Scenario:Kumbhira - New Year, New Me

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New Year, New Me

(Captain) and the crew arrive at the casino liner after accepting a request to test out its new rec room. Chloe and Tabina play games with Kumbhira, who eventually drags Therese into the fun.

Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: Why...
Kumbhira: !
It's a cold, quiet night. In her room, Kumbhira is sunk deep in a stifling dream. She struggles and struggles and finally wrenches herself free, gasping for breath.
Kumbhira: Pant... Pant...
Kumbhira: I'm fine... Really, I'm fine now...
She chants the words like a mantra. Her breathing slows, and she lies back down. Slowly she closes her eyes.
Chloe: Ahahaha! This is so fun! The floor's, like, so bouncy, lmao! I could jump for literally forever. (≧▽≦)
Tabina: Aah... Attiyah... What use are these leaps and bounds if they cannot fling me into your arms?
Hamward: Squealy-squeal!
Kumbhira: Hehe. Are you enjoying yourself, Hamward?
The casino liner has just created a new recreation room. The crew have it all to themselves, and they clamber over its facilities like children on a jungle gym.
Therese: I'm sorry... You're all very busy, and still I'm having you test out the new rec room.
Vyrn: Naw. You set this up for us, didn't you, Dealer Lady? I mean, all we gotta do is party through the night—pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
Lyria: Yes! Actually, we didn't know what to do for our year-end trip, so your timing was perfect.
Chloe: Guys. You will not. Believe this! I see, literally, an ocean of tiny balls over there! Was I supposed to, like, bring my swimsuit or something?
Chloe stops jumping and points at a ball pit.
Tabina: No, it can't be... I've seen something similar on my travels. Some monsters will fill grottos with their eggs, and it looks just like that... I do hope it isn't sticky.
Kumbhira: D-don't say stuff like that. I think I'm gonna wait and see how things turn out before jumping in. But you can go in first, Hamward.
Chloe: Come ooon, Kumbhira. Aren't we, like, BFFs? (*´з`)
And that totally means we've gotta dive in together!
Kumbhira: No! Stop! What if it's actually stick-
Chloe & Tabina: Like, cannonbaaall!
Here goes nothing!
Kumbhira: Ahhhhhhh!
Chloe and Tabina drag Kumbhira screaming into the ball pit. But when the divine boar resurfaces...
Kumbhira: Ahaha! You've done it now, Chloe! Time for payback!
Chloe: Eek! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ
You seriously just threw a ball at me! Like, at the speed of light!
The three friends start flailing, and the balls start flying. Even though it's the dead of winter, it feels as if they're having a water fight at a sunny poolside party.
Vyrn: Haha. You're really having a blast, aren't ya, Kumboara!
Kumbhira: Hehe. I mean, these are just normal balls. And they're really soft.
Kumbhira: Guess you never know what anything's like until you try, right? And that includes new pastimes.
Chloe: Whoo! (^∀^)
It's literally like I'm swimming in an ocean right now. Oh my Bahamut, girls, we're, like, having summer vacation in mid-winter. lol
Kumbhira: Oceans? The old priestess used to tell me about them... She said they were these large, large bodies of water. Are they different from ponds?
Tabina: Well, I'd say they're similar. But oceans are so salty, they make your face pucker, and there's these white-crested waves that come and break upon the shore...
Tabina: Like so!
Tabina swings her arm, and a surge of balls leap up and rain down on Kumbhira's head.
Kumbhira: Ack! Hey, no fair, Tabina! You caught me off guard.
Tabina: Teehee. You must never let down your guard. Always keep your wits about you!
Therese: Hehe. Oh, everyone looks to be having fun—wonderful! Now I'm certain our guests will appreciate the new rec room as well.
Kumbhira: Why don't you join us, Therese? Everything's great once you dive in.
Therese: What? Oh, no. I couldn't possibly... I'm supposed to be the host here.
Kumbhira: Then... Why don't you at least dip your feet in?
Therese: Er... Well, that'll be all right, I suppose...
Kumbhira: Got you!
As soon as Therese seats herself by the side of the pit, Kumbhira grabs her arm and pulls her into the abyss.
Therese: Eeeeek!
Therese: Wh-what's this? Everything's so soft. I feel rather... comfortable.
Tabina: Teehee. Well done, Kumbhira!
Kumbhira: Let's swim together, Therese. It's pretty fun, you know.
Therese: A-all right!
And so the crew spends a good chunk of time in the ball pit, yelling and laughing with complete abandon.

