Scenario:Lady Grey - Heart and Soul

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Heart and Soul

In order to procure food, (Captain)'s party stop at a town. However, they find that the inhabitants are giving cold looks to the ghosts Lady Grey carries with her. Then, an elderly priest tries to exorcise the spirits inside the skulls against her will, and the party end up battling against the zealous soldiers.

(Captain)'s party had landed at a town to restock their provisions.
Vyrn: Whoa, a night market! It's so busy too, this town seems a little sketchy though…
Katalina: Hmm, they are looking at you rather strangely. Though they aren't looking at me much differently.
Vyrn: Hmm?
Villager 1: Hey, isn't that…
Villager 2: I've seen them… Yeah, looks like it…
Eugen: Yeah I see what you mean… Try not to let it bother you though, hm?
Lady Grey: They are eyeing my family in a somewhat unpleasant manner also. I suggest we take care of our business here quickly and leave.
Rackam: We can't leave until we get our provisions I'm afraid… Hey, over there.
Rackam: Excuse me, ma'am! How much for these potatoes?
Stall Owner: Hey, don't just pick up whatever you feel like! Go on, shoo! I wouldn't sell anything to you lot anyway.
Rackam: Whoa, hold on a minute, what's that supposed to mean?
Katalina: I'm sorry, we are travelling and only came here because we need food, if you could just sell us some then we'll be on our way.
Stall Owner: Look, I don't know any of you, but I'll have no dealings with you heathens, get out of here, you filth!
Rackam: Heathens? Did we do something wrong?
Katalina: Rackam, there's clearly nothing we can do here. Let's go.
Rackam: But?
Katalina: Psst! (Rackam! Think about her feelings for a moment!)
Lady Grey: …………
Rackam: Sorry… I got carried away for a moment there…
(Captain)'s party turned on their heels to leave the town.
However, a shadowy figure stood before them, blocking their way.
???: Ohohoho… Travelers, hm? You seem like you're having trouble.
Katalina: What's so funny about that, sir?
???: Apologies, I meant no offense. I only wanted to extend a courtesy, though that seems to have backfired, ohohoho…
Katalina: …………
???: It must have taken you such trouble to visit us here, you must need something. So, why not drop by my church before you leave?
Katalina: Church? Are you a priest?
Priest: Please, come to the church. We have a small amount of supplies we can share with you.
(Captain) and the crew follow the priest, knowing they could not possibly refuse an offer of hospitality.
Priest: This is a particularly pious town, religion holds a lot of sway here.
Priest: So everyone is afraid when one so defiled as you sets foot here.
Katalina: Defiled? You mean…?
Priest: Indeed, even when used by one as fair as this young lady, necromancy is an ill omen.
Lady Grey: …………
Eugen: Hold on a minute, padre. She's kind of a special case, these aren't any kind of monster, they're her husband and son.
Priest: Ah yes, I can see that. You must have gone through great personal tragedy, my child. I am truly sorry for your loss.
Priest: Nevertheless, your own actions were greatly misguided.
Lady Grey: !
Priest: These abominations are no replacement for your loved ones, just a lingering attachment to their earthly lives.
Priest: Do you not realize that keeping your dearly departed attached to this world causes them great pain?
Priest: One as clever as yourself must surely have realized by now?
Lady Grey: …………
Priest: To undertake such dark arts, you have desecrated the memory of your loved ones.
Lady Grey: …What do you know.
Priest: You must repent, please, show me those necromantic skulls that harbor the departed.
Priest: The burden you carry, the lives of the two you have lost… Now, by the power I hold shall you be purified!
Before waiting for consent from Lady Grey, the priest then held his scepter aloft and began reciting the rites of purification.
Almost immediately, Grey's phantoms started writhing in anguish. As if to protect them, she called out resolutely.
Lady Grey: Stop! Are you completely blinded by pride?
Lady Grey: You are helping no one. I alone am irredeemable because of the powers I have obtained. Why can't you understand that?
The priest continued his chanting undeterred.
Lady Grey could take the screams coming from her back no longer, and stood from her seat.
Lyria: Miss Grey!
Lady Grey: That hymn is a little hard on the ears is all. This is why I've never liked churches…
Rackam: Hey wait, Grey!
Rackam: Pay no mind to people like him, Grey. What does he know.
Eugen: I think we should know well enough. Those two you carry are members of the crew, just as much as any of us.
Lyria: Th-that's right! They're our friends too!
Eugen: Oho! And for someone as timid as our Lyria to say so, you know it must be true, har har!
Vyrn: All right! Well there's no point hanging around here! Let's beat it!
Lady Grey: …It seems like there are places I cannot go in this world.
Vyrn: Huh? What was that?
Katalina: Tss, I thought the holy were supposed to preach love and peace. I'm appalled, let us leave this place at once.
Church Soldier 1: Oh dear, it seems the wicked are everywhere… Driving these philistines from town seems like our duty.
Church Soldier 2: The unchaste one and her comrades… We, the Swords of the Faith shall purify them!
Lady Grey: Yes… This is why I don't like churches.

