Scenario:Lady Grey and Nezahualpilli - Veterans Looking Back

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Veterans Looking Back

(Captain) and company arrive at an island to take out waves of monsters as part of a job. Nezahaulpilli and Lady Grey are so proud, yet so lonely, to see the crew gradually grow into their own. An enormous monster approaches from behind, but the two powerhouses make short work of it with their magic. Saved from the encroaching danger, the crew realizes they still have a long way to go.

Arriving at the island, the crew accepts a job to take out a few monsters.
(Captain) roots the onslaught of monsters with ease.
Monster: Roaaaaarr...
Vyrn: Alright, we've taken care of the monsters here!
Lyria: All thanks to (Captain)! Lets try going there next.
Nezahualpilli: Wait! Be on your guard, there's still something here...
Vyrn: Are you sure? ...I see it, hiding behind the tree there!
Monster: Rroaaaaaarrr...
Lyria: It's coming! Let's do this, (Captain).
Nezahualpilli: Whew...
Vyrn: Hehe! These monsters don't stand a chance!
Lyria: That's for sure. But we can't be lax about it. Let's proceed with caution as always!
Nezahaulpilli stops in his tracks and watches from behind at the crew marching along so triumphantly.
Nezahualpilli: Hmm...
Lady Grey: Hehehe.... What's wrong, Hawk King?
Nezahualpilli: Hmm? Ahh, Lady Grey is...
Nezahualpilli: Actually, never mind... It's nothing.
Lady Grey: How cold... Considering how long we've been together in this crew now, I wish you'd tell what you're thinking.
Nezahualpilli: Well, if you insist... I was merely getting sentimental.
Lady Grey: Ooh, so you have a soft spot too. Let me guess what you were thinking.
Lady Grey: Seeing the young ones mature so fast makes you proud yet empty deep down. Does that sound about right?
Nezahualpilli: Yes... You see right through me. It is as you say.
Nezahualpilli: Sigh... We're deep in the monster's nest here, but here I am getting all sentimental.
Lady Grey: Tehehe... I do know how you feel though. Those kids have changed so much since we first met them.
Lady Grey: Don't you think so? I still remember when everything was so new to them, making a big deal out of every little thing.
Nezahualpilli: Indeed... It seems like so long ago when I would do battle as their shield.
Lady Grey: But now, they've truly grown into their own. It gets a bit lonely knowing they won't really need us anymore.
Nezahualpilli: Hahaha! But as their friend and ally, I am nonetheless proud of them! Well then, shall we get a move on?
Lady Grey: Let's go. I'm pretty sure they made a right turn here.
Lady Grey: ...! Hawk King, look...
Monster: Grooooaaarrrr!
Nezahualpilli: Whatever it is, it's a big one... And it looks to be headed toward (Captain) and them!
Lady Grey: Yes. If they're already in combat, they'll be attacked from both sides...
As Lady Grey observes the situation, the two silently nod to each other, and plunge toward the giant monster.
Nezahualpilli: You won't go any farther than this! Tremble at the might of my clan's power! Aarrgghhhhhh!
Monster: Grooooaaarrrr!
Nezahualpilli: Ungh... We can handle this! ...Lady Grey, now!
Lady Grey: A gift from the underworld, just for you.
Monster: Groooooaaar!
Nezahualpilli: Aaaaarrghhh!
Lady Grey: Haaaaaaaa!
Vyrn: Hey, what are you two doing here? We've already defeated the monster we came here for!
Vyrn: ...Eh? W-what's this giant monster doing here?
On their way back, (Captain) and company find an enormous fallen beast by Nezahualpilli and Lady Grey's feet.
Nezahualpilli: Hahhahaha! It was a tough one! But no match for a king!
Lyria: Wow! You defeated it with only the two of you...
Lady Grey: Hehe... A little backbreaking work is nice sometimes.
Lyria: Oh no! You broke your back! We should get you to a doctor right away!
Lady Grey: Ahaha, was that confusing? "Backbreaking" doesn't necessarily mean I broke my back, you know?
Nezahualpilli: Hahahahhaahah! There is still so much to teach them!
Lady Grey: Hehe. My job here's not done yet either.
Nezahualpilli and Lady Grey have stuck with (Captain) from the outset of his journey.
They always have and always will continue to watch over the crew.