutenant Katalina...
Katalina: Captain Pommern, what exactly is about to happen here?
Pommern: Just you wait and see!
Pommern gives a signal with the wave of his hand.
A swarm of monsters is unshackled all at once.
Katalina: What are you doing? She's in danger!
Crazed by the power of dark essence, the monsters give an earsplitting roar before setting their sights on the young girl.
Monsters: Groarrr!
The Girl: ...
Monster: Grrr!
Katalina: Captain... what is this? What are we witnessing?
Pommern: This, I do say, is what you would call the Erste Empire's very own secret weapon.
Katalina: Secret weapon?
Pommern: Yes, and you'll be in charge of it from this day forth.
Katalina: You mean... the reason I was assigned here...
Pommern: Is to be given full responsibility over the weapon's handling. But I have one warning...
Pommern: You must never harbor any feelings toward it. Never forget that it's nothing but a weapon.
Katalina: Yes, sir. I understand my orders.
Katalina gives a curt salute, but it goes unnoticed by her captain. Pommern's attention is elsewhere, and his face has turned pale.
He begins to tremble before shouting a command in a shrill voice.
Pommern: Stop the experiment at once!
Katalina's gaze follows his, stopping abruptly at the incredible sight before them.
Katalina: How...
How could one girl have such power?
The Girl: ...
The young girl's unknown power has turned the monsters into rotting remains. Even parts of the facility have been disintegrated.
Although no one is injured, this incident serves as proof of the latent threat contained within her.
Realizing that the girl's power can't be controlled for battle, the empire reclassifies her status to reserved.
But it's merely a formal way of condemning her to total confinement.
Katalina: And so began my duty as the guardian of this mysterious girl.
Katalina: I followed strict orders, keeping close watch over her day after day so that another incident like before would never happen again.
Katalina: Until one day an innocent question revealed the doubt lurking in my mind...
The Girl: What's that?
Katalina: Hm?
The Girl: That. The thing you're holding...
Katalina: Oh! This is a... a book.
The Girl: A book?
Katalina: You've never heard of a book? Never read one?
The Girl: ...
Katalina: Sorry. I suppose you can't read then?
The Girl: ...
Katalina: Hm?
Lyria is perfectly still with her gaze fixated on the book.
Katalina: Would you... like to read it?
The Girl: Is it all right? The picture is so pretty...
Katalina: Oh, you mean the cover? But the story is written inside...
The Girl: ...
Katalina: All right. Then I'll just read it to you.
The Girl: ...!
Thank you! Hee-hee!
Katalina: It was the first time I'd ever seen her smile.
Katalina: It came as a shock to me since I'd taken it upon myself to think she couldn't.
Katalina: I wanted to see more of her smile, so I brought all sorts of books and read them to her every day.
Katalina: And each new piece of knowledge brought joy to her face.
The Girl: Well, what's this then?
The Girl: Oh! Is it something you can eat?
Katalina: (What a strange warmth this is... But surely her file said that she was emotionless...)
Katalina: (No, that's not it. She just didn't know how to express her feelings...)
Katalina: (Or rather, no one ever taught her how...)
Katalina: (Everyone fears her because of her great power. They only see her as a weapon...)
Katalina: (But if someone were to approach her as a person, I just know she could become much more...)
The Girl: Is something wrong?
Oh! I'm sorry... I think I understand.
The Girl: If you'll get in trouble for bringing me books, then please... don't do it anymore. I'll be fine.
The Girl: I'm so sorry. You're so much nicer than the others, so I just...
Katalina: You don't belong here.
The Girl: Huh?
Katalina: You can't stay here any longer. You should learn about the outside world through your own eyes and not just through books.
The Girl: Could I even... do something like that?
Katalina: You can. And I'll show you.
Katalina: Will you trust and follow me, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes! I will, Katalina!
Katalina stops and turns back to see a pillar of smoke rising in the air.
Katalina: That's an imperial flare! Did they find Lyria?
Knight: Lyria! Are you all right?
Mysterious Girl: Katalina! I... I...
Knight: Thank goodness she hasn't been injured. Have you two been protecting her?
  1. Oh, it was no big deal.
  2. And who are you?

Choose: Oh, it was no big deal.
Vyrn: Heheh! No big deal? Well, look at you actin' all tough in front of a knight!
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Choose: And who are you?
Vyrn: Calm down there, (Captain)! If she's with the bad guys, she would've charged on us by now!
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And so Katalina meets (Captain) and Vyrn, who would become two of her closest allies on her journey with Lyria.
But no one could have known just how far their journey would take them.