Scenario:Keehar - From Fable to Fact

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From Fable to Fact

On a day with gusty winds... The party is listening to Keehar’s adventure stories on the deck of the airship. Lyria is touched by the story where he does an aerial walk with his umbrella. Right when Lyria asks Keehar to continue his story, monsters appear before the party.

Lyria: Whoa! The wind is so strong today!
Keehar: Ngahaha! This brings me back to the days I was still a skyfarer-in-training.
Keehar: The previous day had heavy rain. I flew the skies on the airship and tried to dry my umbrella on the deck of the airship.
Keehar: I tried to clean that up, but the umbrella flew away from the wind...
Vyrn: Wow... so you lost your umbrella.
Keehar: No! I managed to grab the handle of the umbrella at the last moment... However, the umbrella flew out in the sky with me still hanging on it!
Lyria: W-What?! S-So... Did you fall off the airship?!
Keehar: Ngahaha! I enjoyed my aerial walk with the umbrella!
Lyria: And then what happened?! What happened?!
Vyrn: We’ve got trouble! Lyria! Grandpa! The monsters are getting in the way of the airship!
Keehar: This is an emergency! We must fight to protect the airship! Let us go, Captain!

From Fable to Fact: Scene 2

Influenced by Keehar’s story, Lyria says that she wants to fly, too. Keehar says that he was riding on the back of a primal beast and not only by an umbrella. He then starts talking about an island of fruit.

Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Why are you taking out an umbrella all of a sudden?
Lyria: Hehe! I’ll fly with this! The wind is strong, so I’m sure it’s possible!
Vyrn: Say what?! What are you thinking?! That’s dangerous! Stop it!
Lyria: B-But! You said that you flew with the umbrella!
Keehar: Oh, Lyria. Now that I think about it, the wind was much stronger that day.
Keehar: The wind was so strong that it knocked a flying primal beast out of the air, and fell onto the deck!
Lyria: Wha?! A primal beast?! Gulp... That wind must have really been something...
Keehar: I looked after to the primal beast and it let me ride on its back as thanks! That’s how I flew!
Lyria: Wow...! You rode on a primal beast?! That’s amazing I want to ride one too!
Vyrn: Hey how... Did you fly with the umbrella or the primal beast?
Keehar: The primal beast led me to an island covered by a vast forest... I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Keehar: That forest was filled with fruit trees! Apples, plums, walnuts... You could eat all you want!
Lyria: Wow! That sounds wonderful…! Wouldn’t you like to go there, (Captain)?!
Vyrn: I want some apples... If that island really does exist, that’d be great!
Keehar: Whoops. I’d like to talk some more, but it seems like there is a monster in the path of our airship!
Keehar: Lyria, Vyrn... Stand back! I swear by my bow that I will protect you!

From Fable to Fact: Scene 3

Right before a monster crashes into the airship, a single arrow shot by Keehar takes it down. The party manages to escape danger and descends upon a nearby island. The villagers ask the party to hunt some monsters. Agreeing to it, the party enters the forest.

Vyrn: All right! We got the monsters! Good job, (Captain).
Keehar: No! Even now...! There is one coming this way!
Lyria: Ack! At this rate, the monster will crash into Grandcypher!
Keehar: It’s too late to change directions at the helm! I’ll take care of this!
Vyrn: A-Amazing! Grandpa! You took out the monster with a single arrow!
Keehar: Ngahaha! This is nothing! I can do this with my eyes closed!
Keehar: Hm? I see an island. How about we go down there to rest for a while, Captain?
Lyria: I agree! We had to fight monsters, so let’s rest at a village.
Villager: What should we do...?
Keehar: Hello, sir. Is something bothering you? Try talking to me!
Villager: Well... Monsters that appear from the forest near the village have been destroying our crops.
Vyrn: That’s terrible. We should do something about it, (Captain)!
Villager: R-Really?! I see… you guys are skyfarers. Please help us! We’ll reward you of course!
Lyria: Leave it to us! (Captain), let’s go to the forest!

From Fable to Fact: Scene 4

After the party defeated the monsters of the forest, they find out that this forest is an orchid. As thanks for defeating the monsters, the villagers offer the party to eat their fill of fruit there. Keehar’s story of adventures will continue to be a source of enjoyment for everyone.

Villager: Thank you for defeating the monsters! I don’t know how to thank you...
Keehar: We should always help each other! No need to feel so reserved.
Villager: You guys are such nice people! The forest you protected for us is actually the village orchid!
Keehar: Ooh! No wonder it smells so fragrant!
Villager: Ahaha! Is that so? As thanks, you can eat as much of the fruit at the orchid!
Vyrn: Wow, that's amazing! That huge forest is an orchid?!
Lyria: Hooray! We’re at the island that Keehar told us about!
Lyria: You're amazing! So many fruit grows here and we can eat all we want? It’s just like your story!
Keehar: That is true, Lyria. Journeys are fun because things like this happen! Ngahaha!
Vyrn: Isn’t it just a coincidence? Well, Lyria is having fun, so it’s fine!
Keehar: Let’s see... What adventures await us next? I can't wait to find out, Captain!
Keehar gives a bright smile. No one can really tell his stories are true or not.
However, (Captain) and the rest of the party know that they will be a part of many adventures with Keehar for some time to come.