Scenario:Ladiva - A Most Honorable Spirit

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A Most Honorable Spirit

The Jewel Resort's famous duelist Ladiva punished the Imperial soldiers who had tried to fix the match. However, this punishment caused the Imperial soldiers to bear a grudge, and Ladiva prudently decided to leave the Jewel Resort for a while, and was invited to take refuge in (Captain)'s sky order.

(Captain)'s party went to the Jewel Resort casino liner for some rest and relaxation.
That day a popular duelist was due in the arena, and the casino ship was crowded with people.
Lyria: Wh-whoa! Gulp... m-move out of the way a sec!
Vyrn: Are you okay Lyria? It's hard to move when there's this many people...
Lyria: Haaa... I-I feel dizzy...
Vyrn: Ahh! Lyria? Did you get lost in the crowd?
Lyria became dizzy from the large number of people. As she staggered, a shadowy silhouette approached.
???: ......
Vyrn: Wha-what?! What do you want?!
???: Are you ok? You don't look so good. There's too many people, right?
???: It would be good to take a short rest somewhere quiet. Make sure you hold on, ok?
Lyria: Uh... t-thank you.
???: Hey, you there! You're friends with this girl, right? Would you come here a moment?
Vyrn: H-hey! Hold on just a minute! What's your deal?!
Using the directions they received from the large man, (Captain) and companions found a quiet place to rest.
Lyria: Ha... thank you! I feel much better now! Umm...
Ladiva: Oh, I haven't told you my name yet. My name is Ladiva.
Ladiva: You don't need to thank me! If you have a heart, there's no way you can just abandon someone who needs help.
Ladiva: The world is made of love!
Ladiva: It's my duty to teach the sad people who forget that fact all about the power of love!
Vyrn: Uh... um... love?
Ladiva: You heard me! Ok!
Lyria: I see... love huh? Well I guess that's not surprising, since you're such a kind person!
Ladiva: Ahaha... You're embarrassing me! Ah... I've just realized I don't know any of your names...
Lyria: Ehehe... my name is Lyria. This is (Captain) and Vyrn.
Ladiva: Please to meet you Lyria. Is this your first time coming to see a duel?
Vyrn: No... I've seen one before, but there was nowhere near this many people...
Ladiva: Really? I suppose it's because today there's several famous duelists competing in the arena.
Ladiva: So their fans are here too, and there's more people than normal. They're lucky to have so many supporters.
Lyria: Huh? Ladiva, do you work here at the Jewel Resort?
Ladiva: Yes, I do. I've been working here for a long time. I love this place!
Ladiva: Ah... duty calls, I need to get back to work! Hehe, please go ahead and enjoy watching the duelists!
Lyria: Okay! Keep up the good work Ladiva!
Ladiva: Thanks! I can really feel your love Lyria!
Vyrn: Mmm... that person was a bit odd, but he seemed nice.
Lyria: Yeah! He was really nice! Let's rest a while longer, then go explore. Sorry for making you wait, (Captain).
Vyrn: Aw, don’t worry about it. Right, (Captain)?
After resting a little longer, (Captain) and companions decided to make the most of the opportunity and went to watch the duels in the arena.
Vyrn: Oi! These seats are free!
Lyria: Oh good... it'll be good to sit down. Ah! Looks like we made it just in time (Captain)! The next duel is about to start.
Announcer: Hello ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for waiting! Our next duelist is our beloved warrior... Our incredible hunk... Ladiiiva!
Ladiva: Hello everyone! Wow, there's a lot of you here today! I can really feel the love!
Ladiva: Ha ha ha ha! Make sure you watch my moves closely!
Lyria: Whaaat?! T-that's Ladiva?!
Vyrn: Wait... what?! He said he worked here... but he never said he was a duelist!
Duelist: Damnit! Why are you so annoying?!
Ladiva: Hehe... little one, if you're my opponent, I don't think you've got what it takes to beat me... Take this!
Duelist: Whoa!!!
Commentator: Ooh! Ladiva! He's throwing his opponent around like he's as light as a feather! He's got him on his shoulder... and this is it!
Duelist: AAAAGH!
Commentator: Ohhhhh!! And it's the Ladvia Backbreakeeeer!!! No one can stand up to that!
Ladiva: What's this?! Isn't it a little soon for you to go bye bye? We're not even at the best bit yet!!
Every time Ladiva pulled off another move, a huge cheer went up from the audience.
Commentator: Yay! Ladiva! This is it! Ladiva's greatest victory ever!
Ladiva: And I'm done! Ok!
Cheering his victory, Ladiva received his prize for the match.
Christina: Just as I'd expect from you Ladiva. You put on a pretty good show.
Ladiva: Ah! Christy! You came all this way just to see me? Thank you!
Christina: Heh... well, as the Jewel Resort's manager, I need to go check how things are going sometimes, right?
Ladiva: Oh no! You doubted my performance? How rude, hehe.
Christina: Hmph... only you would dare to talk to me like that!
Ladiva: Hmm? Me? Of course not Christy! I'm actually quite shy hehe... Hmm... Hey! Lyria!
Lyria: Hehe... great job, Ladiva! We watched your match!
Ladiva: Huh? Really?! Wow, thank you! I'm sure I only won today because I could feel the love from Lyria and you guys!
Ladiva: The more love I feel from the audience, the stronger I become!
Vyrn: Ummm... well I think you're really strong! I was really impressed.
Ladiva: Hehehe... thanks Vyrn! Come cheer me on next time too, ok?
Imperial Soldier: Gah! You're so annoying! Showing off like that!
Ladiva: Hmm? What's got you so grumpy? Ahh, I've got it! You need some more love!
Ladiva: Come on over here! Let me give you a huuuug!
Imperial Soldier: You trying to mess with me?! You're getting on my nerves! Think I'm weak do ya?!
Imperial Soldier: Tch!... Why on earth did a guy like this have to win?
Christina: You should be ashamed of yourself. Getting all nasty just because you lost a bet.
Imperial Soldier: Shut up! The matches here have gotta be fixed! They've got to be! Coz this isn't right!!
Christina: You're kidding, right? I'm won't put up with any slurs against the Jewel Resort!
Ladiva: Hey there! Calm down Christy. No need to get upset!
Ladiva: You too soldier. I know you're annoyed because you lost a bet, but you can't act like this.
Ladiva: C'mon, let's save face and make up now, before either of us gets embarrassed. Ok?
Imperial Soldier: That’s bull! I can't accept that, I won't!
Lyria: Ah! H-he's drawn his sword...!
Ladiva: Things are heating up in the Jewel Resort... this is gonna be interesting!
Ladiva: Well, I guess it can't be helped... time to mete out some punishment!
Imperial Soldier: Argh!
Ladiva: You underestimated me! Hah! Take that!
With a smooth action of his magnificent body, Ladiva dodged the Imperial soldier's attack, and attacked him in turn.
Imperial Soldier: Grrr!
Ladiva: And I'm done! Ok!
Imperial Soldier: We're not gonna forget this! Don't think you can mess with soldiers of the Empire and get away with it!
Christina: Gah! They've run off!
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! Is anyone hurt?
Ladiva: Thanks Lyria, but I'm ok. It just stings a bit!
Ladiva: But... it's a shame that soldier couldn't understand what I meant... The whole situation got a little... difficult.
Vyrn: What happened? You really gave it to them didn't you!
Ladiva: I've heard rumors that that Imperial soldier might be an important person in the Erste Empire. If that's true, then I'm going to be on the wanted list for sure!
Lyria: But that's not fair! You didn't do anything! All that happened was that they lost a bet!
Ladiva: Not everything in this world is fair you know. Well, I suppose that's just how it goes when people don't have enough love.
Christina: You're our star duelist. I don't care what the Erste Empire thinks, I'm not gonna fire you!
Ladiva: Thank you Christy. I'm really happy to hear you say that.
Ladiva: But... the Erste Empire is powerful enough to reach even the Phantagrande Skydom. And if they were to come here...
Ladiva: I love the Jewel Resort. And I don't want any harm to come to it...
Ladiva: So though I haven't done anything wrong, I'm going to go someplace else for a while. Just until things cool down a bit.
Lyria: But... Ladiva...
  1. In that case, you should come with us!
  2. Heh, try punishing the Empire next time.

