Scenario:Kumbhira and Vajra - Year-End Training

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Year-End Training

Vajra visits Kumbhira to officially pass on the year spirit duties. The two divine generals take the opportunity to engage in a friendly sparring match, leaving Kumbhira dumbfounded by how much stronger Vajra has become over the past year.

With the new year hot on the heels of the old, Vajra pays a visit to the Boar Temple to officially hand over the year spirit duties to Kumbhira.
Vajra: Hey, Kumbhi! It's been a while! How've you been?
Kumbhira: Doing well, thanks. How about you and Garjana?
Vajra: Better than ever! Right, Gar?
Garjana: ...
Happy to see Kumbhira once again, Garjana gives the divine boar a lick on the hand.
Vajra: We couldn't wait to see you, so we ran all the way here!
Kumbhira: Wait... You mean you ran all the way to the temple from the port?
Vajra: Yep! Who wouldn't come running to see you?
Vajra: Though I kept tripping over tree roots in the forest...
Kumbhira: Wow, I can't imagine dashing through untamed mountain forest. There's not even a path through that wilderness.
Vajra: To be honest it felt like training!
Kumbhira: You're as thorough with your training as ever, I see. You never hold back.
Vajra: Hehe. We're not different in that respect, Kumbhi.
Kumbhira: Well, I try my best. I could still learn a thing or two from your dedication.
Kumbhira: But you must be tired, right? Why don't we go grab a cup of tea before the ceremony?
Vajra: That sounds all right...
Vajra: Or I was thinking maybe we could spar for a round?
Kumbhira: Let me guess... You want to go right now?
Vajra: Yep!
Kumbhira: Haha. Dedicated, but impatient... Vajra, you haven't changed a bit.
Kumbhira: But fair enough, it would be nice to train with you again.
Vajra: Hah! Exactly what I was hoping you'd say!
They exchange grins before heading to a field behind Boar Temple.
Vajra: Mmph!
Kumbhira: Haaah!
Vajra: The way you flourish your lance is splendid, but that doesn't compare to your flexibility! And you're way faster than before too!
Kumbhira: I'm not the only one, Vajra. You've gotten way better yourself—easy to see why they call you a war deity!
The two of them continue to duel, sparks flying as they clash.
Boars: Squee-squee!
Puppies: Ruff-ruff!
Garjana: ...
On the sidelines of their bout, a fluffy audience of piglets and puppies looks on with gusto.
Vajra: Pant... No matter how hard I focus, I just can't keep up with the way you wield Recker!
Kumbhira: And yet you've deflected every attack. That's evidence you've grown in your role as year spirit.
Vajra: You got that right! I'm stronger than ever!
Vajra: Yaaah!
Kumbhira: Whoa!
Kumbhira: (She's way better than I remember. Serving as a year spirit really gives you phenomenal skill!)
Kumbhira: Pant... Let's take a break.
Taking advantage of the natural lull in action, the pair pause their sparring session and plop down on the grass.
Kumbhira: You've been through a lot this year. I can tell that much from your swordplay.
Vajra: Hehehe... You're right about that! You always were an intuitive one, Kumbhi!
Vajra: I can hardly keep track of everything that's happened. You wanna hear about it?
Kumbhira: Of course. I've always got time for your stories, Vajra.
Vajra begins to reflect on the past year, starting with her role in celebrating the new year.
Vajra: Canine Temple is always packed on New Year's, but it was truly something else this year!
Vajra: I wasn't sure how it would go over, since it was my year to be year spirit and all, but after things got rolling, it was really fun!
Vajra: I prayed for good fortune, broke up a quarrel between some temple visitors, and met (Captain) and the crew!
Kumbhira: Oh, the skyfarers you're traveling with?
Vajra: Yep, them! They've got some interesting smells on 'em!
Kumbhira: I couldn't imagine going on an adventure with anyone.
Vajra: Really? I think if you tried it, you'd love it!
Kumbhira: Hmm... I'm not so sure...
Next, Vajra recounts her struggles fighting against a Joya the likes of which had never been seen in the skies before.
Vajra: It took me, Anila, Andy, Mahi and even Zooey and (Captain) to quell that Joya's rampage!
Vajra: The four of us divine generals helped with Zooey's priestess training... And then we had to erect that barrier... Haha. It was awful.
Kumbhira: You say it was awful, and yet you're smiling.
Vajra: That's right! No matter how bad things were then, they're good memories now!
Vajra carries on for some time, cheerfully reminiscing about her past travels.
Vajra: Right? I feel like I've done a pretty good job of adventuring!
Having finished her talk, Vajra is beaming from ear to ear, clearly proud of her accomplishments.
Kumbhira: You sure did, Vajra.
Vajra: Yeah! I feel like I deserve a reward! The reward!
Kumbhira: Haha. Okay, fine. You don't have to twist my arm.
Kumbhira lets out a giggle before gently patting Vajra's head.
Vajra: Mmm...
Kumbhira: I see your love of head pats hasn't changed at all.