New Year, New Me: Scene 2

After some chitchat, Chloe tells Kumbhira, Tabina, and Therese that she's happy they're all "normal" girls and thus able to bond. After hesitating slightly, Kumbhira agrees with Chloe. The girls then drop off to sleep.

(Captain) and the crew tear themselves away from the ball pit and wander into another area of the rec room.
Lyria: Amazing, (Captain)! You knocked over all the pins again! This is your second, um... strike in a row!
Therese: Hah. A double, hm? But I can still turn this around. Time to get serious.
The crew looks from Therese to the ten pins standing at the end of a long lane. The duelist picks up a heavy ball and takes aim at the pins.
Kumbhira: Therese is so fired up. I hardly recognize her.
Chloe: Yeah, I so totally get that. But, I mean, Therese is a star duelist, right? She's got that, like, journalist-by-day, hero-by-night transformation thing going on.
Chloe: Maybe I should show you all some serious Magical☆Hurls. Not that I'd actually be, like, any good. lol (*´∀`)
Kumbhira: Just don't trip, okay? You move around so much—sometimes I get nervous just watching you.
Kumbhira: Still... Everyone got the hang of it so quickly.
Tabina: Would you like me to teach you? Daddy and I used to enjoy a similar diversion, so I'm quite adept at the art of ball-rolling. Come, we can practice in that corner.
Kumbhira: Thanks, Tabina. I think I'll take you up on that offer.
Eventually the crew moves from the play area into a small room. A grand machine sits against one of the walls.
Vyrn: Whoa! Where's this music coming from?
Therese: I heard that this room is a place to relax and sing songs with friends.
Chloe: Get. Outta here! That is so totally godlike! Guys, we seriously have to, like, sing until sunrise.
Kumbhira: Y-you want me to sing?
(Captain) and the crew test out all the equipment in the room. They take turns belting to their hearts' content.
Eventually all that singing leaves the crew tired, and they decide to take a break. A few members go out and bring back ice cream and drinks.
Chloe: Sooo, I have a question for y'all. Is there, like, anyone you're interested in right now?
Kumbhira: What? Interested?
Chloe: Yeah. Like a crush? I mean, come on. What better time for a little girl talk than now?
Kumbhira: G-g-girl talk?
Tabina: What a lovely idea! I, of course, only have eyes for Attiyah.
Tabina is a crew member

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Tabina not in crew

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Chloe: Oh yeah, duh. You're, like, always reading those letters, and you literally look like you're in heaven.
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Chloe: Oh yeah, duh. You, like, came on this journey literally to look for your boyfriend.

Continue 3

Chloe: So you guys are, like, serious serious? Juicy! That's so much heat and passion, I totally feel like I'm on fire right now. (*ノωノ)
Tabina: Yes. I've already planned out a handful of dates with Attiyah. I'll share the best hundred or so later... Now how about you, Kumbhira?
Chloe: I'm also dying to know. Do you have a boyfriend, like, waiting for you back at the village? Or some kind of forbidden romance with a legit criminal?
Kumbhira: No, I don't... All I did back home was train. And, uh, why would you think I'm in a relationship with a criminal?
Chloe: Well... I mean... Isn't it totally romantic? All that stuff about, like, star-crossed lovers being born into different classes? Tabina kinda has that going on.
Tabina: Hehe. Try thinking back. Haven't you ever met someone that sent your heart into a frenzy?
Kumbhira: Um... Well, I...
Kumbhira is a crew member

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Kumbhira not in crew

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Kumbhira: Hah. So that's what I've been missing: friends. I've been training alone for so long.
Come with us on our journey!
Kumbhira: Huh?
Kumbhira: ...!
Chloe: OMB! Who is it?