Heart and Soul: Scene 2

The party manage to get away from the soldiers and return to the Grandcypher. However, Lady Grey senses that something is amiss and returns to the town. In the town, a woman like Lady Grey who had awakened the dead had become a monster, and was running rampant. Her terrible fate comes as a shock to Lady Grey.

After managing to lose the pursuing Swords of the Faith, (Captain) and the party return to the Grandcypher.
Rackam: Phew… what a horrible little backwater this is, let's get outta here as quick as we can.
One by one, the crew boarded the ship. However, Lady Grey, the last one to board, was still looking off in to the distance.
Rackam: Heyyy! Hurry up or you'll get left behind!
Lady Grey: …………
Rackam: What's wrong? Hurry up and get aboard!
Lady Grey: …I'm sorry everyone. It is because of me that we were unable to acquire the food we need.
Rackam: Huh? I can't hear what you're saying! Just hurry up and come aboard!
Lady Grey: Rackam…
Lady Grey: I see. Thank you.
However, Lady Grey had only made one step onto the ramp when she turned around and stared at the horizon once again.
Rackam: What's up? Why do you keep looking in the direction of that town?
Lady Grey: Th wind, it is carrying the most horrid smell.
Rackam: A horrid smell?
Lady Grey: To the south of that town… In the nearby forest.
Rackam: I can't smell anything… What kind of smell is it?
Lady Grey: The same as my own, The stench of one surrounded by the dead.
Rackam: What? That can't be normal…
Lady Grey: Just now, smoke started rising from the town. We should hurry, it seems something terrible has happened.
Rackam: But if we go there they might attack you again, you should probably wait here.
Lady Grey: …………
Lady Grey flashed a weary smile, then ran back along th road thy had just taken.
Rackam: Ha… So that's the way it is.
Rackam: All right, everyone! Looks like we're headed back to that town!
The town was certainly in chaos. Whole buildings had collapsed, and the groaning of the injured could be heard.
Vyrn: Wh-what happened?
Rackam: Hey, that's the guys from before over there, right?
Church Soldier 1: Guh, uuurgh…
Church Soldier 2: He…help us…
Lyria: You're going to be OK! Just hold on!
Eugen: Hold on… Just what in the world happened here?
Katalina: What could have done this…
???: It is just as I said before.
(Captain) and everyone turned to the source of the voice. It was the priest, staggering from a grave wound…
Priest: Now do you understand. A dreaded philistine has returned to this town. This is why I said to repent.
Priest: There is no alternative… Repent or die!
Lady Grey: Why, did he need to go this far?
The priest then spoke of a woman just like Lady Grey who lived here long ago…
The woman was born and raised in the town, fell in love and knew great happiness.
And then monsters snatched everything away from her.
Just like Lady Grey, she then resurrected her beloved family. But for using the forbidden dark arts, she was exiled to the forest.
Priest: Listen carefully to this fool. Is this all what you wished for? A mere shadow of your loved ones?
Monster: AAAAHHHH!
A woman with two ghosts attached to her, her body and spirit seemingly gnawed and necrotic, came towards the party.
Lady Grey: …It's not true… That isn't the only way this can go, I won't become like that!

