Scenario:Ladiva - Maydays and Heydays

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Maydays and Heydays

Elmott stops into Raduga, the subgalley managed by Ladiva. While the two are chatting, Ladiva recounts her first encounter with Christina and how it led her to become a duelist. As she closes shop the following morning, Ladiva thinks back fondly to her days in the arena.

Ladiva: a bighearted evangelist for love.
Ladiva not in crew

She long performed as the Jewel Resort Casino's star duelist.
But while defending (Captain) and crew on the casino liner, she clashed with an imperial soldier.
To prevent the Jewel Resort from coming under further imperial scrutiny, this star decided to leave the ship behind.
Since then she's been part of (Captain)'s crew, beloved for her helpful and caring character.
After discovering a disused subgalley in the Grandcypher, (Captain) assigns Ladiva to manage it.
The subgalley—now known by the name Raduga—operates late in the evening as a place for others to come and relax.
The counterwoman puts out the establishment's sign and opens the doors for business.
Ladiva: Oh, come right in! It's lovely to see you here again tonight.
Elmott: It's not like there's anywhere else to go at this time of night. Give me the usual.
Elmott, a young Erune who wields fire magic, has just popped in.
Since visiting Raduga with fellow crew member Suframare, he's been a regular.
Ladiva: There you go! Hope you like it.
Elmott: Sip... It's delicious. You won't find another cocktail like this in all the sky.
Ladiva: Oh, you're such a charmer! I wish I had more to offer you than bar snacks.
Elmott: Hah, it's how I really feel—that's all. Sip...
Ladiva: Hee-hee, your ears are perked up. Something nice happen to put you in such a good mood?
Elmott: You could say that... One of the kids I met at Mysteria Academy just got his first job.
Ladiva: Ooh, that's wonderful! What sort of work is it?
Elmott: Pfft-ha-ha... You won't believe it. He's an apprentice duelist on the casino liner now.
Ladiva: Oh my! There's a new generation filling my shoes.
Ladiva: Teehee... It's very rewarding work. It'll be great to see him succeed.
Elmott: Me, I'm a bit worried he'll throw in the towel before long.
Ladiva: Oh, come on. If you're telling me about him, he has to be a hard worker.
Ladiva: The path of a would-be duelist is filled with challenges and pain.
Ladiva: But if he's serious, I know the other duelists on the casino liner will look after him.
Elmott: I sure hope so...
Elmott: Challenges and pain, huh... Why'd you decide to ever step into the ring then?
Ladiva: Teehee... I wanted to repay my teacher and everyone else at the orphanage.
Ladiva: But no matter how hard I searched, I couldn't find a way. So I helped out at the orphanage for the longest time.
Ladiva: That's when Christy found me.
Elmott: Christy... You mean Christina—the empress of the casino liner? Heh, that's gotta be quite a story.
Elmott: Hah, perfect timing. I was just thinking I could go for a juicy snack. Lay it on me.
Ladiva: Teehee, why not? It all happened about ten years ago...
Ladiva: The crash landing was so sudden... There was a passenger ship operated by a tycoon from the Gem Domain.
Ladiva: It hurts to think about... It only avoided falling to the bottom of the sky because it made impact with our island.
Ladiva: It was a total shock... But there was no time to stand around in a daze.
Ladiva: The airship passengers, the islanders at the crash site—they were all crying out for help.
Elmott: And you were the one who gave it to them.
Ladiva: You're okay—I'll clear the wreckage! Just hold on—I'm going to save you!
Ladiva: Humph!
Ladiva: I was frantic... So many people were hurt, and there just wasn't enough assistance to go around.
Ladiva: That disaster made me realize something.
Ladiva: I was born with this big, hardy body to help people in pain.
Ladiva: So I rescued some people, and I kept on rescuing until I couldn't rescue any more. But I kept on trying...
Ladiva: That's when she showed up—Christina, the manager dispatched by the Gem Domain.
Ladiva: She surveyed the crash site, hurried around to compensate the victims, and was just constantly active.
Ladiva: I'd been at the scene of the accident the whole time, so she stopped to talk with me. That's how we met.
Ladiva: One of the victims said the cruelest things to Christina. He was so shaken up by the accident.
