Scenario:Lady Grey - Monsters in Memories

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Monsters in Memories

The party had arrives at the tower said to answer to unrequited desire. While Lady Grey enjoys the dark aura that surrounds the tower, Lyria is terrified. As the party heads to the top floor of the tower, monsters stand in their way.

Lady Grey: Phew... This is rejuvenating. The stagnant air... The hazy sight... It’s so calming.
Vyrn: Ugh... It’s so dark and muggy here. Still...
Vyrn: What are we doing here anyway? This tower looks really old.
Lady Grey: Haha... There is a rumor about this tower... It’s supposed to grant unrequited desires.
Vyrn: Unrequited desires? I don’t get it.
Vyrn: Lyria, why are you hiding behind (Captain)?
Lyria: H-Huh? N-No reason! I wasn’t hiding because I was afraid of ghosts...
Vyrn: You’re totally scared! We better do our business and get out of here for Lyria’s sake.
Lady Grey: Yes... I hope it will be a simple task. Hehehe.
Lyria: Whaa?! I felt a cold wind...!
Vyrn: Our bad hunch came true... Lyria, hide behind (Captain)!
Vyrn: The monsters are here! (Captain), I’m counting on you!

Monsters in Memories: Scene 2

The party makes good progress through each level of the tower. The party asks Lady Grey the rumors about the tower, but she doesn’t know the details either. As the party is about to enter the Room of Recollection at the top of the tower, the Gatekeeper stands in their way.

Lady Grey: Haha... Not bad. Let’s keep this up and head to the top floor of the tower...
Vyrn: So if we get to the top floor, there’s something there that can grant unrequited desires...
Vyrn: Why don’t you just tell us what’s going on!
Lady Grey: Unfortunately, I don’t know the details either.
Vyrn: You don’t know...? You gotta be kidding!
Lady Grey: Many enter this tower. Few escape alive...
Lady Grey: And the few who have returned refuse to say a word about it. They must have seen something terrible...
Vyrn: W-Why are you taking (Captain) to such a dangerous place?!
Lady Grey: This simply means that I have complete faith in (Captain). But now is not the time for idle banter.
Lady Grey: Take a look. That’s the gate leading to the “Room of Recollection” at the top of the tower.
Vyrn: We got a big gatekeeper here! We have to defeat this monster or we can’t move forward.
Lady Grey: It sure seems like it. Haha... I'm counting on you, (Captain).

Monsters in Memories: Scene 3

In the Room of Recollection was a man bewitched by a monster. The monster in the tower was toying with the ghost of a man and the memories of his daughter. When she saw this evil, Lady Grey attacked the monster to free the man’s soul.

Lady Grey: To think that you defeated that monster so easily... You are indeed great, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, take a look! The gate to the “Room of Recollection” is opening! What's up ahead...?
Vyrn: We have to prepare ourselves... Let’s go, (Captain)!
Lady Grey: Oh my... It seems like someone is already here.
Vyrn: How’d he get to such a dangerous place? He’s either that strong or lucky...
Vyrn: What the...? This is terrible! That man is being attacked by a monster!
Lady Grey: Wait... Something is wrong.
Wailing Man: Damnit! How can this be?! My daughter... My memories of my daughter have turned into something ghastly...!
Wailing Man: Eek! Stop! Please don’t defile my memories of my precious daughter!
Lady Grey: I see how it is...
Vyrn: What’s going on? Did you find out something?
Lady Grey: It’s a vile monster that toys with the souls of the dead and feeds on their hearts.
Vyrn: The souls of the dead? What's that supposed to mean?
The “Room of Recollection” used to bring momentary happiness to those who want to recollect their past.
It was meant to let them meet the people they had lost so that their regrets and resentments could be purified. It was a sacred place...
With the appearance of a monster that feeds on those thoughts, the “Room of Recollection” has changed entirely...
Lady Grey: The beautiful memories are defiled by the acts of this foul monster... Unforgivable!
Vyrn: I feel the same!
Vyrn: If someone’s being attacked in front of us, we can’t just stand by and watch... Let’s go, (Captain)!
Lady Grey: (Captain), please help me... I want to release that soul from the grasp of the monster!

Monsters in Memories: Scene 4

The party has defeated the monster and freed the man’s soul. Regaining its original strength, the Room of Recollection allowed Lady Grey and her late lover a brief moment together. After bidding farewell to her lover, she renews her resolve to go on another journey.

Lady Grey: Thank you... Thanks to you, the souls of the dead have been saved...
Vyrn: S-Stop it! This is nothing!
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s the matter, (Captain)? Lady Grey is acting strange...?
Lady Grey: ...!
Lady Grey: D-Dear... Why are you here?
Vyrn: Hey, Lady Grey! Who are you talking to?! H-hey!
Lady Grey: I’m fine. No, I’m not lonely... I don’t want you to worry about me...
Vyrn: Lady Grey! Hey!
Lady Grey: Gasp! What was I...?
Vyrn: What happened to you?! It’s like you suddenly couldn’t hear me anymore! We were really worried!
Lady Grey: Ha... Haha... It seems that the “Room of Recollection” regained its original form.
Vyrn: Original form?
Lady Grey: Yes. It brings temporary happiness to one who thinks of the past... That is the true form of the Room of Recollection.
Lyria: Ahhh... It looks like you got to meet your lover... Lady Grey looks so happy.
Lady Grey: It’s time we went. We defeated the monster that feeds on souls, so we have no more business here.
Vyrn: A-Are you sure? You finally got to meet your late love...
Lady Grey: It’s fine. I was finally able to say good bye...
Lady Grey: His soul is always with me. That’s enough for me.
Lady Grey: B-Besides, we better hurry or the sun will come up!
Vyrn: T-That’s bad! We better hurry or she’ll disappear with the skull!
Peace has finally returned to the Room of Recollection. The room that brought together people who have lost loved ones and lasting emotional scars...
Turning her emotional pain into affection, Lady Grey embarks on a new journey with (Captain).