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The Meaning of Remembrance

Lady Grey receives a mountain of candy and a bottle of wine from her appreciative audience. The crew distributes the candy to the local children, but one boy seems troubled and Lady Grey can't put him out of her mind. The crew takes a break to enjoy some treats and Lady Grey overindulges in the wine. Tipsy, she wanders off alone.

After Lady Grey's crowd-pleasing performance, the crew wanders through the town, arms laden with the candy thrown by the audience.
They quickly draw a crowd of local children.
Girl: Trick or treat!
Lady Grey: My, how terrifying. Haha, here you are, young lady.
Vyrn: Hehe! We'll be all out of treats before long!
One boy timidly steps forward from the throng but seems uncertain about approaching the crew.
Boy: ...
Lady Grey: Don't be shy. Here you are.
Boy: Ah... Thanks...
Boy: ...
Lady Grey: Oh dear, what's wrong? You aren't hurt, are you?
Boy: No... It's nothing. Thank you for the candy, miss.
The boy turns away with a sad look on his face and slips back into the crowd.
Lady Grey: ...
Lady Grey: (Did he not like that type of candy? He looked like he had something he wanted to say...)
Vyrn: Hey, you guys wanna take five? Playin' games with all these kids turned out to be more tiring than it sounded.
Lady Grey: Hm? Oh, yes. Let's.
Vyrn's voice seems to pull Lady Grey back from somewhere far away.
When she looks for the boy again in the crowd, he is nowhere to be seen.
Lady Grey: (Perhaps it was only my imagination...)
Telling herself she's overthinking things, Lady Grey joins the crew for a breather.
(Captain) and the others find a town square a little off the beaten path where they can relax and enjoy some of the leftover candy.
Lyria: Hehehe! This one here is sooo good!
Vyrn: These cookies ain't half bad either!
Lady Grey: Haha, you're right. And they pair surprisingly well with this wine.
Vyrn: Huh? Where'd you get that from!
Lady Grey: It was buried under all the candy. We couldn't very well hand it out to the children.
Lady Grey: I thought I'd save it for later, but the holiday spirit got the better of me.
Lady Grey drains one glass, then two.
Vyrn: Um... Should you be drinking that much?
Lady Grey: It's fine, it's fiiine.
Brushing aside Vyrn's concerns, Lady Grey continues to enjoy her wine.
Before long, however, Vyrn's misgivings are vindicated.
Lady Grey: Heeheehee... My head feels all fuzzy...
Lyria: Oh no! Miss Grey, your face is all red!
Vyrn: Sigh... I hate to say I told you so, but... I did.
Lady Grey: (Captain), you're such a good kid. So proud of you...
Lady Grey sidles up to (Captain) and begins patting the captain's head.
The flustered (Captain) backs up in a hurry.
Lady Grey: Aww... Don't run away. Come back and keep me company.
Lady Grey: If you won't, I guess I'll just pinch Vyrn's cheeks instead.
Lady Grey: Hehehe. They're so soooft.
Vyrn: Gyah! Where d'ya think you're pinchin'!
Lady Grey: Aaand big hugs for Lyria. Glomp!
Lyria: Meep! S-stop, you're embarrassing me!
(Captain) and the others are at a loss as to how to handle Lady Grey's drunken affection.
Lady Grey: All this running around has me overheated. Let me just slip out of this costume...
  1. No! My virgin eyes!
  2. Well, then I'm going natural too!

Choose: No! My virgin eyes!
Lady Grey: Oh, I'm just teasing. You're so cute when you're flustered, (Captain).
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Choose: Well, then I'm going natural too!
Lyria: Whaaat! (Captain), don't you dare!
Lady Grey: Heehee. That's my captain, taking the lead!
Continue 1
Lady Grey: All jokes aside... We shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste. We came for the festivities after all.
Lady Grey: The light display over there looks beautiful. Let's go see it up close.
Lady Grey heads off into the crowd, wobbling slightly as she goes.
Vyrn: If we let her wander around in that condition, she's gonna get into trouble.
Lyria: We have to follow her and keep her safe!
A worried (Captain) and the others hurry after their tipsy crewmate.

The Meaning of Remembrance: Scene 2

As she drifts through the streets, Lady Grey spots the boy from earlier heading away from the festival and into the dark alleys at the edge of town. Worried, she stealthily follows.

The crew hurries after Lady Grey, but she's already disappeared into the crowd of Halloween festivalgoers.
Lyria: Where could she have gone?
Vyrn: I really hope she's okay...
Lady Grey, meanwhile, allows her weaving steps to take her where they may.
As the first flush of the alcohol leaves her system, she realizes she's lost track of her crewmates.
Lady Grey: Oh dear... I've gone and gotten myself lost.
She looks around, but (Captain) and the others are nowhere to be seen.
Her gaze lands on a family enjoying the festival together.
Lady Grey: (Haha... They look so happy. I miss those family outings.)
Lady Grey: (Leaving the house hand in hand. Giving my son piggybacks on the way home... But now...)
Lady Grey: (Come on, don't do this to yourself. Today is a festive occasion...)
Lady Grey shakes herself free of her painful thoughts.
Lady Grey: (Anyway, I have to catch up with (Captain) and the others before I worry them any further.)
Lady Grey: Wait... That boy...
The sight of a familiar little figure in the crowd brings her to a halt.
Boy: ...
The child heads away from the crowds, into the poorly-lit alleyways at the edge of town.
Lady Grey: (I wonder if he's lost... But if he were looking for his parents, he wouldn't be heading away from town, would he?)
Lady Grey: (As suspicious as this sounds... I think I'd better follow him.)
Worried by the youngster's demeanor, Lady Grey silently tails him through the darkened streets.

