Scenario:Lamretta - Another Wine Day to Be Alive

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Another Wine Day to Be Alive

Lamretta sets up a picnic for (Captain) and the others, but Lam tempts her to drink all the wine while she waits for them, and she can't resist the urge. Luckily (Captain) expected this and shows up with more wine, so she rewards the captain with a decidedly Lamretta-style hug.

Lamretta: Oh, all the flowers are in full bloom! And the weather's perfect for a picnic.
Lamretta grins at the trees around her, which are adorned with pink cherry blossoms, and has herself a drink.
Lamretta found the place to be ideal for a picnic when she came across it days ago, so she approached (Captain) and the others about it.
The crew agreed to come but unfortunately got called away by an urgent request, so Lamretta has come here first to prepare for the picnic.
Lamretta: Ha-ha.
Lamretta: I bet just a glimpse at my secret stash of wines and juices will have (Captain) and the others smiling!
Lamretta: This is the finest stuff I know. Just lookin' at it gets me going. I hope everyone gets here soon...
Lamretta: Gulp... Maybe I could get away with just one drink before they arrive...
Lamretta: No! That'd be wrong! This stuff is for everyone, so I'll just have to be a good girl and wait!
Lamretta: But wait... Surely no one would object if I had just one tiny little sip? No, maybe I better not...
???: What're ye waitin' for?
Lamretta: Huh? Who was that?
???: I'm yer desires, silly. Yer heart at its most honest.
Lamretta: No way...
???: Ye can't lie to yerself. Ye know ye want a wee drink. Just give in to that desire already.
Lamretta: But—
Lam: Heh-heh. Just look at it. Look at the clear amber hue of that fine wine!
Lam: That was distilled in the Auguste Isles. All ye gotta do is pour one drink of it, and it'll be like ye can feel the cool sea breeze blowin' over the beach.
Lamretta: The beach? Gulp...
Lam: And when ye taste it... Oh, the peppery spiciness of it'll hit ye like a gentle rain, and elegant music will start to play.
Lam: But the best part is when ye swallow it. The sweet aftertaste will draw ye right into paradise, as soothing as the sea at dawn.
Lamretta: Ugh... I don't really know what you're talking about, but now I'm just dying of thirst!
Rammy: No, Lamretta, no! Don't forget that you brought that wine here for everyone!
Lammy: Yeah, don't listen to Lam! Nothing good will come of it!
Red: Ugh... Blurp...
Lamretta: So you guys are me? Which one of you is Lam?
Rammy: The huge, strong-looking one right in front of you! I just knew you'd forget about her.
Lammy: Can you really blame her? We did everything we could to keep Lam from coming out after all.
Lammy: Lam's actually the reason you went a little overboard and ended up fleeing your abbey.
Lamretta: Are you serious?
Lam: Hold it right there. All I did was help ye free the desires that were already there.
Lamretta: No, you hold it right there! You basically ruined my life!
Lamretta: But no more! I'm done listenin' to the likes of you!
Lam: Heh-heh... Whatever ye say.
But what about ye, Rammy? Ye've got a sweet tooth, right?
Lam: Feast yer eyes upon that wine over there. That's a legendary honey-flavored drink blessed by the primal beast Queen Bee's love.
Rammy: Whoa! Where'd you have a treasure like that hidden, Lamretta?
Lam: Just imagine it. Imagine that golden nectar embracin' yer tongue and caressin' it again and again.
Rammy: Oh... Ah...
Lammy: Get ahold of yourself, Rammy! Lam's words are poison!
Lam: Now, now... There's no need to be so cold, Lammy. Say, ye like yer wine with a bit more kick, right?
Lam: Then how about this azure wine, affectionately known as Beast Killer. They say it's potent enough to send any primal beast to la-la land.
Lam: Heh-heh... Sounds to me like there's plenty o' dreams in every bottle, no matter who ye are. Not even I can imagine what it tastes like.
Lammy: Argh! I gotta get me some of that! Hand it over! Gimme those liquid dreams!
Lamretta: Y-you guys...
Lam: Heh-heh. Now who's next?
Red: Ugh... Not... Not right now... I'm b-barely keepin' it together here.
Lam: ...
Lam: Heh-heh... Then that just leaves ye, dear Lamretta. Resistance is futile.
Lamretta: Ugh... Nooo!
Lamretta: I refuse! I'll never give in!
Lam: Oho? Why be so stubborn?
Lamretta: It's as you said... The wines here are only the best! And that means they're like bottled happiness for wine lovers like me.
Lamretta: But that's all the more reason to share them with my friends! Wine tastes even better in the company of people you care about!
Rammy: You're absolutely right, Lamretta! It'd be such a waste to drink the sweetest wine in the sky alone!
Lammy: Phew... That sure was a close one. We almost ended up hoggin' all the happiness. Wine is made to be shared.
Red: Yep, that's... Bleh...
Lamretta: Our resolve is unshakeable! So give it up already!
Lam: Heh-heh... I see.
Lam: You've grown, Lamretta.
Lamretta: Is she gone?
Lammy: Hee-hee. Looks like the good guys won. I don't think she'll be back any time soon! Feels good to keep our urges under control, eh?
Lamretta: Hee-hee...
Lamretta: Ha-ha! No desire is too much for us! This is a great victory for us, guys!
Lamretta: Now how about a toast? We gotta celebrate!
Lamretta: Celebrate... Victory... Oooh... Zzz...
Lamretta: Huh? Hmm... When did I fall asleep?
Lamretta: The wine's gone! Uh-oh... Did I really drink all of it?
Rackam: Yo, Lamretta. Sorry we're late!
Lamretta: Eek!
Katalina: Huh? What's the matter? You look a little pale.
Lamretta: ...
I'm so sooorry! Aahh!
Lamretta: I drank it all! Every last drop! All the wine I brought for you guys is gooone!
  1. We sorta figured that'd happen.
  2. Bad girl!

Choose: We sorta figured that'd happen.
Lamretta: Really? I'm an embarrassment to decent adults everywhere...
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Choose: Bad girl!
Lamretta: I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry... Sniff...
Continue 1
Lamretta: But wait... You don't seem very mad, Captain.
Lyria: Hee-hee. Why would (Captain) be mad?
Take a look at what we have!
Lamretta: Whoa! Wine! And plenty of it!
Rackam: Heh-heh. (Captain) bought it with the reward from our last request just for you.
Lamretta: Oh, (Captain)...
Lamretta: Oh...
Lamretta: (Captain)!
Lamretta launches herself at (Captain), knocking the captain down with the force of her surprise hug.
Vyrn: Hey, the party hasn't even started yet! Let's at least eat first.
Lamretta: Uh-oh...
Lamretta: Bleh... Throwin' myself onto you... probably wasn't shmart... Ugh...
Lamretta: I think I'm gonna...
Lyria: Eek! Watch out, (Captain)!
The crew carefully pulls Lamretta off of (Captain) and sees to her.
Though she's sick and upset with herself for going overboard with the wine, she's also grateful to her kind friends.