Continue 5

Kumbhira: O-oh right! What about you, Therese?
Kumbhira: I mean, you're a duelist, right? You must get to meet all sorts of people.
Therese: Wh-what? Me?
Tabina: Hm. I must say, I am intrigued. I envision a forbidden love, blooming between a fighter and her coach...
Kumbhira: Wow...
Tabina: Oh right. Kumbhira, do promise you'll tell us more about yourself after this?
Kumbhira: Gah?
Therese: Well, I... It's not my coach, but there is a person who always plans my meals and my training sessions...
Chloe: Squee! Is it just me, or does it sound like she's totally gonna spill the tea about her boyfriend?
Therese: Hehe. I'm talking about De La Fille. She's my best friend. Without her, I'd be nothing.
Tabina: A best friend, hm? Well, I have heard of "girl crushes," but that's not quite what I was asking about.
A comfortable silence follows. The friends take a sip from their drinks and nestle back into their chairs.
Chloe: Hehe. Isn't it, like, so cool that we can get together and chat like this?
Chloe: I mean, you're, like, from a rich merchant family, you're a divine general, and you're a star duelist. Your lives are so different from mine...
Chloe: But at the same time, we have literally so much in common. Because we're all, like, normal girls, you know?
Kumbhira: ...!
Tabina: Hehe. How astute of you to say so. Every one of us is normal, and every one of us is unique. That's what it is to be a woman.
Chloe: Ahaha. Tabina, you're such a poet, and you totally know it. (*´艸`)
But, like, yeah, I think so too!
Chloe: I guess what I'm, like, trying to say is... I'm so happy we got to hang today, girls.
Kumbhira: Yeah, me too. I really enjoyed myself.
The friends continue to talk, pausing only to take a drink or a bite of ice cream. The moon and stars arrive unnoticed and glow against the midnight sky.
Tabina: Zzz... Zz...
Chloe: ZzZzZz...
Kumbhira: Haha. They're all sound asleep. I thought we were singing until sunrise, guys.
Kumbhira: Yawn...
Kumbhira: Today was so fun...
Kumbhira: I'm also...
Kumbhira's eyelids begin to droop. Before long she is lulled to sleep by the deep and peaceful breathing of her friends.

New Year, New Me: Scene 3

Kumbhira dreams about her past, when she was belittled for not having blessed might and dismissed as a "normal" girl. She wakes and goes back to the rec room, where she receives encouragement from (Captain) and promises to rejoin the crew after her year-end duties are over.

Young Kumbhira: (I think I hear voices...)
Downcast Villager: So it's true... The blessed might... Lady Kumbhira still hasn't...
Discontent Villager: Nay. She's shown no sign of possessing it. And I'm starting to think she never will.
Downcast Villager: Sigh... I've never heard of a divine boar without blessed strength.
Discontent Villager: Damn! Where d'you suppose we went wrong? Did we not raise 'er right? Or did the priestesses not guide 'er right? Or...
Downcast Villager: Sigh... Or is she just a normal kid?
Young Kumbhira: !
Young Kumbhira: O blessed might, which rages in the blood of divine boars...
Young Kumbhira: Bend to the will of my sacred horns, and manifest thyself within me!
Young Kumbhira: ...
Young Kumbhira: Manifest thyself... within me!
Young Kumbhira: Manifest thyself! Manifest thyself! Manifest thyself! Manifest thyseeelf!
Young Kumbhira: Gasp... Pant...
Young Kumbhira: Why! Why is this... happening!
Kumbhira: ...!
Kumbhira: (It was just a dream... about the past...)
Lyria: Zzz... Zz...
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira slips from the room, careful not to wake the sleeping crew.
She walks into the recreation area and stands there alone.
Kumbhira: Hah!
Kumbhira: Just like Tabina told me... I need to angle my rolls...
Kumbhira: Hunh!
Kumbhira: That one wasn't bad.
  1. Having trouble sleeping?

