Scenario:Lady Grey - A Stunning Smile

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A Stunning Smile

In a town teeming with Halloween festivalgoers, Lady Grey is thronged by unwanted suitors. Her jealous husband's spectral intervention catches the attention of a magic-trick fan and Lady Grey is convinced to mount an impromptu show with her husband and son's help. The performance is a hit.

(Captain) and the crew head to an island hosting a big Halloween celebration.
The town is alive with colorful decorations and an air of anticipation.
Lyria: Ooh! All the pumpkin lanterns look so pretty!
Vyrn: Hehe, lookit all the people in costume! They're really into this holiday here!
The crew eagerly explore the town, swept up in the townsfolk's enthusiasm.
They come to a halt when they spot a woman trying to rebuff an overeager suitor.
Hard-Up Hank: C'mon! What's one little meal gonna hurt!
Lady Grey not in crew

???: Hm... I appreciate the invitation, but...
Lady Grey is a crew member

Lady Grey: Hm... I appreciate the invitation, but...
Lyria: Hey... Isn't that Miss Grey over there?
Vyrn: Oh, hey. Yeah...
Lady Grey: I'm sorry, but I'm a married woman with a son.
Hard-Up Hank: Seriously? Man... The good ones really are all taken.
The man trudges off, dejected.
Lady Grey: Dear me... Such a fuss.
Lyria: Miss Grey! Are you all right? Did he do anything to you?
Lady Grey: Why, hello there. Did you catch that little performance?
Lady Grey: Haha, I'm perfectly fine. Thankfully he was the type to take no for an answer. But thank you for worrying about me.
Lady Grey not in crew

This woman is known as Lady Grey. She studied the forbidden art of necromancy in hopes of reviving her dearly departed husband and son.
The spirits trailing behind her are the ghosts of her beloved family.
Now she travels the world searching for the secret necromantic technique said to slumber at the ends of the skies: the key to perfect resurrection.
Vyrn: I hardly recognized you in that getup! That's a really different look for you!
Lady Grey: It's a bit embarrassing, but my husband insisted...
Lady Grey: I didn't think it would attract this much attention.
Lady Grey: Dear me...
Lady Grey sighs as she contemplates pick-up countermeasures.
No sooner does she bend her head to the task than a young man approaches, clearly a little drunk on the festival atmosphere.
Broseph Dudington: Wowza! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? How 'bout I introduce you to holidays here on the ground?
Lady Grey: Oh dear, here we go again.
Lady Grey: Sorry to disappoint you, but I must decline.
Lady Grey: I already have plans with my friends here.
Broseph Dudington: Aw, just ditch the babysitting! These kids can't show you as good a time as I can! C'mon, let's get outta here!
Lady Grey: Hey, now see here!
The young man grabs Lady Grey's arm and tries to pull her away from her friends.
Just as (Captain) moves to intervene, a darkly indignant aura makes itself felt, emanating from behind Lady Grey.
Husband: ...!
Broseph Dudington: Zoinks! A gh-gh-ghooost!
Reduced to gibbering by the skeletal apparition, the young man beats a panicked retreat.
Lady Grey: Hee hee, thank you, darling. Did he make you jealous?
Lady Grey: (Captain), you were about to jump in to save me too, weren't you? I feel so loved.
Vyrn: Geez, where do all these bozos get off? Can't we do something about them?
Lady Grey: It's enough to put you off costumes entirely. Maybe I should just change...
As Lady Grey regretfully considers a change of wardrobe, yet another man draws near.
Festival Fan Felix: Hey, you folks!
Vyrn: Gimme a break. Another lothario?
Festival Fan Felix: No, no! Don't lump me in with those doofuses!
Festival Fan Felix: The pick-up artists just come outta the woodwork when there's a festival on.
Festival Fan Felix: I'm glad you sent 'em packing!
Festival Fan Felix: So are you some sort of street performer? That skeleton-summoning act was something else!
Lady Grey: Street performer?
Lady Grey: (I see. He thinks my husband and son are some sort of magical illusion or trickery.)
Lady Grey: (Or maybe he assumes they're part of an elaborate Halloween costume?)
Lady Grey: (Either way, I suppose I'd better play along. I don't want to frighten him.)
Lady Grey: Haha, yes. Quite convincing, don't you think?
Festival Fan Felix: Haha, I knew it!
Festival Fan Felix: What would you say to putting on a show?
Festival Fan Felix: It'd really put this year's festivities over the top!
Lady Grey: What?
Lady Grey fumbles for an answer to the unexpected proposal.
Lady Grey: (I've never performed for even a small audience, much less a festival crowd...)
Lady Grey: (It seems a shame to disappoint him, but I don't think I can oblige...)
Lady Grey: I'm sorry, but we have other plans...
Trick or Tracy: Ooh, did I hear something about a show?
Spookytime Spencer: Hey, everybody! They're setting up something special over here!
Drawn by the man's announcement, a crowd of onlookers quickly gathers.
The excitement is contagious, and before they know it, (Captain) and the others find themselves surrounded by a sea of curious faces.
Lyria: Whoa! What should we do, Miss Grey? You've got a huge audience!
Lady Grey: (I can't disappoint them when they all seem so excited...)
Lady Grey: (I suppose it isn't such a bad idea to let people tempt me outside my comfort zone now and then.)
Lady Grey: Haha, all right then. I'll play along.
Lady Grey: But I don't have anything prepared, so don't expect too much.
Vyrn: Huh? You're on board?
Lady Grey: I may look like a fragile flower, but I do spend all my time with wraiths, you know. I'm as close to fearless as they come.
Vyrn: I'm... not sure if you're joking...
Lady Grey: Well then! It's showtime!
Spurred on by the crowd's enthusiasm, Lady Grey cooks up a simple performance.
Lady Grey's improvised show whips the crowd into an appreciative frenzy and ends amid a storm of applause.
Lady Grey: Phew...
Lyria: That was so much fun, Miss Grey! Great job!
Lady Grey: Haha. Thank you, Lyria.
Lyria: I've never seen you so bubbly before. It's adorable!
Lady Grey: Me? Adorable? You're too kind.
  1. Definitely adorable!
  2. I think I'm in love!

Choose: Definitely adorable!
Lady Grey: Et tu, (Captain)? Look at me, blushing at my age.
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Choose: I think I'm in love!
Lady Grey: My goodness, how bold. There must be something in the air today.
Continue 1
Lady Grey: I suppose this costume was worth the trouble, since it's getting me so many gracious compliments.
Lady Grey smiles, the earlier unwanted advances seemingly forgotten.
Lyria: Hehe. I'm glad you cheered up, Miss Grey!
Lady Grey: But I don't quite feel like I earned all of this.
The crowd apparently chose to toss candy instead of coins. A veritable mountain of sugary treats lies before Lady Grey.
Vyrn: Where's the harm?
Vyrn: It just shows how much everyone enjoyed the show!
Vyrn: Might be a little too much for us to eat on our own though...
Lady Grey: Why don't we pass it out to the local children then?
Lady Grey: There's no better way to get into the Halloween spirit.
Lyria: I second that idea!
Vyrn: Hehe! No time to waste! Let's go!
The crew strolls through the gaily-decorated streets with arms full to overflowing with sweets.
Wherever they go, they spread a little Halloween magic and are met with smiling faces.