Scenario:Lamretta and Lamretta - Why Four Art Thou, Lamretta

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Why Four Art Thou, Lamretta?

Lamretta, Lamretta, Lamretta, and Lamretta have a fun-filled party, while (Captain) and others look on in amusement.

Lamretta: Cheers!
Lamretta: Thanks for showing up today, everyone!
Lammy: Of course! Nothin' better than enjoying a night with good friends and good drinks!
Rammy: You're not going home early this time, right? This party's just getting started!
Red: I think... I'm just... about done...
Rammy: Whoa, check out this party animal over here!
Lamretta: Haha, now things are getting fun!
Rammy: Hold on, are you going to just let her go off on her own?
Lamretta: Sure am! Sometimes you just gotta call it a night!
Lammy: Mmhm, best to get out early before you regret it!
Red: Huff... Wheeze... I think I'll... be okay...
Rammy: You sure? Don't overdo it, dear! You're not as young as you used to be!
Lamretta: Forget the details! Let's party!
Lammy: To forgetting bad memories!
Rammy: What did I just say, you two?
Red: Urk... Don't worry about me... You guys... keep going...
Rammy: Hmm... You sure you're okay, dear?
Lammy: So how've things been lately, Lamretta? You digging the new workplace?
Lamretta: Heheheh, best joint I've ever worked at!
Lammy: Wow, really? That's unexpected.
Lamretta: Heheh, Cap'n (Captain), Cat-alina, and Rack'em are the best bosses I've ever had!
Lamretta: Hee hee, everyone else on the ship's so nice, too!
Rammy: Now that you mention it, you've lasted longer there than anywhere else!
Lammy: Wahoo! Now there's a cause worthy of celebration!
Lamretta: Yup! I'm just gonna do my best to stick around until Cap'n (Captain) gets sick of me!
Lammy: Heheh, how could anyone not want to keep a charmer like you around, Lamretta?
Lamretta: Hoho! You really think so? Am I... beloved?
Rammy: You guys need to get your acts together and think about the future!
Lammy: Hee, the future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!
Lamretta: Hey, we ain't got time for all this future talk! Let's paaartay!
Lammy: So like, which one of the other crew members do you like the best?
Lamretta: Bwaaah? Why you bringing up something like that?
Lammy: Oh, please. You've got feelings for someone there! Why try to hide it?
Lamretta: Brgraah? Nope! Sure don't! Just precious friends, one and all!
Rammy: Hm? Do you hear something?
Red: Never mind guys, I... gotta bow out this time... For real...
Lamretta: You okay?
Red: I'm exhausted...
Red: Burp...
Lammy: Wow.
Red: Just need a little... time out...
Red: Water... Get me water...
Lamretta: Got it! I'll get water. The rest is up to you!
Lammy: Party overload...
Red: Sorry, guys...
Rammy: Hey, we're all in this together, right?
Red: Belch...
Red: I can see rainbows...
(Captain) and the others have been observing Lamretta's strange display from nearby.
Vyrn: Is she okay? She's been mumbling to herself for hours.
Katalina: Goodness... She's not causing trouble for anyone. At least for now.
Lyria: Hee hee, if something happens, Rackam and (Captain) will handle it!
Rackam: Aw, c'mon! Not on our day off! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) simply answers Rackam's question with a huge grin.
From there, Lamretta continued her one-woman party well into the night.
Surprising no one, Rackam was eventually forced to eject her from the premises due to rowdy behavior.