The Meaning of Remembrance: Scene 3

Hidden behind a tree, Lady Grey watches as a fraudulent necromancer attempts to extort valuables from the boy, promising to resurrect the child's dead mother. Unable to stand by, Lady Grey leaps from her hiding place to confront the con artist.

Lady Grey is following a young boy through the dim alleyways at the edge of town.
Her misgivings grow stronger as the area around them grows more deserted.
Lady Grey: (What business can he possibly have out here?)
Lady Grey: (...!)
Lady Grey spots another figure approaching from the opposite direction. She ducks behind a tree to avoid detection.
Roughneck Rick: Took ya long enough. Thought you were gonna chicken out.
Lady Grey: (I don't think I see a family resemblance. So what's going on here?)
Roughneck Rick: You got the money for me?
Boy: Will this do?
The boy hesitantly produces a jeweled ring from his pocket and holds it out.
Roughneck Rick: Weeell, not bad, not bad. You sneak it from your house?
Boy: If I give it to you, you'll bring my mother back, right? We can be together, just like she never died, right?
Roughneck Rick: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. First hand over that rock, then you can have your family reunion.
Lady Grey: (So that's what this boy is dealing with...)
Lady Grey: (He's hoping to bring his mother back from the dead.)
Lady Grey: (But that's no casual undertaking.)
Lady Grey: (He's being duped. I can't just stand by and watch!)
Unable to contain herself any longer, Lady Grey leaps from behind the tree.
Lady Grey: Hold it right there!
Roughneck Rick: Huh? The hell are you?
Boy: Miss!
Lady Grey: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
Lady Grey: But what's done is done, and I know you're lying to this child.
Roughneck Rick: Wow, rude much? Hurling accusations without so much as a how-do-you-do.
Lady Grey: You were planning to make off with the ring as soon as he handed it over, weren't you?
Roughneck Rick: How... how dare you! All I'm doing is trying to grant this kid's purehearted wish...
Lady Grey: Oh. Then perhaps you can share some professional tips with me. How did you plan to resurrect his mother?
Lady Grey: What spell did you plan to use? What kind of offering will you make? What price will you pay if your ritual fails?
Roughneck Rick: W-well, I...
The man's faltering answer is all the proof Lady Grey requires.
Lady Grey: You ought to be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of this innocent child.
Lady Grey: Though any fool could see that a shallow vessel like you could never commune with the dead.
Roughneck Rick: What'd you say! Whaddyou know about it!
Lady Grey: Shall I tell you? Or better yet, show you the power I've earned along with the indelible taint of forbidden magic and a lifetime of regret?
Lady Grey: Come, my darlings. Let's give this gentleman a taste of real necromancy, shall we?

The Meaning of Remembrance: Scene 4

Lady Grey drives off the imposter necromancer. The crew arrives in time to witness a softer side to Lady Grey. She explains to the boy that the dead can never return, but that he can keep his mother alive in his heart.

Lady Grey: Haaa!
Roughneck Rick: Gyargh!
Lady Grey: Have you learned your lesson? Or do you need more clarification on the finer points?
Roughneck Rick: D-damn it!
The man turns tail and runs for the hills before Lady Grey can make good on her threat.
(Captain) and the crew arrive almost on his heels, alerted by the commotion.
Lyria: Lady Grey! Are you hurt?
Lady Grey: I'm perfectly fine, Lyria. I'm so sorry I worried you all.
Lady Grey: But this young man...
Lady Grey looks sympathetically toward the boy, who is trembling to one side of the recent battlefield. She steps toward him.
Boy: ...!
Lady Grey: Of course you're frightened. I'm sure you guessed it—these two are real ghosts, not illusions.
Lady Grey: Can I ask you one thing though? When we were giving out candy before, was there a favor you wanted to ask me?
Lady Grey: Was it to reunite you with your mother?
The boy seems conflicted for a moment before he nods.
Boy: Yes. You're right. I was watching your show.
Boy: When I saw what you could do, I thought maybe you'd be able to grant my wish...
Lady Grey: I see...
Lady Grey: I'm so sorry, but I don't have the power to bring your mother back to you.
Boy: You... don't?
The boy's face crumples in disappointment.
Lady Grey speaks gently, hoping to spare him any further pain.
Lady Grey: I understand how you feel. But when people die, we can never see them again.
Lady Grey: That's the law of this world. The price of meddling with dark magic follows me wherever I go, as you can see.
Lady Grey: I know you don't want the same thing to happen to you... Do you?
Boy: ...
Lady Grey: But I want you to remember something.
Lady Grey: As long as you keep your love for your mother alive in your heart, she will always be with you.
Lady Grey: That's the greatest comfort we can offer our dearly departed. Please don't forget that.
Boy: ...
With a gentle smile, Lady Grey enfolds the boy in a motherly embrace.
The boy clings back, trying to be brave, but his cheeks might be just a little damp.
The crew sees the boy safely back to his home.
As they depart, Lady Grey turns her conversation with the boy over in her mind.
Lady Grey: I wonder if he felt like I was lecturing him. I blame it on the wine.
Lyria: I don't think so. It was so obvious how much you cared about him.
Lyria: I'm sure he understood!
Lady Grey: Haha... I hope you're right.
Lady Grey smiles as if to chase away her troubled thoughts.
It's been a full day for (Captain) and the others. They've seen a new side of Lady Grey which has only strengthened the bonds between them.