Scenario:La Coiffe and Lennah - The Scent of Happiness

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The Scent of Happiness

The crew tracks a gang of thugs down to a nearby village that used to be covered in flowers. La Coiffe and Lennah use their powers to strike fear into the hearts of the thugs and return peace to the town.

Lyria: Wow, (Captain)! Look at all the beautiful flowers!
Vyrn: Sure is pretty here! Hard to believe it's a bad guy hideout...
(Captain) and company get a request to deal with some bandits who have been causing problems for travelers near town.
After arriving at a nearby village where the bandit safe house is rumored to be, the crew can't help but admire the greenery before them.
Lennah: Oh my, isn't this wonderful? Such beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see!
La Coiffe: The all-natural design of this place is simply amaaazing! Just looking at it has me feeling super organic!
Lennah: Oh dear... What flower is this, I wonder? I've never seen it before.
La Coiffe: Hm... It's a variety of carnivorous plant. When it goes dormant, adorable little flowers start to bloom all over!
Lennah: So that's what it is. There certainly are a lot of rare species here.
La Coiffe: Hrmrmrm... Do you know what this little guy is, Lennah? It seems kinda like a tree but different.
Lennah: Hee hee... That's a flower that grows big and lives a long, long time. Looks like it's just about to bloom too.
Vyrn: All this flower talk is fine and all, but can we finish that request we got already?
Lyria: There, there, Vyrn. Let's look around just a little more, and...
Lyria: Huh? Why does this spot have so few flowers?
Lennah: Oh my, you're right. I wonder why?
La Coiffe: Hmm... This didn't happen naturally. Seems like someone wrecked everything here on purpose. The flowers got yanked out too.
Villager: Whoa there, folks. Are you travelers? I'd advise against going much farther if I were you.
Vyrn: Why's that? Something bad past here?
Lyria: Actually... we were given a request to apprehend some bandits.
Villager: You're kidding me. A bunch of kids are going to take out those thugs?
Vyrn: Heheh! Judging us by our appeareance, eh? Well, we're stronger than we look!
Villager: Hrm... Do you really have what it takes to drive them out?
The villager looks around, lets out a sigh, and begins explaining the situation in hushed tones.
After suddenly attacking the town a few days prior, the bandits took over the assembly hall just up ahead.
Villager: We don't have anyone here that can keep the peace. Best we can do is keep the plants watered.
Villager: Sigh... But those bandit jerks said they don't care about the plants. If we don't provide the food and drink they're demanding, they'll burn everything to the ground.
Villager: Worst thing about it is we can't even fight back. Our only choice is to give them what they want.
Villager: It's our fault innocent people are going to suffer. Just thinking about it makes my heart weep...
Lyria: That can't happen! We have to stop them from burning down such a beautiful village!
Vyrn: Got that right! Just let us handle it! We'll beat those bandits and save this town!
Villager: Sorry to impose. Just... be careful. Please.
Vyrn: Look at this place. It's cramped to the max, and there's garbage everywhere!
After travelling down the path, the crew finds a plaza where the bandits have set up shop. What they find there takes their breath away.
Bandit A: Huh? Who the hell are you?
Vyrn: You guys are causing a lot of trouble for everyone! Leave now!
Bandit B: You from the village, lizard? Why should we care what you say?
Bandit C: All those village buttheads know how to do is garden, anyway. We should burn 'em to the ground with the village if you ask me!
Vyrn: I'm not a lizard! And if you're not gonna leave on your own, we'll just have to force you out!
Bandit D: Bwahaha! What's a lizard and a buncha kids like you gonna do to us?
Bandit A: Guess we'll just have to do this the hard way!
Vyrn: Gimme a break! If you want to run, this is your last chance!
(Captain) readies a weapon against the bandits, who approach with weapons of their own.
As they reach striking distance, (Captain)'s grip tightens.
Lennah: Now, now, no need to fight!
Lennah throws herself between the two groups, surprising everyone in sight.
Bandit C: What're you tryin' to pull, girl? Get in our way, and you're gonna get a clobberin'!
Lennah: No wonder you're all so quick to anger. There are no flowers here!
Lennah: Add a few flowers, and I'm sure you'll all be much happier. Then we can all be the best of friends!
Vyrn: Is now really the time, Lennah?
Lennah: Hee hee... You were thinking the same thing, weren't you, La Coiffe?
La Coiffe: That's right. If your environment looks nasty, you'll start to feel nasty too!
La Coiffe: Okay then. We'll just go ahead and treat this sickly garden of yours, free of charge!
Lennah: Hee hee... Let's! We'll make all the flowers and plants here just as happy as can be!
Bandit A: What the! Where'd these flowers come from all of a sudden?
Bandit B: For cryin' out loud! I can't pull 'em off! Urghhh!
Bandit B: What's going on here—
Ack! W-what're you planning to do with those huge scissors?
La Coiffe: Hee hee... So unruly! A good old cut could really do wonders!
Bandit D: Aiee! Stop! You wouldn't dare!
La Coiffe: Snip, snip! Hee hee... It's going to be all right, dear. You're all going to feel absolutely fabulous when we're done!
Bandits: Aaaagh! Stop! Please!
The bandits are engulfed in flowers conjured up out of nowhere. The scissor blades La Coiffe weilds dance around the troublemakers.
It doesn't take long for La Coiffe and Lennah to finish their beautifying.
Lennah: Hee hee. All done! Say hello to your beautiful new garden packed with happiness!
Lyria: Oh my gosh... It's incredible! Everything was a mess just a few moments ago!
La Coiffe: What do you think? I don't exactly get to work with magical flowers like Lennah's every day, so I decided to try for something airy and open.
La Coiffe: Hee hee. It really makes the flowers pop seeing them next to the trees and other plantlife.
Vyrn: Hey, you're right. Considering how many trees there are, the flowers really stand out!
Vyrn: Wait! The bandits! What's going on with the bandits?
Lennah: No worries! Look at them. They have such contented looks on their faces!
Lennah: Oh, it's simply wonderful! Feeling relaxed in this wonderful, happy flower garden?
Bandits A & B: Aah! Have mercy! We've had enough flowers to last a lifetime!
La Coiffe: Hee hee. Your clothes are looking super organic too! A perfect match for the flowers!
Bandits C & D: Oh no... The clippers... They're coming this way!
Bandits: We're so sorry! We'll never show our faces in this village again!
Lyria: Wow! They all ran off!
Vyrn: We did it! Nice work you two!
Villager: Hey, everyone! The bandits just came running past, and—wow! What a beautiful garden!
Villager: I don't believe it! You didn't just get rid of those bandits; you fixed up the garden too!
Villager: Thank you so much! Our village is in your debt!
La Coiffe: Hee hee! Hooray! All our hard work paid off, Lennah!
Lennah: Tee hee... It certainly did. It seems these flowers are going to make a lot of people very happy!
Thanks to a little flower power, La Coiffe and Lennah end the crisis without conflict.
The two share a day of satisfied smiles with the rest of the village, buoyed by the fragrant scent of flowers all around them.