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Feeling Tingly

As a village of drunkards, Lamretta participates in a drinking contest. Lamretta falls in love with one of the contestants, Lucian. In order to defend his pride, she tries to forfeit the match, but suddenly monsters interfere.

By Lamretta’s request, the party heads to a brewery village said to be the mecca for wine lovers.
The party enjoyed various kinds of local wine. As they head to the middle of the village, they see a heaving mass of people there.
MC: Welcome! Welcome! To all our wine-loving friends! Would you like to participate in the drinking contest?
Lamretta: Bweh? Drinky...?
MC: Hey! You’re real drunk! If you pay the 10,000 rupies fee to join, you can drink all the great local brews all you want!
Lamretta: What!? (Captain)! I want to join the contest!
Vyrn: Come on... Haven’t you had enough? You still want to drink more?
MC: Come on! If you win the contest, the prize is 1 million rupies! You get to drink and get money for it! That’s a great deal!
Lamretta: Contest! (Captain)! Please!
Vyrn: Hmm... I have a bad feeling about this... But what do you want to do? (Captain)?
  1. Oh, fine. Sure.
  2. I’m worried you might drink too much.

Choose: Oh, fine. Sure.
Lamretta: (Captain)! Love you! Squeeze!
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Choose: I’m worried you might drink too much.
Lamretta: S’okay! S’okay! I’m not drunk! I can recite all the magic!
Lamretta: Spirits of the earth...
Continue 1
Vyrn: Whoa! Okay, okay! We’re joining! I’m okay with us joining!
MC: Ahaha! Good luck, lady!
Lamretta, being the only woman among the brawny drunkards, joins the contest.
With the signal of the MC, all of the contestants begins downing their cup.
Lamretta: Mmrm! Bring me more! More! Gulp! Gulp! Phew!
As more people pass out and are out of the contest, Lamretta, a slim Erune man, and a brawny Draph are the last three remaining.
Lamretta: Glug glug... Whew! Glug glug... Whew! This is paradise!
MC: Whoo! A beauty of the Draph! The Bacchanalian Nun, Lamretta, downs another!
???: Phew... Looks like everyone is passed out. Bring me more, please.
MC: Wow! The slim Erune man! The handsome Lucian is not stopping either!
???: Huff... Huff... These guys are monsters!
MC: What?! The crowd favorite, Draph...! Gaba the drinker is showing signs of pain! This is an unexpected development!
Lamretta: Glug glug... Whew! Glug glug... Whew!
Lucian: Hmm. Not bad. That woman...
Gaba: Gah! @#$%^!
MC: Whoa! Who'd have thought! Gaba is out of the running! Who could have expected this?!
Lamretta: Aww, that’s no good. You’re wasting the great wine!
Lucian: Sigh... You look scruffy and you have no etiquette when you drink.
MC: Wow! This will be a duel between Lamretta and Lucian!
Lyria: Good luck! Lammie!
Neither side is yielding in this drinking battle. With Lamretta’s bottomless stomach, the contest is running out of wine.
Lamretta: Not bad! You’re the first human that can rival me with drinking!
Lucian: Ugh... What is going on with your body?
Lamretta: This is getting fun! I’ve had this much fun drinking!
Lucian: Gah... You’re enjoying this situation?! (My stomach is full... At this rate, I’ll suffer an embarrassing defeat... )
Vyrn: Keep it up! Go! Lamretta! Your opponent is scowling!
Lamretta: Hehehe. You’re not good enough yet! You’re still too inexperienced to be competing against...
Lamretta: (W...! What?! He’s actually just my type! And he can hold his wine so well... )
Lucian: Damn... Will I lose...? (Oh, no... Another drop and my stomach will explode. It’s already coming up my throat... )
Lamretta: Ooh... I’m starting to feel drunk all of a sudden! (Someone once told me drunk girls are cute!)
Vyrn: What happened to you?! Lamretta! Why aren’t you drinking?!
Lamretta: I’m sorry, everyone... I’m going to find my own happiness here...
Lamretta: (If I stamp out his pride here, my budding love won't have a chance!)
Vyrn: What’s going on here? She’s been acting weird.
Lamretta: I... I give u?
In order to win over Lucian’s heart, Lamretta is about to forfeit the match. But in the next instant...!
MC: Ahhhhh! M-Monsters! Runaway!
Vyrn: What? You could have won! (Captain)! Let’s deal with the monsters!

Feeling Tingly: Scene 2

In order to gain information on Lucian, (Captain) and party take a capture request on the wine thieves. They find the hideout of the wine thieves, but there, they find the MC of the contest and Lucian, which they thought was kidnapped.