Vajra: Well, that's because it's so relaxing when you do it.
Vajra: Hey, don't stop yet! I haven't gotten head pats from you in so long!
Kumbhira: Okay, okay. I'll make up for the lost time then.
The divine boar continues to pat the war deity's head, causing Vajra to enter a comfort-induced stupor.
Kumbhira: Ah... I guess it's going to be my turn to take up the year spirit mantle soon enough.
Vajra: You've got nothing to worry about, Kumbhi. You've been preparing for this your whole life—that was obvious from our match!
Vajra: You're serious and determined and won't let anything hold you back. Isn't that right, Gar?
Garjana: ...
Garjana gives Kumbhira a friendly lick of affirmation on the cheek.
Vajra: Look! Garjana's given you his seal of approval! What do you guys think?
Puppies: Ruff-ruff!
Boars: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Thank you, everyone.
Kumbhira: But I still can't help being anxious. I wonder if I'll live up to the former divine boars.
Kumbhira: I don't want to let anyone in my village down.
Vajra: Oh yeah, the people from your village are quite traditional when it comes to their beliefs about the year spirit, huh?
Vajra: Hmm... I think it will all work out for the best though!
Vajra: After all, you've got the other eleven divine generals to help you out!
Kumbhira: Everyone?
Vajra: Of course! I'm not sure I could've completed my duties without everyone else's help. I definitely couldn't have handled the Joya on my own.
Vajra: If you have Gar, the divine generals, or even (Captain)'s crew on your side, then there's no obstacle you can't overcome!
Garjana: ...
In a display of camaraderie and mutual trust, Vajra grabs Garjana by the scruff and rubs her cheek against his.
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Hamward lets loose a brave squeal, letting Kumbhira know that he'll always be there for her.
Thomboar: Squee-squee!
Thomboar nuzzles against Kumbhira's leg in an attempt to ease her anxiety.
Pigchelle: Squeal!
Finally Pigchelle gives a cheerful yelp, as if to tell Kumbhira she'll save her bacon no matter what.
Vajra: They just said they've got your back, right? Even I could understand that!
Boars: Squeal!
The piglets jump and cry with delight, confirming Vajra's words.
Kumbhira: Everyone, you really believe in me. That makes me feel a lot better.
Kumbhira: But if I grow to rely on others too much, then I'll never live up to—
Vajra: Geez, cut it out already! It's going to be fine, Kumbhi!
Vajra puffs up her cheeks and gives Kumbhira a stern poke.
Kumbhira: Where'd this come from? You're acting like a kid all of a sudden.
Vajra: You know, before I came to see you, I had a little talk with the priestess at Boar Temple.
Vajra: The people from Kumbhira's village sure have high expectations for the year spirit, huh?
Vajra: That's a lot of pressure for anyone—especially that year's guardian—so I wish they'd lay off a little and be more supportive.
Temple Priestess: Vajra, you are very caring, concerning yourself with Kumbhira.
Temple Priestess: But everything will be all right. The villagers are not quite as strict as you believe.
Vajra: What? Really?
Temple Priestess: Of course, they do possess high expectations, but that's only because they have nothing but the utmost respect for the divine boar. They all wish her well.
Temple Priestess: Lady Kumbhira has spent her days either in her house or in training.
Temple Priestess: Perhaps she's misinterpreted the villagers' expectations.
Temple Priestess: We are all here to watch over her and to provide her with support. But I suppose we've failed to communicate that to her.
Kumbhira: They're just trying to support me? They're not going to be so critical after all?
Vajra: You got it! So you can try to live your life a little more like you wield that lance—loose and relaxed!
Kumbhira: You think so? I guess... I guess I can. Thank you, Vajra.
Vajra: Ugh... You still sound so uptight...
Vajra: I know! How about we try this...
Vajra grins mischievously and begins patting Kumbhira's head with reckless abandon.
Kumbhira: H-hey! What gives!
Vajra: Whenever you do this for me, I feel relaxed. How's it working for you?
Kumbhira: Ungh, just... go a little bit easier...
Vajra: Haha. Sorry. I'll stop.
Vajra: Kumbhi, you work harder than anybody else. That's something everyone recognizes.
Vajra: So you're going to be okay! Promise.
Kumbhira: Vajra...
Kumbhira: You really have grown.
Kumbhira: (In this short time as the year spirit, she's really come this far.)
Kumbhira: (No, it's not just that. It's because she was traveling with that (Captain) person's crew...)
Vajra: Hey, Kumbhi, all this sweat is starting to make me cold.
Kumbhira: Oh? Wanna warm back up with a rematch?
Vajra: Hah, you bet!
The two divine generals stand simultaneously, grabbing their weapons as they rise.
They take a couple of paces apart, turn toward one another, and then charge just as the sun begins to set.
As they spar, warrior versus warrior, they continue their conversation in the language only masters of battle understand.