Scenario:Lady Grey - Rest in Peace

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Rest in Peace

One day while on the Grandcypher, Lady Grey comes forward with a request. She asks if they can disembark at a nearby island, a deserted island that she and her husband once owned. However, the villa they used to live in has been laid to waste by a monster, which then attacks the party.

The enigmatic Lady Grey was always the subject of rumors aboard the Grandcypher.
Rackam: But, don't you worry about them at all?
Eugen: Huh? What are you talking about?
Rackam: About Grey's family… After they died, she used necromancy to keep them all together
Rackam: She must love them a whole lot.
Eugen: Oi, Rackam. I don't need no family history or nothin', just get to the point. You ain't gonna do anythin' rash now, are ya?
Rackam: What? No way! I'm not like that!
Eugen: Alright, carry on then…
Rackam: So you're saying you don't worry about her?
Rackam: Time to time I see her and she looks really… sad. I just wonder what we could do for her if she's lonely or anything.
Eugen: Alright, I get it…
Rackam: I'm not sure you do.
Rackam: No matter hard I might try to make friends with her, I'm just one guy, with just one guy's problems.
Eugen: Yeah, a hundred people on this ship probably couldn't understand what she's been through…
Eugen: I mean, a lot of us will have people who've moved on. But to carry them with you, yeah I don't know anything about that.
Rackam: …Eugen.
Eugen: Scuse me, I might have said too much.
Rackam: It just makes me feel like anything I've been through is kinda trivial.
Eugen: Well, compared to Grey, who could…
???: Oh, compared to me who could what?
The two turned towards the voice in confusion. Behind them was Lady Grey, with a smile on her face.
Rackam: G-G-G-Grey!?
Lady Grey: Hehehe…
Eugen: Err… Erm… Nothin'! We weren't talking about anything, right Rackam?
Rackam: Y-yeah… Nothing in particular, Eugen.
Lady Grey: Hehehe… Well I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves, whatever you're not doing.
Lady Grey: By the way, I have something of a request.
Eugen: Hmm? What kind of request?
Lady Grey: Would it be all right to disembark for a moment at the small island we will soon be passing over?
Rackam: An island? Why do you wanna stop there?
Lady Grey: I guess you'll have to take me if you want to find out…
Lady Grey: Hehehe…
Eugen: It's quiet…
Rackam: Yeah, too quiet. It's a bit eerie.
Lady Grey: There's no need to worry. This is a perfectly nice place.
Katalina: Lady Grey, why did you want to come here?
Lady Grey: Oh, well… A long time ago my husband received ownership of this desert island.
Lady Grey: Every summer our family would come go on vacation in the villa here.
Lyria: Oh, how lovely! A summer home! I've always wanted to have a summer villa somewhere.
Lady Grey: Hehe, it is quite lovely. You are all of course welcome to join me when we alight.
When they arrived however, the mansion had clearly fallen into disrepair, now a mere shell of what must have once been very grand.
Lady Grey:
Lyria: Umm… Miss Grey?
Lady Grey: Sorry everyone. I must have gotten all your hopes up. It seems I won't be able to show you much in the way of hospitality here.
Lyria: Miss Grey…
Eugen: Wait, this is a bit strange…
Rackam: What's strange?
Eugen: This hasn't just rotted away by itself… Y'see this this wall here? Clearly it's been knocked down by somethin' pretty strong─
Katalina: …Brace yourselves, there's something here!
Monster: Graaargh!

Rest in Peace: Scene 2

The island Lady Grey used to visit with her husband is now infested with monsters. Lady Grey suddenly remembers something and, her face drained, breaks into a run. She runs to a flower bed filled with orchids and, in the middle, a cruelly destroyed gravestone. With the memories of her husband sullied, Lady Grey angrily lashes out at the monsters.

Sensing monsters lurking in the building, (Captain)'s party immediately repel them.
Katalina: Such a shame… This is such a beautiful island, and yet the monsters are running amok.
Katalina: And the villa looked like it must have been especially lovely. It is truly unfortunate that we weren't able to see it, Lady Grey.
Lady Grey:
Katalina: Lady Grey?
Lady Grey:
Lyria: …Miss Grey? Are you all right?
Lady Grey: …!
Eugen: What's wrong?
Lady Grey: Surely not… Not that place as well…
As though she had suddenly just remembered something terrible, Grey's face turned ghostly white, and she started to run.
Lyria: Miss Grey! Wait!
Lady Grey: Haa… haaa…
She had reached a small hillock where wild orchids had grown and were swaying slightly in the breeze.
In the middle of those orchids, Grey was clutching something tightly and sobbing.
That something was a white marble gravestone, which had also been cruelly destroyed.
No one needed to ask whose name it was that had been engraved on that stone…
Lady Grey: They used to love these flowers. That's why so many are planted here…
Lady Grey: They soon became my favorite flower too. These orchids were the first flowers he ever gave to me.
Lady Grey: And whenever we fought… Well, it's sort of funny looking back.
Lady Grey: I'd lock myself away in my room, and he would always bring me these flowers and apologise.
Lady Grey: Cymbidiums, a symbol for a secluded young woman in the language of flowers… A perfect gift for someone like me.
Lady Grey: But I cannot allow… my memories of him…
Monster: Graaargh!
Lady Grey: I cannot allow you to destroy them!