With the attack of the monsters, the contest is cancelled. Lucian is kidnapped by the monsters along with the prize money.
MC: I... didn’t think monsters would attack the village...
Lamretta: After the monsters! We have to go help him!
Vyrn: But c'mon! You’re talking about helping him, but we don’t even know where he is.
Lyria: Hm... Let’s go ask Siero about this.
MC: Thank you... I’m in your debt. Please defeat the monsters and save the customers!
Lamretta: Leave it to me! You just wait here!
Sierokarte: This is certainly a problem. Robbery and kidnapping? Let me use my connections. But in exchange...
Siero brings the party a request to capture the wine thieves that were causing trouble around here in exchange for information.
Lamretta: Mmrm... My darling is in danger even now.
Vyrn: What the? When did you two get close? And if you make noise, the thieves will notice!
Lyria: Shh! Someone’s here.
Suspicious Man: ...
A suspicious man appears before the party. With practiced movements, he stacks up the wine from the brewery onto a cart.
Lamretta: Let’s go catch him!
Vyrn: W-Wait! The plan is to find their hideout and then capture all of them!
Lyria: Ah! He’s going somewhere!
The suspicious man who is stealing the wine heads into a cave deep in the forest. The party quietly tracks him.
Suspicious Man: Hey! Here’s what I promised you.
???: Ah! Good work. You sure no one saw you?
Suspicious Man: Exactly. Everything is going as planned.
Vyrn: Hm? I know that guy from somewhere...
MC: Hahaha! Who knew we could make so much money with stolen wine...
Lucian: Hehehe... Tell me about it. If it weren’t for that weird woman, we wouldn’t have needed to gather more wine.
MC: Exactly. But the monsters attacked at the right time.
Lucian: You saved me back there... Now let’s make some more money at the next town.
Vyrn: Hey! You guys were in on this together?!
Lamretta: Hold on! We’re not done yet!
Lyria: W-Whoa! Vyrn and Lammie, you have to wait!
MC: What?! You people! What are you doing here?!
Lucian: Whoa! You’re that stupid drunkard woman! Tch! We have to get out of here!
Vyrn: Damnit! They’re getting away! (Captain)! Defeat the monsters and go after them!

Feeling Tingly: Scene 3

(Captain) and company capture the wine thieves, but Lucian escapes. The party gets information from the MC of where Lucian is hiding. Lucian tries to escape, but the party gets between him and the airship in the nick of time.

After defeating the monsters, the party captures the MC and the suspicious man. But at the last moment, they let Lucian escape.
After finding out where Lucian has escaped to, the party begins to interrogate them.
Vyrn: Hey, you! Hurry up and tell us where he’s hiding!
Suspicious Man: Ugh... I don’t know anything. I’ve never met them anywhere but in this cave.
Lamretta: Cough up where Lucian is!
MC: Hehehe... I don’t know. Even if I did, I wouldn’t cough it up.
Vyrn: Why you...! We’re asking nicely and you treat us like this?!
Lamretta: Tell us where Lucian... I don’t feel so good...
Lyria: Are you okay? Lammie, you look a bit pale.
Lamretta: Luci... I’m gonna barf...
Lyria: T-This is bad! Lammie is about to vomit!
MC: Eek! You gotta be kidding me! Not on top of me, please...
Lamretta: I’m gonna barf...
MC: Eeeeeek! I’ll barf up everything! I mean, I’ll tell you everything! I’ll tell you where Lucian is!
Vyrn: Hmph! Serves you right.
The party learns of where Lucian is hiding from the MC, and they quickly head to Lucian’s airship.
Vyrn: Whoa! His airship is departing!
Lamretta: Hold it! You will pay for toying with the pure heart of a maiden!
Lucian: Gah...! What are you talking about?!
The party manages to stop Lucian’s airship from departing.
Vyrn: Hold it! You’re not getting away!
Lamretta: Wow! The wind feels so nice. I can feel it go down my dress!
Lucian: What’s with these people? They’re so persistent! They’ll be your opponents!

Feeling Tingly: Scene 4

After capturing Lucian and the wine thieves, (Captain) and party have solved the incident. Lamretta tells Lucian of her feelings, but he rejects her. The party consoles Lamretta over some more wine.

After capturing Lucian, the party heads back to Siero with the mastermind in their custody.
Sierokarte: Hi! Did you catch the wine thieves?
Vyrn: Haha! Not just the wine thieves! We solved the entire incident!
The party tells Siero of the full picture of the incident. Siero takes custody of Lucian and the thieves.
Sierokarte: Now then! I’ll be making my leave now!
Lamretta: Hold on! I have to talk to Lucian!
Lucian: Hm? What do you want?
Lamretta: I still can’t forget the taste of the wine we drank together... I...
Lamretta: I decided that I will only be with people who can drink as much as me!
Lucian: Huh? What are you talking about?
Lamretta: (Captain)... I’m sorry. I think it’s time that I left the skyfarers. I’m going to follow him.
Vyrn: Oh, no! But he’s a criminal!
Lamretta: I don’t care if he is! If I lose this chance, I don’t think I’ll ever find that special someone again!
Lyria: But...! I didn’t know you liked him so much, Lammie...
Lamretta: Lyria...
Lyria: I’m okay. I’m sure Lammie would be okay...
Vyrn: I don’t get it, but if you insist, you have our blessing!
Lucian: Hey... Can you not talk about this without me?
Lamretta: I’ll wait for you until you get out of jail!
Vyrn: Oh, no... She’s so faithful...
Lyria: It’s sad that we won’t get to see each other anymore... But I hope you’ll be happy.
Lamretta: Yes! Thanks! (Captain)... Thank you for everything. Our journey together was fun.
Lucian: Sigh... What’s with these people? This is scary how you’re completely ignoring me! And when did I say that I can hold my wine?
Lamretta: Huh? You were chugging it at the contest, weren’t you?
Lucian: Ahaha! You think anyone in this world can drink that much?
Lucian: That was just water! No one can drink that much without cheating.
Lamretta: Wha...?
Lucian: Anyway... I can’t drink a single drop. And I don’t want to be with some drunk woman either. Sorry, but you’ll have to ask someone else.
Sierokarte: Aww... I’m completely out of the loop, but this feels kind of awkward, so I’m leaving.
Vyrn: Umm... Well... You know! Stuff happens in life, right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes! I’m sure you’ll find someone nice! Right, (Captain)?
Lamretta: Glug glug... Whew! Glug glug... Whew!
Lamretta’s unrequited love comes to a close.
It goes without saying that the party consoled Lamretta over some more wine later.