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Study Abroad

Lancelot is ordered by King Carl to accompany (Captain)'s party for the sake of the kingdom's development. In order to develop a better kingdom, he sets out on a quest to see these fabled "countries without kings" with his own eyes.

Lancelot, the captain of the Order of the White Dragons, was ordered by King Carl to accompany (Captain) and the others to learn of the world outside his kingdom.
King Carl: For the betterment of the kingdom, I want you to gain new perspective by traveling the wide world.
King Carl: Lancelot. I trust you will bring great changes to our land upon your return.
Lancelot: Aha! I, Lancelot, devote myself to the good of the kingdom!
Lancelot: I've received a direct order from His Majesty the King... but where to begin...
Vyrn: Yeah, working for the betterment of the kingdom is good and all... but he didn't exactly say how.
Lancelot: Perhaps he means for me to figure it out on my own.
Lancelot: ...I know! First we'll go to other lands and observe.
Lyria: I see, you want to learn from other countries!
Lancelot: Exactly. You can't learn from a place without seeing it and experiencing it yourself.
Vyrn: Hm, is there anywhere in particular you want to go then?
Lancelot: Let me think... I was once surprised to hear there are countries without kings ruling over them.
Lancelot: I would like to see how such countries are developed...
Vyrn: A country without a king huh? That's quite a change from your kingdom.
Lyria: We haven't decided our next destination yet so why don't we go there, (Captain)?
  1. Why not? This is a good opportunity!
  2. Maybe there will be jobs for us!

Choose: Why not? This is a good opportunity!
Lancelot: I heard it's a peaceful place, so it may be a good chance to get some rest.
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Choose: Maybe there will be jobs for us!
Lancelot: Isn't it rare to find a nation in the skydoms that doesn't need help from a skyfarer?
Continue 1
Lancelot: Sorry to drag you all into it. And thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Alright, then let's see the nation Lancelot was talking about!

Study Abroad: Scene 2

Lancelot arrives at a country without a king with (Captain)'s party. He is surprised by the way the country is run and as he worries about the inexperience of the militia, the town is invaded by monsters.

(Captain)'s party arrive at a small country without a ruling king.
Since there were no knights in the country, (Captain)'s party is greeted by the volunteer members of the militia.
Militia Captain: Oh...! You must be Sir Lancelot! I've heard much about you.
Lancelot: I've heard of your country without a king, and wanted to see for myself. My apologies for the sudden visit.
Militia Captain: I see, our ways must be very foreign to you, Sir Lancelot.
Militia Captain: Here, any citizen can participate in council meetings. Because of this, everyone strives to become somewhat knowledgeable.
Militia Captain: What's more, every child has a duty to attend school.
Lancelot: Every child attends school!? Not only those who wish to become scholars...!?
Lancelot: But wouldn't those who seek professions like knights or artisans have less time for training...?
Militia Captain: Yes, you're right... between the literary and military arts, you could say we put emphasis on the pen rather than the sword.
Lancelot: (I see... the members of the militia here seem somewhat proficient in combat, but they're not as reliable as the knights of my kingdom. )
Lancelot: (Time is limited. How to decide... it's a tough choice. )
Lyria: I-It looks like Lancelot and the others are talking about some important stuff...
Militia Captain: Ah, sorry we took so long. If you'd like, one of us could show you around the town as we go on patrol.
Lancelot: I appreciate it. Please...
Militia Captain: This is bad! Captain! Monsters... a group of monsters destroyed the city walls!
Militia Captain: What!? Impossible...!
Lancelot: What's the status of the wall? Can it be repaired? Where are the monsters heading, what were they doing after breaking down the wall?
Militia Captain: W-Well... the monsters, they entered the town after breaking the wall down...we can't repair the damages because there are too many...
Lancelot: I see... then we must first take care of the monsters inside the town. Can we lend you a hand?
Militia Captain: I would be most grateful! We will focus on the invading monsters. Please take care of the monsters near the wall!
Lancelot: Leave it to us! ...I'm sorry for making this decision, (Captain). But I must protect the townspeople...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! (Captain) won't abandon people in need. Right?
Lancelot: ...And that's why I stay with you skyfarers.
Lancelot: Now, let's go! We mustn't let anyone be harmed by those monsters!

Study Abroad: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party defeat the monsters that appear. The country's militia valiantly fights to protect the people from monsters, but struggle due to lack of experience. The party, along with Lancelot, hurries over to assist them and face off with the monsters.

Lancelot: ...Hmph... Good, the area around the wall seems clear.
Lancelot: Gather some of the militia here, and have them stand watch. That should be more efficient.
Lancelot: We're more experienced then they are. Let's hunt down the monsters in the town!
Militia Captain: Don't panic! Please follow our instructions and calmly evacuate the area!
Monster: Grrrrrrrrrrooooooarrrr!!
Militia Captain: Ugh... the monsters got in this far...? Men! Get in position!
Militia Captain: Protect the citizens! Go!!
The militia fight hard to protect the citizens of the town.
However, due to their lack of experience, they eventually begin losing ground to the monsters.
Monster: Roooooaaaarr!!
Militia Captain: Ugh...! We must protect them...! We can't afford to lose...!!
Lancelot: Are you alright!? We're here to help!
Militia Captain: Sir Lancelot...! I'm fine, but we haven't finished evacuating everyone...
Lancelot: Understood. First, we evacuate everyone that's left! One squad head to the walls, do not let any more monsters inside!
Militia Captain: Yes sir! ...But, what should we do about the monsters already inside...?
Lancelot: Leave that to us! (Captain), I need your help for a little while longer!
Vyrn: Of course! Let's show them our power, (Captain)!

Study Abroad: Scene 4

(Captain)'s party successfully fend off the monster invasion. Impressed with Lancelot's competence, the militia captain asks him to become their advisor but he refuses out of loyalty to his own kingdom. Lancelot promises to send one of his men in his place, a proposal that would strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the two lands.

With the help of (Captain)'s party, the monsters were repelled from the city and the repair of the walls begins.
Militia Captain: Thanks to all of you, we were able to keep the damages to a minimum.
Militia Captain: I don't know how we can thank you... now I see how painfully unprepared we are...
Lancelot: I was impressed by you and your men's strong will to defend the town. Now all you need is the training.
Militia Captain: Yes... but sadly, we do not have an instructor to train us. ...Sir Lancelot.
Militia Captain: It would be an honor if you could stay with us and become an advisor for the militia.
Lancelot: An advisor...!?
Lancelot: ...No, I cannot do that. I'm truly honored that you would ask, but my devotion belongs to King Carl.
Lancelot: I'm here on orders from King Carl himself. I cannot betray his trust.
Militia Captain: ...You're absolutely right. That was shameless of me... Please forget I mentioned it.
Lancelot: ...I can't stay here, but...
Lancelot: What do you say to the idea of bringing in one of my trusted men as an advisor for the militia?
Lancelot: In exchange for teaching the military arts, we would like to learn of your ways of building and running schools where children can learn.
Lancelot: It would be great if we could work together as this would be beneficial to all involved. Do you agree?
Militia Captain: Oh...! I couldn't ask for anything more! Our countries would have much to gain from this.
And so, (Captain) and the others return to the airship with the gratitude of the militia and the townspeople.
Lyria: You were so impressive back there, Lancelot! Just as expected of a captain of knights!
Lancelot: Haha, I'm flattered but I have a long way to go. I must continue to devote myself to my duties!
His journey to learn more of the world outside his kingdom continues.
And so, Lancelot continued to further his knowledge through his travels.