Scenario:Lamretta - The Water of Life

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The Water of Life

(Captain) and company start the picnic once Lamretta recovers, and she gets out a bottle of Avite. Rackam explains that the dead have been said to rise in pursuit of this wine, and when Lamretta starts to pour it, zombies really do claw their way out of the ground.

Some time after Lamretta recovers from her private party, (Captain) and company start the picnic.
As everyone enjoys themselves, Rackam, who's gazing at the cherry blossoms, speaks up.
Rackam: Say, stop me if you've heard this one. They say the dead are buried under the cherry trees that blossom the most beautifully.
Lyria: U-under? You mean like where we're sitting?
Rackam: Heh-heh... Sorry about that. It was just a little joke, but it almost seems like there's something to it, huh?
Lamretta: I think I get it. The cherry blossoms are so pretty they're almost creepy.
Lamretta: This actually reminds me of a story about this wine...
Rackam: Whoa! I-isn't that Water of Life?
Lyria: Um... That's supposed to be water?
Lamretta: No, it's actually honest-to-goodness wine. Most people call it Water of Life, but its real name is Avite.
Lamretta: Some people claim that a whiff of it can heal wounds and that drinking it can cure any illness.
Rackam: Yeah, and I've even heard that the dead have been known to claw their way out of their graves in pursuit of Avite.
Vyrn: You don't say... So if there's anyone buried under us, they might come out and play!
Rackam: Ha-ha! Yeah, at least if the stories are true!
Rackam: But it's a little weird. Didn't you say you drank all the wine before we got here?
Lamretta: Gulp...
Katalina: Oh? I'm surprised you left such a famous wine alone given how thirsty you were.
Lamretta: Ha-ha! Let's not fret over the small stuff. Time to give this Avite a try!
But just as Lamretta gets ready to pour the wine, something reaches out and grabs the bottle.
Lamretta: Oh, Rackam, there's no need to rush.
Rackam: Huh? That isn't my hand.
Vyrn: Guys... The arm attached to that hand seems to be buried.
Flowerful Zombie: Oooh...
Lamretta: Wha!
Katalina: I can't believe it... There's just no way.
Vyrn: Yikes! There's a whole bunch of the stinkers comin'! Get ready!

The Water of Life: Scene 2

Lamretta inadvertently drops the bottle of Avite and a child runs off with it. When the child says he wanted to use the Avite to see his deceased parents again, Lamretta explains that Avite is actually intended to be offered to the dead. She then invites the child to join their picnic so his parents can see him looking happy and healthy.

While battling with the horde of uninvited guests, Lamretta accidentally drops the bottle of Avite on the ground.
As if on cue, someone darts out of nowhere, nabs the bottle, and runs off.
Lyria: Ah!
Lamretta: Lyria! Watch out!
Lamretta delivers a grand-slam bottle swing to the zombie shambling after Lyria.
Flowerful Zombie: Ooof...
Lamretta: I think that was the last of 'em. Anyone hurt?
Lyria: We're okay. But the Avite...
Lamretta: Huh? Where'd it go? I don't see it anywhere!
Lyria: Um... I saw someone grab it and run off while we were fighting.
Rackam: No way! So those zombies were nothing but a diversion?
Katalina: Sheesh... And here I was thinking the zombies were here for a drink.
Lamretta: Grrr! That thief won't get away with this! That Avite was for all of us!
Lamretta: Lyria! You know which way the villain went?
Lyria: Yep! They went that way!
Lamretta: Hurry, (Captain)! We need to get our wine back now!
Vyrn: Hey! Slow down, Lamretta!
Lyria: There they are!
Lamretta: You! You'll pay dearly for your crime! When I'm done with you, you'll wish you were never—Huh?
Child: No...
Lamretta: Wha? You're just a kid!
When Lamretta and the others track down the wine thief, they discover that he's only a child.
As the puzzled crew members try to figure out what to do, they notice that there's a grave near the child, and the Avite has been set there.
Rackam: I think I get it. Did you perhaps take the wine to offer it to someone?
Child: I'm so sorry. I knew it was wrong, but I heard what you guys said about the wine...
Child: I wanted... I wanted to see Mom and Dad just one more time.
Katalina: I see. So you heard the story about Water of Life causing the dead to rise, huh?
Lamretta: Sigh... Well, I can't very well be mad at you for wantin' to see your family.
Lamretta: Besides, this is what Avite's supposed to be for.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Lamretta: To tell you the truth, Avite is a special wine made at my old abbey.
Lamretta: It's intended to be used as an offering for the dead, and only a few bottles are distilled every decade, which makes it both sacred and precious.
Vyrn: So it's some pretty important stuff, huh? Then what were you doing with it?
Lamretta: Well... I wasn't exactly thinking straight when I fled the abbey, and I accidentally brought it with me.
Lamretta: And I've remembered my abbey every single time I looked at the Avite since.
Lamretta: I guess it was a combination of guilt and awkwardness that kept me from drinkin' it. I've had it for a long time.
Lamretta: But it seemed like such a waste not to enjoy it... So I decided to share it with you guys at the picnic today.
Katalina: Indeed... I suppose that explains why only the Avite survived your private party.
Rackam: Sigh... Yeah, and it also explains why you seemed upset when I asked you about it.
Child: Um... I really am sorry. I should never have stolen anything so important.
Lamretta: Ha-ha. It's all good! Just forget about that and join us for our picnic!
Child: Huh?
Lamretta: After some of this wine is offered to the dead, the rest has to be enjoyed by the living. We can't be breakin' rules like that!
Lamretta: You see, you gotta really enjoy life to comfort the dead. There's no better way!
Lamretta smiles gently and pats the boy's head.
Lamretta: I know how hard it is to lose people we love, but your mom and dad will only worry about you if you don't put your sadness behind you.
Lamretta: So let's have fun today! Let's party and laugh and send your parents off in style!
Child: Yeah!
Vyrn: Whoa... I guess you really are a nun.
Lamretta: Gah, how rude! Is that supposed to be an insult?
Katalina: Now, now... Let's just focus on having a nice picnic. Hey, you come over here too.
Thus the crew resumes the picnic with the boy as a new guest.
With smiles all around, Rackam remembers something and turns to address the boy.
Rackam: I gotta hand it to you... You're really something considering you're just a kid. I mean, being able to control zombies and all.
Child: What?
Katalina: Yeah, that was a bit of a shock. I bet you could do a lot of good for people if you put those abilities to a more productive use.
Child: Um... Huh?
(Captain) suspects that something is up and questions the boy about the zombies in more detail.
Child: Hmm... I sure don't know how to control zombies. I just took advantage of the fight to grab the Water of Life.
Lyria: Huh? So what were the zombies doing there? Wait...
The color drains from the faces of (Captain) and Lyria at the same time, and they get up without bothering to tell Lamretta and the others what's up.
Rackam: Sigh... So this is Avite? It's too good for words.
Katalina: Hee-hee... I can see why the dead would crave something like this. Could I trouble you for a refill, Lamretta?
Lamretta: Ha-ha! No problem! I'll top you off!
I think I'll have another glass myself!
The sight of the adults having so much fun is enough to convince (Captain) to forget about the dead for now and sit back down.