Scenario:Keehar - Free-Spirited Skyfarer

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Free-Spirited Skyfarer

During their travels, our heroes met Keehar, a former skyfarer, and helped protect his village from monsters. That night, Keehar spoke forlornly of his granddaughter Selfira, who wanted to leave the village and travel the world. Hearing this, our heroes suggested he go on one more journey -- and invited him to travel with them.

During their travels, (Captain) and company arrived at a village under attack from monsters.
(Captain) and company teamed up with an aging former skyfarer by the name of Keehar, and together they protected the village from the monsters.
Vyrn: Oh, I see... So you were a skyfarer like us when you were young, huh, gramps?
Keehar: Yes, indeed! Our order was founded by a bard, and I worked as a bodyguard.
Keehar: Oh, it was a fun journey, to be true. We had our share of hardships, of course, but in the end, it was a truly unforgettable experience.
Lyria: That sounds wonderful, sir. Which islands did you visit? I’d love to hear all about it!
Keehar: Well, let’s see... An island made of ice... An island of giants, where everything was super-sized... Even an upside-down island!
Lyria: What?! An upside-down island...? Like, people were walking around on the ceiling or something...?
Keehar: Yes, indeed. Boy, it was the strangest thing. When we disembarked onto the island, gravity pulled us up to the ceiling. And if we dropped something, sure enough, up to the ceiling it went!
Keehar: I tell you, we couldn’t believe it! Other than that, it was a fairly peaceful island, and the people loved our bard’s songs.
Lyria: Wow...! That’s amazing! I want to go there, too!
Vyrn: Hang on... He’s gotta be making it up, right? Then again, the world is full of unimaginable things...
Keehar: Hahaha! A skeptic, eh? Well, that’s fine. Even I’ve wondered if it might have all been a dream!
Keehar: You see, the experience you gain over the course of a journey will drastically shape you as a person. That’s why young people ought to travel! Traveling is good for you!
Vyrn: Yeah, I agree! But then, why did you quit being a skyfarer, gramps?
Keehar: Well... There was this young couple, you see, and when they died of disease... it was decided that I would adopt the child they left behind.
Keehar: Heheh! Child-rearing was quite the adventure! It’s a serious responsibility, becoming a parent, but at the same time, it’s truly a wonderful experience.
Keehar: And I must say, I raised an unbearably cute little granddaughter!
Lyria: Hehehe... Sounds like a happy family, sir.
Together with Keehar, (Captain) and company defeated the monsters and returned to the village without incident. Later that night...
Keehar: Sigh...
Lyria: Huh? You’re still awake, sir?
Keehar: Oh, it’s you. What’s the matter? It’s late, you know.
Vyrn: Gahaha! Lyria woke up thirsty, but she was too scared to go get a drink of water by herself!
Lyria: Well, you know...! I mean, what if there’s a ghost...? Oh! Wh-what about you, sir? Can’t sleep?
Keehar: I’m afraid not... You see, the other day my granddaughter Selfira told me she wants to be more independent.
Keehar: She’s at the perfect age to go on a journey of her own... I knew this day would come eventually, but I never thought it would come so soon...
Keehar: Sigh... I know it’s something to be celebrated, but I’m going to miss her so much...
Vyrn: I see... You must be really close with your granddaughter, huh, gramps... I’d be a little sad, too...
Lyria: I know! I have an idea, sir. Why don’t you go on one last journey? Come with us!
Vyrn: Yeah! Even if you DO make up most of your stories, you still have a lot of good advice!
Vyrn: Well, (Captain)? What do you think?
  1. I want to hear more of his stories
  2. The more, the merrier

Choose: I want to hear more of his stories
Keehar: Hahaha! You’ve got a point there. I’m sure my life experience would make a great resource for you.
Keehar: But advice isn’t the only thing I’m good for. I can still hold my own against a monster or two!
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Choose: The more, the merrier
Keehar: Yes, indeed! Back in my old order, they used to say I was the life of the party!
Lyria: Hehe! You sure do seem like a jolly free spirit, sir.
Keehar: Hahaha! Even with a broken heart, I’ll keep on smiling!
Continue 1
Keehar: Hahaha! I’m in the second spring of my life! Let’s have some fun, everyone!
Keehar: A new adventure... A new chapter of my life... I’m so excited to tell Selfira!
And so, Keehar joined (Captain)’s group and set off as a skyfarer once more.
His prowess with the bow and bountiful life experiences would surely provide support for the younger members.