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Kou Makes a Promise

Yuel, Societte, (Captain), and the crew head to Mimaka to find a cure for the curse that has robbed Kou of the use of his legs. While Societte and Yuel go on ahead, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn stop into a teahouse with Kou, who is feeling feverish. (Captain) feeds Kou some shaved ice, much to his embarrassment. Kou promises to join their journey once he is cured.

Kou is the descendant of a long-lost royal family.
Raised to be nothing more than a vessel for the resurrection of Ninetails, Kou encountered (Captain) and the crew on an island called Akino.
The crew freed him from Ninetails's grasp, and, by combining their powers, Kou, Yuel, and Societte managed to banish the monster who had killed their ancestors.
Kou set out on a journey to correct the falsified accounts of Ninetails's benevolence which his own family, the ninth, had spread.
Some time has passed since then.
Kou: Urgh... I've hit rock bottom...
Kou is currently receiving the dubious honor of a piggyback ride.
Yuel: Easy, li'l man. I know yer rarin' to soak yer tail. You'll getcher chance soon enough.
Kou: I'm not pining for the hot springs... I'm humiliated.
Kou: Which you know full well. You're just a big bully... Stop treating me like a kid already.
Societte: Yeah, that's right, Yuel. Just for bein' such a big meanie, I'm gonna take Kou away from ya.
Kou: Societte... Please don't use that as an excuse to carry me around like a knapsack.
The three royal descendants, Yuel, Societte, and Kou, are visiting the secret island of Mimaka, whose hot springs supposedly have the power to lift curses.
Kou was hit with a curse several days earlier which robbed him of the use of his legs, and the group hopes to find the cure here.
However, they are having a devil of a time actually locating these blessed springs.
Vyrn: This is a pretty big town... Wanna just grab one of the locals and ask directions?
Kou: Nhh... I suppose so. Maybe that... would be best.
Lyria: Are you okay, Kou? You look pale.
Kou: Hm? Oh... Now that you mention it, I do feel a little feverish...
Yuel: Don't be a hero, Kou! Is the curse rampin' up?
Kou: I think I'm just tired from the trip... It's not the curse. I'm fine.
Societte: No, you should rest. Yuel and I can keep lookin' for the hot springs.
Yuel: (Captain), you take care o' Kou, 'kay? We'll be back in two shakes!
Kou: Whoa!
Yuel slides Kou off her back and plops him into (Captain)'s waiting arms. That done, she and Societte are already hurrying away.
(Captain) stands there for a moment, holding a bundle of perplexed Kou, then decides to make a pit stop at a nearby teahouse.
The captain carefully sets Kou down in a chair before grabbing the seat beside him.
Kou: I can't believe (Captain) had to carry me... I'm so embarrassed...
Vyrn: Boy, do you pick the wrong things to get hung up on. Are you feelin' all right?
Kou: I still feel a little warm... I'm sure I'll feel better once I've cooled down a bit. Please don't worry.
Lyria: Hmm... Still... There must be something we can do to help...
Searching around for inspiration, Lyria's eyes light on the menu mounted on the wall.
Lyria: "Now serving shaved ice."
Kou: Shaved ice? So they serve that on Mimaka too.
Kou: I tried some green tea-flavored shaved ice once on my travels. It was quite good.
Lyria: Green tea flavor? Coming right up! C'mon, Vyrn and (Captain)!
Kou: Huh? W-wait, I—
The trio hurry off to buy some frozen treats.
Lyria: Ta-daaah! Green tea-flavored shaved ice just for you! And look! It came with red bean and mochi ball toppings!
Kou: Ahaha... You really didn't have to go to so much trouble... But thank you.
Kou: It looks delicious. Oh, um... is there a spoon?
Kou looks around and notices one in (Captain)'s hand.
Kou: Oh, you brought one for me.
Kou reaches out.
But (Captain) pulls the spoon out of his reach and instead uses it to scoop up some shaved ice.
Kou: Huh?
Kou: Oh... Oh no...
  1. Say "ahh" for me!
  2. Mmm, delicious!

Choose: Say "ahh" for me!

Kou: I knew it! Please don't do this! I can eat on my own! Look! My hands are perfectly fine!
(Captain) ignores the flustered boy's protests and lifts the spoon to his lips.
Kou: Nngh... I see you won't take no for an answer.
Kou: Very well. I accept my fate.
Kou: You... big bully...
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Choose: Mmm, delicious!

Kou: Huh?
The spoon sails toward Kou's lips... only to make a midair course correction and zoom into (Captain)'s mouth.
Kou: (I... I thought for sure (Captain) was going to hand-feed me that shaved ice.)
(Captain) can't help but laugh at Kou's confusion.
Kou realizes he's being teased simply for the pleasure of getting a rise out of him.
Kou: You... You're just a big bully, (Captain)...
(Captain) apologizes and scoops up another spoonful, offering it to Kou.
Kou: It's... it's not that I wanted you to feed it to me...
Kou: But are you really going to let me eat it this time?

Continue 1

Kou: Ah... Aahh...
Kou: Mm... That combination of bitter and sweet... The chewy mochi... It's delicious.
A pacified Kou allows (Captain) to feed him the rest of the dessert.
Kou: Phew...
Vyrn: Did that bring down your fever at all?
Kou: W-well... My face still feels hot. But that's (Captain)'s fault.
Kou: I'm breathing easier though... Yes, I think I'm fine now.
Kou: I really am just being taken care of left and right.
Kou: I feel terrible.
Lyria: You shouldn't think that way! You'd do the same for any of us!
Kou: No, I'm sorry... That's not what I meant.
Kou: It's not that I hate being taken care of.
Vyrn: Then what's the problem?
Kou: I'd been thinking that when I next caught up with all of you, I'd like to join you on your journey.
Kou: I was hoping for the opportunity to repay all your help and kindness.
Kou: But with my legs in this condition, that's not going to happen. That's what's depressing me.
  1. It'll be all right, Kou.

Choose: It'll be all right, Kou.

Kou: What?
Lyria: That's right, Kou! Don't worry! We're going to get you back on your feet!
Vyrn: Yeah, don't worry your fuzzy little face about it! Your big sisters and the three of us have got your back!
Kou: You guys...
Lyria: Once your legs are back to normal and we settle this whole mess, you have to come along on our journey! Promise me!
Kou: Haha... You're a force to be reckoned with...
Kou: Yes, of course. I give you my word.
Lyria: All right! Hehehe.
Kou locks pinkies with Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) in turn to seal the deal.
Their kindness puts a genuine smile on the young boy's face.