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Study Abroad

King Carl orders Lancelot to travel the skies and learn new ways to improve Feendrache. Lancelot sets out for a land with no kings with (Captain) and the crew.

King Carl orders Lancelot to accompany (Captain)'s crew and learn more about the world outside Feendrache.
King Carl: I want you to broaden your horizons for the betterment of our kingdom.
King Carl: Lancelot. I trust you will bring great changes upon your return.
Lancelot: Yes, Your Highness! I shall devote myself to becoming the bedrock of this country!
Lancelot: I've been handed a royal decree from the king, but I don't even know where to begin...
Vyrn: Yeah, making your country better is nice and all, but actually doing it without knowing where to start is something else.
Lancelot: Perhaps he wants me to figure out my own path.
Lancelot: That's it! I think I'll start by observing other lands.
Lyria: I see. You can learn a lot from others!
Lancelot: Exactly. You can't learn without seeing and experiencing something firsthand.
Vyrn: Hm, is there anywhere in particular you want to go then?
Lancelot: Let me think... I was once surprised to hear about a country without a king.
Lancelot: I'd like to know how such a country came to be.
Vyrn: A country without a king? That's like the opposite of your country.
Lyria: We haven't decided our next destination yet, so why don't we go there, (Captain)?
  1. It's time to get a move on!
  2. Maybe there'll be jobs for us.

Choose: It's time to get a move on!

Lancelot: I heard it's a peaceful place, so we'll probably be able to relax a bit.
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Choose: Maybe there'll be jobs for us.

Lancelot: Could be. It's rare these days to find a place that doesn't need the help of skyfarers.

Continue 1

Lancelot: I'm sorry you all have to indulge in my own affairs. Thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: All right, set a course for Lancelot's mystery land!

Study Abroad: Scene 2

Lancelot arrives at a country with no king and is only protected by a small militia. His fear of the militia's inexperience proves correct when monsters invade the town.

The crew sets down on a small country without a ruling monarch.
Since there are no knights in the country, members of a volunteer militia greet the crew.
Militia Captain: Oh! You must be Sir Lancelot! I've heard much about you.
Lancelot: I wanted to see this country without a king for myself. My apologies for the sudden visit.
Militia Captain: I see. I suppose our ways must be quite unfamiliar to you, Sir Lancelot.
Militia Captain: In this country, any citizen can participate in council meetings. Because of this, everyone strives to increase their knowledge.
Militia Captain: Therefore education is compulsory for all children.
Lancelot: All of them? Even the ones who have no interest in becoming scholars?
Lancelot: But wouldn't that leave less training time for those who seek to be knights, artisans, and the like?
Militia Captain: That's exactly right. You could say we emphasize the pen over the sword.
Lancelot: (I see. Their militia appears somewhat proficient in combat, but they're not as reliable as our knights. )
Lancelot: (Time is a limited resource. What path would I have taken if I had to choose? That's a tough call...)
Lyria: It looks like Lancelot and the others are talking about some important stuff...
Militia Captain: Oops, sorry for talking your ear off. One of us can escort you around town as we do our patrol if you'd like.
Lancelot: I'd appreciate that. If you would, please?
Militia Member: We got trouble, Captain! Monsters! Monsters have wrecked the city walls!
Militia Captain: What? That can't be!
Lancelot: What's the condition of the wall? Can it be repaired? Where are the monsters heading, and how were they acting after breaking down the wall?
Militia Member: Um... The monsters ran into town after the wall broke. We can't start repairs until the monsters are gone.
Lancelot: Of course. Then we must first clear out the monsters inside the town. Can we lend you a hand?
Militia Captain: That'd really help us out! We'll focus on the ones already inside. Please take out the ones by the wall!
Lancelot: Affirmative!
Sorry for acting on my own, (Captain), but if we don't help these people...
Vyrn: No worries! (Captain) ain't gonna leave people behind when they're in trouble!
Lancelot: And that's why I joined your crew.
Lancelot: Let's move! Don't allow a single casualty!

Study Abroad: Scene 3

The monsters at the wall are defeated, and Lancelot and company rush over to help the outmatched militia further in town.

Lancelot: Phew. The area around the wall is clear.
Lancelot: Call a few members of the militia over here to stand guard. That should be more efficient.
Lancelot: We're more experienced in battle than the militia. Let's go after the monsters in the town!
Militia Captain: Don't panic! Please evacuate in an orderly fashion!
Monster: Groaaar!
Militia Captain: Ugh... Have the monsters already made it this far? Everyone hold the line!
Militia Member: Protect the citizens! Go!
The militia pushes back against the wave of monsters as best as they can.
But due to their lack of experience, they eventually begin losing ground to the monsters.
Monster: Roaaar!
Militia Captain: Ngh... We have to protect everyone! We can't lose ground!
Lancelot: Are you all right? We're here to help!
Militia Captain: Sir Lancelot! I'm fine, but the evacuation is still in progress!
Lancelot: Understood. Prioritize the evac! Send a squad back to the walls, and don't let any more monsters inside!
Militia Captain: Got it! But what about the monsters already here?
Lancelot: Leave that to us! (Captain), I need your help for a little while longer!
Vyrn: You got it! Let's show them what we can do, (Captain)!

Study Abroad: Scene 4

After defeating the monsters, Lancelot offers the country military training in exchange for their know-how on educational systems. This agreement will surely strengthen the two lands.

With (Captain) and the crew's help, the monsters are repelled from the town and repairs to the wall are underway.
Militia Captain: Thanks to all of you, we were able to keep the damages to a minimum.
Militia Captain: I don't know how we can thank you. I see now how woefully unprepared we are...
Lancelot: I was impressed by your militia's strong will to protect the town. All you need is more training.
Militia Captain: But I'm sorry to say we lack an instructor... Sir Lancelot!
Militia Captain: It would be an honor if you could stay with us as an advisor to the militia.
Lancelot: An advisor?
Lancelot: I'm afraid I can't. I'm truly humbled to be offered the position, but I have sworn fealty to King Carl.
Lancelot: I'm here on orders from the king himself. I can't betray his trust.
Militia Captain: You're absolutely correct. I've overstepped my bounds. Please forget what was said today.
Lancelot: Hmm. I can't stay, but how about this?
Lancelot: What if I brought in a trusted knight of mine to act as an advisor in my place?
Lancelot: We would like to learn your methods of education in return for our military techniques.
Lancelot: I believe this arrangement will be mutually beneficial.
Militia Captain: A superb idea! I couldn't ask for anything more. I think this may be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.
The crew returns to the airship bearing all of the gratitude of the country's people.
Lyria: You were so cool back there, Lancelot! No wonder you're the captain of the White Dragons!
Lancelot: Haha. I'm flattered, but I still have a long way to go. I can't lose focus now!
Lancelot's quest to learn more about the world has only just begun.
With a strong resolve in his heart, Lancelot is prepared to scour the world for knowledge.