Choose: In that case, you should come with us!
Ladiva: Ah, (Captain)... you're good kids.
Ladiva: But if I were to go with you, the Erste Empire would be after us for sure.
Ladiva: I don't want to cause you guys any trouble either.
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Choose: Heh, try punishing the Empire next time.
Christina: Hahaha! What courage! But you like that, don't you?
Ladiva: Hey, stop with that Christy! Maybe they were hot headed because I didn't give them enough love...
Ladiva: (Captain), you shouldn't do anything to put yourself at risk either! Though I can't help but like your youthful eagerness.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hehe. Listen up Ladiva! We're already being chased by the Empire ya know!
Ladiva: ?! Why?! Chasing mere children?!
Lyria: Uh... well there are reasons...
(Captain) and companions explained to Ladiva why they were being pursued by the Erste Empire.
Ladiva: What...!? Wow, Lyria, you've really gone through a lot. Just as you'd expect from heartless people like that...
Ladiva: But you, (Captain)! Laying down your life for a girl you don't know, now that really is love!
Ladiva: You've really made an impression... if having this much love doesn't give you strength, I don't know what else will!
Lyria: What are you saying?
Ladiva: Well, I'd really like to join you on your journey! I could really be of help to you!
Vyrn: Uh... well... you don't really look...
Ladiva: Hehe... looks are deceiving. I can cook, clean, iron and do all sorts of chores. I'm amazing at everything I do!
Vyrn: R-really?!
Christina: I'll talk to people and try and fix things so you can come back as soon as possible, Ladiva.
Ladiva: Thank you Christy. You are a wonderful manager after all. I know I can rely on you.
Ladiva: Ok! Let’s go, (Captain)! From today onwards, I'm your cook!
Lyria: Yay! I can’t wait! Right, (Captain)?
And so, the Jewel Resort's famed duelist Ladiva joined (Captain)'s party.
The kind-hearted girl joined the order, devoting herself to taking care of them.