Scenario:Katalina - Operation Picnic

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Operation Picnic

The crew decides to take advantage of a day off by going on a picnic. Katalina wants to make a packed lunch for Lyria, but, when she goes to town to buy ingredients, she's ambushed by monsters.

In the beautiful grasslands on the outskirts of Port Breeze, (Captain) and company are enjoying a brief respite from their journey.
Vyrn: What lovely weather. Wouldn't it be nice to just spend the whole day napping in the grasslands?
Katalina: As much as I'd love to watch you sleep, I think it's a perfect day for a picnic.
Lyria: A picnic? What's that?
Vyrn: Ah, so you've never had a picnic before? A picnic is... well...
Katalina: You find a great natural locale, enjoy the scenery, take walks, and eat with your friends.
Katalina: Eating under a blue sky makes anything taste that much better.
Vyrn: And it'd definitely be nice to cut loose for a change. Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Wow! I want to go on a picnic! I want to eat good food!
Katalina: Of course you do. And I can make lunch! It'll be delicious.
Vyrn: Ok! But wait a second... Are you sure you really want to cook?
Vyrn: No one's forcing you to. Everyone is cut out for dif—
Katalina: It's fine! I can do it. I'm sure I can!
Vyrn: What should we do, (Captain)? This could get ugly.
Katalina: All right! Now to go to town to gather ingredients!
Vyrn: Y-Yeah! (She sounds so confident...)
Though the gentle winds generally bring a bountiful harvest and peace to this town, the crew witnesses a terrible sight.
Monsters have suddenly started appearing, and the people are living in fear.
Vyrn: So much for having a picnic! What should we do, (Captain)?
Katalina: We can't very well ignore the people of this town if they need our help!
Katalina: Let's move, (Captain)!

Operation Picnic: Scene 2

(Captain) and company are given plenty of ingredients as thanks for defeating the monsters. Katalina is sure she'll be able to make a great lunch, but monsters attack the crew to get at the ingredients.

After chasing off the monsters that appeared in town, (Captain) and company are thanked by the overjoyed people.
To show their appreciation, they give the crew ingredients of the finest quality.
While Katalina is now even more motivated, a pall of anxiety hangs over (Captain) and the others on their trek back.
Vyrn: Hey, guys... I'm so worried about what's going to happen to all those nice ingredients.
Katalina: Hm? Did you say something? Still, what a wonderful bunch of ingredients they gave us.
Vyrn: Tell me about it! I think it would be better if we just eat them as-is!
Katalina: All right! I'll definitely make a wonderful lunch!
Lyria: I just can't wait! My first picnic and a lunch from you!
Monster: Grrr...
Katalina: ...!
Katalina: It seems that I need to reign in my enthusiasm, because these monsters managed to surround us. Are they after the ingredients?
Vyrn: What? I know these monsters came to the city and all, but they've got some pretty refined tastes!
Katalina: I will defend these ingredients! For my friends, for justice... and for lunch!
Vyrn: Whatever you say! Let's just get them, (Captain)!

Operation Picnic: Scene 3

Katalina cuts down the monsters with remarkable ease, but the lunch she makes is... less impressive. While the crew tries to enjoy the picnic in spite of this, more monsters attack.

Vyrn: Awesome, Katalina! Those are some nice sword skills!
Katalina: But of course. As a team, my sword Rukalsa and I are peerless.
Vyrn: Makes it even more surprising that she can't handle a kitchen knife, right, (Captain)?
Katalina: Hm? Did you say something?
Thanks to Katalina, the crew brings the ingredients back safely. The crew looks on with bated breath as Katalina starts making lunch...
Vyrn: Hey! Are you trying to lose a finger or what? You can't use knives like that!
Katalina: Vyrn... Would you please not shout in my ear? It'll make me slip and... Ahhh!
Vyrn: Whoa! Watch it! I can't bear to watch this... (Captain), do something!
While everyone looks on, Katalina manages to finish preparing the food.
Katalina: How about that? Told you I could cook if I cared to try!
Lyria: Wow! Your lunch is so colorful!
Vyrn: A little too colorful, if you ask me...
Vyrn: But Lyria seems happy, so let's just try to enjoy the picnic!
Katalina: I'm glad you're having fun, Lyria. Come, everyone! Ready for the picnic?
Vyrn: Maybe...
Vyrn: So it's time to eat "lunch"... Can't say my stomach's been looking forward to this. Are you ready, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yay! The picnic lunch is finally here!
Katalina: You're very welcome. Now eat up!
Vyrn: What's the matter, (Captain)? What? You hear monsters?
Katalina: More monsters... I bet they're here for my lunch this time.
Katalina: This lunch was made for Lyria, and no monster will touch it while I still stand! Hop to it, (Captain)!

Operation Picnic: Scene 4

When a monster convulses in pain after eating Katalina's lunch, the crew can only shudder. Lyria is depressed by the ruined picnic, so Katalina tries to cheer her up by volunteering to make dinner, not realizing how reckless she's being.

Vyrn: Look out! There's one monster left!
Monster: F-Food... Food?
Lyria: Ahhh! It's eating Katalina's lunch!
Katalina: No! That's Lyria's! And my sweat and blood went into it! How dare you!
Katalina: You will pay for this, you fiend! I'll... Huh?
Monster: B... Blargh!
Vyrn: Wha? The monster just collapsed! Katalina's cooking is even more devastating than her sword!
Katalina: It seems that human food doesn't sit right with them.
Vyrn: I... don't think that's the case here, but let's just leave it alone.
Lyria: Ugh... Our picnic lunch is ruined, and after all of Katalina's hard work...
Katalina: It pains me to see you looking so upset, Lyria. Try to smile for me.
Lyria: Katalina... But...
Katalina: We can always have another picnic.
Vyrn: Yeah! And the news isn't all bad! Thanks to the monsters, we didn't have to ea—
  1. Too bad we didn't get to try your fine cooking!
  2. I can't wait for the next picnic!

Choose: Too bad we didn't get to try your fine cooking!
Vyrn: You're braver than me, (Captain). Just thinking about that pile of colors is almost too much for me.
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Choose: I can't wait for the next picnic!
Vyrn: Are you sure you should be saying that? I get cold chills just seeing Katalina holding a kitchen knife! I've had enough already!
Continue 1
Vyrn: What? I should shut up now for Katalina's sake?
Katalina: I have to live up to (Captain)'s expectations, too. I'll make an even better lunch next time!
Lyria: Yeah! I'll be looking forward to it!
Katalina: I know! Since you missed out on lunch, how about I make dinner tonight?
Lyria: Really? I'll help out! It'll be even more fun with the two of us!
Vyrn: Uh-oh, (Captain)... Looks like the nightmare continues.
What should have been a relaxing interlude for the crew ends in disappointment.
But Katalina's kindness strengthens the bond between her and Lyria even more.
Lyria: Right! (Captain), I need you to be my taste-tester. Let's make tonight's dinner one to remember!