Rest in Peace: Scene 3

Lady Grey is still despondent over the destruction of her family's gravesite. Bit by bit, she tells the party her story, how her family were taken from her and how she learned necromancy to bring them back. After the party listen to her story, they are attacked by a monster. Lady Grey's spirits move forward to protect her from harm.

(Captain)'s party easily dispatched the monsters that had ruined Grey's family's graves. However, she was still deeply upset…
Lady Grey: It wasn't enough to take them away from me once, now the monsters want to snatch them from me again.
Tears were streaming down her face as painful memories were brought back.
She had lost her husband and son when they had bravely taken up arms to defend a village under attack from monsters.
To deal with her loss, she read everything she could on any subject that might help, and eventually came across necromancy.
However, her ability was insufficient. All she could manage to summon were grotesque, soulless husks of her loved ones.
Grey had resolved to share her secret with everyone, and she let out a long sigh.
She confessed that the true aim of her journey was to once again come before the gravestone beneath which her family rested.
Lady Grey: That is why I brought all of you here. I have traveled to the ends of the earth searching for the secret of perfect revival…
Lady Grey: Sorry everyone. Sorry I have been silent until now…
Lady Grey: However, to stay silent any longer would be dishonest.
Lady Grey: I don't usually like to speak of my past, so I don't know why I'm telling you all this… I just felt you should know.
Grey's confession was finished. An oppresive silence fell over the group. Time seemed to stretch as no one spoke.
Katalina: …Thank you, Lady Grey. Thank you for sharing that with us.
Katalina: Although, I do have just one question.
Lady Grey: Of course, what is it?
Katalina: Just now you said you don't know why you're telling us, but I don't believe that's true.
Lady Grey: Sorry… what do you mean?
Katalina: Then allow me to put it to you as a question. Why were you so anxious to tell us these things, Lady Grey?
Lady Grey:
Eugen: If this was a special place that only you and your family knew about, why'd you bring us lot here now?
Lady Grey: …Ah, I see now.
Rackam: That's right. I think you do know why you felt you had to tell us.
Lady Grey: I suppose it's because you've come to be very special to me. You're like my family now.
Lady Grey: That's what you're looking for me to say, is it not?
Lady Grey: Well yes, you are correct. And with my family on the ship too… I needn't worry by myself any longer.
Lyria: Miss Grey…
Rackam: Haha, that's more like it!
Vyrn: Sounds like a serious responsibility, right (Captain)? Even more reason to make sure we reach our goal!
Lady Grey: Every night must yield to dawn eventually. Though you know, I do not do well with mornings─
As if it was waiting for the moment Grey returned to her feet. As she stood up, a dark wind suddenly blew.
Eugen: Grey, look out!
Monster: Graaargh!
Lady Grey: ?!
Rackam: Gah, what terrible timing.
Having closed them against the initial gust of wind, Grey slowly opened her eyes.
Right before her eyes, two figures rose to block the monster's attack heading straight for her.
Lady Grey: Y-you…

Rest in Peace: Scene 4

(Captain) and the party leave the island that Lady Grey remembered. Having seen the way the spirits on Lady Grey's back raced to defend her, the party come to believe that the family's love is what keeps them bound together.

The island was little like she remembered it. Looking down, Lady Grey let out an emotional sigh…
Eugen: Hey… You sure those two don't have their souls?
Eugen: Looked to me like they put themselves in the way to protect you. You'd need a soul to go and do that, wouldn't ya?
Rackam: Oh yeah, for sure. I think I even saw them smile when they realised you were safe, Grey.
Lady Grey: I… They…
Eugen: Rackam! Sounds like you're exaggerating again.
Rackam: What! I'm telling the truth!
Lady Grey: Hehehe…
Katalina: I'm sorry they're so blunt about everything. But on this occasion, they may not be far off the mark.
Katalina: Monsters may have taken your family from you, but they'll never be able to take away your love for each other…
Lady Grey: Yes, I suppose so. Thank you, everyone…
Grey covered a gentle smile that had appeared on her face. Before anyone noticed, a single flower came into bloom.
And even the flower seemed to bear a beautiful smile.