Heart and Soul: Scene 3

The other necromancer brought each enemy back to life as they were defeated. Seeing this, the priest once again chastises Lady Grey. Lady Grey summons her phantoms against the monster, but they are shattered into pieces. The elderly priest then tells her to forget her dead, to move on to a normal life, but Lady Grey calls her family back to her and they are revived.

Rackam: Phew… Talk about a bone-breaking battle…
Eugen: Hey, hold on a minute… The heck's happening now?
The fallen body parts seemed to slowly crawl and gather together. The woman who had become a monster was reviving them.
Priest: All humans must die. But this woman defies the will of the gods.
Priest: If this person does not allow them to rest, they will suffer for all eternity.
Lady Grey: We're so grateful for yet another sermon. Are you not going to save them with your power?
Priest: That is no longer possible. My powers are in no way?
Lady Grey: Oh, is that so. So for myself as well… Can your gods not save me?
Priest: Do you truly wish for salvation? Or is this just a trick of necromancy?
Lady Grey: This is no deceit, I am a woman who uses necromancy only for good, surely one such as I?
Priest: There is no condition under which necromancy can be considered good! A woman who thought so stands before you now as a monster!
Lady Grey: You're wrong! My husband… my son… Just for this I surely cannot… I won't become…
Lady Grey: That will not be my fate!
Lady Grey made an order in a dignified voice, sending her two loved ones forward. They transformed from their macabre forms.
Lady Grey: Now, go! Show them the power our love commands!
Monster: Graaaargh!
Lady Grey: What!
At the monster's attack, Grey's beloved husband and son fell, smashed to pieces.
Lady Grey: Ahh… That's…
Priest: That is just as well. You do not want to turn out that way.
Priest: Those left behind need to forget those that have passed. And move on into new life.
Lady Grey: …Silence.
Priest: What?!
Lady Grey: You think I am obsessed with love? Don't make me laugh. Do not think me the same as this woman's lingering regrets.
Priest: You are the same. Compared to the love of the gods your fixations are crude and vulgar.
Lady Grey: And do not apply your faith to me!
Priest: …Do you intend to mock us?
Lady Grey: You do nothing but pray and wish and wait for salvation… I have no need for gods like that.
Lady Grey: I believe only in my unwavering love. I know it's not a one-sided feeling. I can be certain of reciprocal, communicated love…
Lady Grey: Isn't that right, my beloved…
As if in answer to Lady Grey's statement, the scattered bone fragments reformed and were revived.
Priest: Y-you fool… Have you learned nothing…
Lady Grey: Are you in pain? I'm so sorry for what has happened to you.
Monster: Guhhhh…
Lady Grey: Don't worry, all will be fine. I will bring you eternal rest.

Heart and Soul: Scene 4

With the town safe, and the townspeople apologetic for their poor hospitality, the party prepare to leave. Finally, although the priest can't quite understand her, he concedes that Lady Grey must follow her own path, and they part ways amicably.

Stall Owner: Please forgive me. I was so cruel to you before…
Stall Owner: Here, it's not much of an apology, but please take some food.
As she said this, the woman handed over a large sack full of potatoes.
Eugen: Don't worry about it. Main thing is, everyone's safe.
Rackam: …………
Katalina: Rackam? What's the matter? Accept the lady's gracious offer.
Rackam: Nothing, I was considering her feelings…
As he said this, Rackam nodded towards two figures. Lady Grey and the priest were staring at each other.
Priest: …I cannot accept this.。
Lady Grey: …………
Priest: I was still correct. If you'd only done as I said, no one would have been hurt.
Lady Grey: That is so, your judgement was quite fine. But…
Priest: But?
Lady Grey: I was also not incorrect.
Priest: …………
Lady Grey: Please don't misunderstand me. I'm grateful to you.
Lady Grey: I may have lost my way before, but I am following my own path now.
Lady Grey: Someday I shall show you the proof of my conviction. The next time we meet, my family will be together again.
Priest: Ohohoho… has there ever been such a person like you…
Priest: Very well then, I wish you every bit of fortune on your journey.
Lady Grey: Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you.
They then returned straight to the Grandcypher. When Lady Grey put her first foot on the landing ramp, she looked up to the sky.
There wasn't a single cloud to be seen, and she felt her own self-doubts clearing as well.