Scenario:Lancelot - In the Fury of Battle

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In the Fury of Battle

(Captain)'s party agrees to help Lancelot rebuild the capital. Just then, a White Dragon Knight appears and tells them that the material transport caravan has been attacked by monsters. The party hurries off to rescue them.

Some time has passed since the incidents with Isabella and Gareth, and peace has returned to the royal capital of Feendrache.
After monsters had rampaged through the town, Lancelot had championed the reconstruction efforts.
Lancelot: I really hate to trouble you guys with this, (Captain).
Lyria: No, no, it's fine! We'd love to help you if we can. Just say the word!
Vyrn: Yeah! You've been working nonstop without a break, Lancelot! We can't ignore that!
Lancelot: Heh… Thanks, everyone.
Vyrn: So, where should we start?
Lancelot: Let's see… The construction materials should be delivered to the capital today…
Lancelot: It'd be great if you could help transport them, actually.
Just then, a White Dragon Knight ran over, gasping for breath.
The knight told them that the material transport caravan was stuck en route and surrounded by monsters.
Lancelot: Then we don't have any time to waste.
Lancelot: Sorry, (Captain), but I need you and your friends to go rescue them at once!
Vyrn: Just leave it to us! We'd better hurry, (Captain)!

In the Fury of Battle: Scene 2

Having rescued the caravan, the party returns to the capital to find Vane working with the carpenters and Percival arguing with a law-breaking merchant. When Lancelot questions him, the merchant flees, and (Captain)'s crew runs after him.

And so, (Captain)'s crew safely rescues the caravan.
Returning to the capital, the party delivers the construction materials to the carpenters.
Vane: Hey there! If it isn't Lancey and (Captain) and the gang!
Lancelot: Vane? What are you…
They find Vane and his subordinates working up a sweat right alongside the carpenters.
Vane: Wahahahaha! Well, you know, it doesn't sit right with me to just sit back and dish out orders!
Vane: Hm? Is there something wrong with me helping?
Lancelot: N-no… No, not at all! I was just surprised.
Lancelot: Heh… I should have known you'd jump in, Vane.
Seeing everyone working together to finish the reconstruction, Lancelot smiles.
Lancelot: How's it going, Vane? Any problems?
Vane: Nope! As you can see, we're making steady progress. With everyone's help, we should be finished here real soon!
Lancelot: Glad to hear it. We'll be heading off now.
Vane: Cool, cool. Don't work too hard now, Lancey!
The party says goodbye to Vane and resumed their patrol of the city.
Just then, they heard a man shouting angrily.
Greedy Man: What? The hell's your problem, punk? You got something to say to me?
Percival: Hmph… Don't snarl at me. I've gotten reports that your store's exorbitant prices are troubling the townspeople.
Greedy Man: Aw, buzz off! I have the right to set my own prices, ya know!
Percival: Indeed. But in times like these, don't you think we ought to work together and help each other?
Ruffian: Get out of here with that namby-pamby nonsense! If they don't like it, they can go to another store!
Percival: Rrgh… You're right. That's completely reasonable.
Percival: However… Matters of this sort tend to rub people the wrong way, negatively impacting morale and thus affecting the reconstruction.
Greedy Man: Are you messing with me, punk? Go tell your jokes somewhere else!
Lancelot: Hey! Percival! What's going on?
Percival: Oh, hello, Lancelot. Perfect timing.
Percival: Hmmm… Oh, right. I was just having a talk with this man here, but he doesn't really seem to get it…
One look at the man, and Lancelot seems to realize something.
Lancelot: Hey… I don't recognize you. Who gave you permission to set up shop here?
Greedy Man: Tch… You people are really on my case today…
The man empties his register and begins to run.
Lancelot: HEY! WAIT!
Lancelot: Percival! You run around and block him in from the other side!
Percival: Very well… I had rather hoped to settle this through peaceful discussion, but… What a pity.
Percival: In that case, I'll need your help, (Captain).

In the Fury of Battle: Scene 3

The crew captures the law-breaking merchant, but the incident stirs up more unrest among the citizens. Lancelot continues to work hard, but the country continues to decline, and this takes a toll on his spirit.

Working together with Percival, the party manages to capture the greedy man.
Witnessing this, the townspeople begin to voice their concern.
Townsman: Sigh… We never used to have scumbags like that in town before…
Townswoman: Hmm… It feels like the capital's gotten more dangerous lately. I don't feel safe…
Lancelot: …………
Percival: What's wrong, Lancelot?
Lancelot: Oh, it's nothing. More importantly, have you seen Siegfried around anywhere, by chance?
Percival: Hmm… Siegfried? I believe he left the capital on other business.
Lancelot: I see…
Percival: Hm? Did you need him for something?
Lancelot: No, it's okay. Thanks, Percival.
Percival: No problem.
Lancelot: Now then, let's keep patrolling the town, (Captain).
Vyrn: All right! Time to put in a little more effort, everybody!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go, (Captain)!
And so, with some support from his good friends, Lancelot continues to work hard to rebuild the capital.
However, unbeknowst to him, his tough mental fortitude is wearing away, bit by bit.