Choose: Having trouble sleeping?

Kumbhira: Eek! (Captain)?
Kumbhira: S-sorry. I guess the pins falling over were kind of loud, huh? Could you hear them from your room?
With a shake of the head, (Captain) pulls over a chair and settles into it.
  1. What's bothering you?

Choose: What's bothering you?

Kumbhira: Ahaha... No use trying to hide anything from you, I guess.
Kumbhira takes a seat next to (Captain). She drops her gaze to her feet and begins to speak.
Kumbhira: I can't shake this feeling of... anxiety.
Kumbhira: My predecessor... You know, she was a divine boar truly worthy of the title. And I've been trying, but I don't know... Am I any closer to being like her?
Kumbhira: And my year-end duties... Will I be able to carry them out?
Kumbhira: I'm only... normal.
Kumbhira: I don't have any of the grandeur or the magnanimity of my predecessor. I don't have divine strength. I'm just a normal girl.
Kumbhira: What am I supposed to do? What if I never change?
  1. You've gotten stronger, Kumbhira.
  2. You work far harder than "normal."

Choose: You've gotten stronger, Kumbhira.
Choose: You work far harder than "normal."

Kumbhira: Thank you, (Captain). Every time you encourage me, I believe in myself a little more.
Kumbhira: Ahaha... Guess I still have a long way to go. I mean, I know I've changed. I've known for a while.
Kumbhira: But I just wanted you to comfort me.
  1. It's okay to reach out for help.
  2. Everything's going to be fine.

Choose: It's okay to reach out for help.

Kumbhira: Yeah... And you were there when I needed you.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Everything's going to be fine.

Kumbhira: Hehe. Yeah. I trust in your words, (Captain). Everything's gonna be fine.

Continue 1

Kumbhira: All right, I've decided. Or, actually, this is something I decided long ago.
Kumbhira: I'm going to gather all my experiences... and use them to grow.
Kumbhira slowly gets to her feet. Then she picks up a ball.
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: Hah!
The ball shoots off Kumbhira's fingertips. It carves out a lovely arc on the lane, then catches the leading pin.
A satisfying clatter rings through the room. In the next instant, all ten pins are rolling aimlessly on the ground.
Kumbhira: Yes! Strike!
Kumbhira spins around. Smiling, she and (Captain) share a high five.
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: Um... (Captain). There's something I wanted to ask you.
Chloe: Oh my Bahamut! w(゚ロ゚;
Kumbhira? You are, like, so amazing! That was a total strike!
Therese: Hmm... Not bad. I just woke up, but what do you say to a quick match?
Chloe and the others come filing into the rec room. All of a sudden, the air is filled with voices.
Kumbhira: Aw, you guys...
Kumbhira: Okay, let's do this. But, just to let you know, I don't feel like losing.
Tabina: Before we start... Is anyone else hungry? I propose we buy something at the concession stand.
Tabina: Oh, and... Kumbhira and (Captain). Why don't you two prepare the balls?
Kumbhira: Huh? Prepare? All we need to do is pick them up and roll...
Tabina turns toward Kumbhira. And deftly, so no one else can see, she puts a finger to her lips.
She then gathers Chloe and the rest, herds them toward the stairs, and disappears.
Kumbhira: Tabina...
Kumbhira: So, (Captain)... What I meant to ask you before was...
Kumbhira: Well, first, I promise I'll carry out my year-end duties. Properly. So you can rest easy.
Kumbhira: Then, um...
Kumbhira: Once I've fulfilled my duties, could I come back here... and keep traveling with you?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!

Kumbhira: ...!
Kumbhira: Thank you! When I go back to the Boar Temple, it won't be goodbye forever. I swear!
Piglets: Squee-squee!
The three piglets burst forth, giving shape to Kumbhira's radiant happiness. They jump into (Captain)'s arms and nuzzle their snouts in the captain's chest.
(Captain) holds them closer and pats each of their little heads.