Scenario:La Coiffe - She Who Styles the Forest

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She Who Styles the Forest

(Captain) and the crew attempt to make a delivery to a mountain village, but find their way blocked by massive, poisonous thorns. A woodcutter introduces them to La Coiffe, the wondrous stylist of the forest, who uses her unique gardening techniques to cut, style, and trim a path through the thorns. She then joins the crew to spread her special gardening style to the rest of the world.

(Captain) and company are requested to transport a package to a nearby village.
Unfortunately, the road to their destination is blocked off by an enormous overgrowth of thorns.
Vyrn: Look at all these spikes! (Captain), clear the way for us, will ya?
(Captain) stands in front of the thorns and crouches for stability.
With sword raised, (Captain) gets ready to—
Woodcutter: Stop, please! Don't cut those thorns!
Vyrn: Wait, why not? What's the big deal, chief?
Woodcutter: Those thorns contain a deadly toxin. If you aren't trained to handle them, you'll be showered in poison!
Woodcutter: Even woodcutters like myself rarely attempt to cut them down.
Lyria: Wow, that was a close call, then! Thanks for warning us, Mr. Woodcutter!
Vyrn: So what should we do? We've gotta get this package to the village, but those thorns are in the way!
Lyria: That's right. What can we do?
Woodcutter: Your best bet is to head back down the mountain and take the path around. No poison down there.
Vyrn: But we've gotta get this to the village by the end of the day!
Woodcutter: Hm, in that case, how about stopping by my village? The forest stylist should be able to do something about it.
Vyrn: Forest stylist? What's a barber gonna do about a gaggle of poisonous plants?
The crew heads to a nearby village and visits the house the woodcutter mentioned.
A sign denotes the house as a local landscaper's residence.
Vyrn: That woodcutter said we were visiting a barber, but this is a landscaper's house!
Papa Landscaper: Hm? Anything I can help you folks with?
Lyria: Well, actually...
Lyria explains the situation to the landscapers, and requests them to clear away the poison thorns.
With pained, apologetic expressions, the husband and wife duo are forced to decline.
Mama Landscaper: Oh, this is most unfortunate. We'd like to accept. Really, we would.
Papa Landscaper: But we have to head into town at the base of the mountain to prune the plants there, you see.
Lyria: Aw, that really is unfortunate.
???: I'll handle it!
Mama Landscaper: Ah, now that you mention it, that could work.
A young Erune suddenly enters, calling herself La Coiffe.
She explains that she's currently training under the landscapers in order to learn their gardening techniques.
Papa Landscaper: Will you be able to handle it alone, La Coiffe?
La Coiffe: We're talking about the thorns up by the mountain pass, right? Not a problem! I've trimmed those up before, y'know!
Lyria: Trimmed?
Vyrn: So uh, is this scissor girl really going to be able to do anything about the thorns?
Ignoring Vyrn's concerns, La Coiffe readies her massive scissors, a serious expression on her face.
La Coiffe: Time to take a little bit off the top! How about changing your colors up to be more organic? Something closer to what you used to look like?
Vyrn: Whoa, is she about to do something?
La Coiffe: No way, you did this yourself? Playing with fire, my friend!
La Coiffe: And would you look at this? Your roots look simply devastated!
La Coiffe: Hm, the color's started to thin, too. How about a touch-up?
Lyria: Wow, look at that! The thorns looked so sickly before, but now their colors are as vibrant and beautiful as a flower garden!
La Coiffe: You're in good hands now! We'll have your original colors back quick as can be!
La Coiffe: Let's add some gradients, too! And if I do this, we'll really be able to draw out some volume!
La Coiffe: Change the length, change your look! Let's give you a layered bob style to add dimension!
Vyrn: I have no idea what's going on anymore! She keeps cutting and cutting, but no poison's coming out!
La Coiffe: Hmm, still looking a little too heavy, don't you think? Time to do a little tweaking!
La Coiffe: Ooh, let's take your tips and really thin things out!
La Coiffe: And look at this fluffy stuff here! They're like the seeds from a dandelion or something! One flick, and the sky is filled with the smell of spring!
La Coiffe: Holy smokes, you need water, honey! Have you been properly moisturizing lately? A beautiful girl like you needs her H2O!
La Coiffe: Hee hee, let's just mist here, and over here, take a little bit off the top here, and—
With a flurry of scissor swipes, La Coiffe quickly thins out the poisonous thorns, creating a small tunnel to the other side.
Thanks to La Coiffe's assistance, the party reaches their destination unpoisoned, and delivers the package on time, to boot.
A job well done, (Captain) and company return to La Coiffe's home, smiling all the while.
Vyrn: That was a close shave back there! I didn't realize when the woodcutter called you a stylist that you literally cut the forest's hair!
Lyria: Why did you leave some of the thorns behind, though?
La Coiffe: I'm an organic stylist. Nature's precious to me, so I only trim where necessary.
Vyrn: But if you leave it the way it is now, people are gonna get poisoned!
La Coiffe: Actually, you might not have heard, but those thorns weren't even poisonous up until about 10 years ago.
Vyrn: The heck?
La Coiffe: The poison's a natural defense mechanism against people cutting, picking, and generally doing whatever they want to the thorns whenever it suits them.
La Coiffe: That's why my family's been hard at work developing new gardening techniques to allow us to coexist more peacefully with nature.
Lyria: Is that what you meant by that organic stuff earlier?
La Coiffe: That's right. I'm an organic stylist!
Lyria: Wow, you're the most amazing gardener I've ever seen!
La Coiffe: Got that right! But my family's never going to make any waves working out here in the middle of nowhere.
La Coiffe: I know! I'll tag along with you guys! That's okay with you, right, Captain?
  1. Of course. Welcome aboard!
  2. Can you handle Vyrn's hair?

Choose: Of course. Welcome aboard!

La Coiffe: Whoa, you're sure? I was just joking, but if it's okay with you, let's go!
Vyrn: Psh, give me a break...
La Coiffe: I've been thinking about it since we were back at the village. You bring smiles wherever you go! Just the kind of people I want to be with!
Vyrn: Hoo boy. Well, you've got spirit, that's for sure!
And with that, La Coiffe, the wondrous organic stylist, joins the crew.
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Choose: Can you handle Vyrn's hair?

La Coiffe: Hmm, I wonder. Maybe do him up with something vivid and neon?
Vyrn: More like vyvyd! Not that I really know much about all that hair lingo you were throwing around!
La Coiffe: Looks like that fine head of hair's never even been touched. Perfect candidate for something heavy in front, with nothing in back.
La Coiffe: Ooh, or maybe just go high and tight?
Vyrn: High and tight? That sounds right up this high-flying dragon's alley!
La Coiffe: It's basically a clean shave of your entire head!
Vyrn: Wait a sec, bald? That's going a little overboard, don't you think?
La Coiffe: Hee hee, sorry about that. On second thought, my scissors are only really cut out for plants.
La Coiffe: I mean, I couldn't really tell you where the different parts of your hairline are. The parietal ridge? No idea!
La Coiffe: Ah, sorry. There I go with the lingo again. The parietal ridge is like, the line between the top of your head and... the side of your head?
Vyrn: Got me stumped. Do plants even have that stuff in the first place?
And with that, La Coiffe, the wondrous organic stylist, joins the crew.

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