Ladiva: Are you okay, Christina? I know he's fresh out of love. It's just heartbreaking...
Christina: Anyone would have something to say in a situation like this.
Ladiva: Christy was so sincere when she dealt with the victims' families, the hospitals, and everyone else affected by the crash.
Ladiva: If she weren't there, the tragedy could've been much worse.
Ladiva: Even as I assisted alongside her, I was in awe of Christy's skill.
Ladiva: Teehee... Christy said something to me after I helped her, once things started to settle down.
Christina: You work hard. I'm not impressed—I'm downright dumbfounded.
Christina: At the end of the day, I'm an outsider here. My work on this island wouldn't have succeeded without a wild card like you.
Christina: I'll have the Gem Domain send you something in the way of thanks. It's not my style to owe people favors anyway.
Ladiva: Oh, don't worry about that! I was just doing what I could.
Ladiva: Use the money to help out the victims instead.
Christina: Oh... Folding your hand already? Too much money never hurt anyone, you know.
Christina: If you weren't looking for a payout, why'd you throw yourself into this so wholeheartedly?
Ladiva: For love.
Christina: Love?
Ladiva: To keep the flames of love burning. Everybody needs somebody to love them.
Ladiva: When someone knows they're cared about, that gives them strength to care for others... And just like that, love spreads.
Ladiva: Every time that happens, the world becomes just a little kinder.
Christina: Humph... I see. So that's your creed. You're quite an interesting character.
Ladiva: Really? You were so serious about rescuing everyone, Christy, and you're saying that to me?
Ladiva: If I'm interesting, then you're positively fascinating, Christina.
Christina: Hah! I'm just doing what makes sense to me.
Ladiva: So what makes sense to you then? Enquiring minds want to know.
Christina: Humph... You'll find out soon enough.
Elmott: Heh... Sounds like she was dropping a hint.
Ladiva: Teehee, was she ever. I found out right away.
Ladiva: After Christy had taken care of the most pressing business at the crash site, she waited for the follow-up team to arrive and then left the island.
Ladiva: And then she returned in a big, brilliant airship!
Ladiva: Ooh, that ship is positively gorgeous!
Christina: It's the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. My purpose and my creed given form.
Christina: I worked in the Gem Domain for a time to become floor manager here.
Christina: In the end, I'm a second-rate dealer. I had to win people's trust in more roundabout ways.
Ladiva: Oh my... I wouldn't have thought that all your dedication was for a specific goal.
Christina: I believe in win-wins. It's painful to look at people who get the short end of the stick.
Ladiva: Teehee... You're just bursting with love, aren't you, Christy? I really respect you.
Christina: Are you going to stop at respect?
Ladiva: Huh?
Christina: You need to show your love to all the sky.
Christina: There's an aura about you. One that could be a real jackpot for the whole casino.
Ladiva: An aura...
Christina: I'm the one who can make something out of it.
Christina: Join me on the Jewel Resort!
Ladiva: So I took Christy's hand, even though I didn't have a clue what a duelist was.
Elmott: Haha! You both had some fire in your belly.
Ladiva: Hee-hee, Christy and I were a couple of wild kids back then.
Ladiva: She joked she was going to make a fortune off my back, but she always looked after me so well.
Ladiva: We went through so much together and did more than you'd ever believe. Teehee, those were the days.
Elmott: Pfft-ha-ha... You sure know how to tell a tale.
Ladiva: Oh? Then let me share the rest another time. This story's gone on long enough as it is.
Ladiva: It would be a shame to finish a snack like this all at once.
Elmott: All right, then next comes the meat. What's on the menu?
Ladiva: Well...
As Elmott begins to pop a fresh dish of snacks into his mouth, others begin ringing the doorbell to Raduga.
At dawn, Ladiva closes shop and turns her thoughts to the Jewel Resort.
Ladiva: (Talking with Elmott about all this really takes me back.)
Ladiva: (I hope everyone on the Jewel Resort is doing okay.)
Turning her thoughts to her old home, Ladiva stops polishing the glass in her hand.
She takes a short break, reminiscing on her old haunt and friends gone by.