Scenario:Lancelot and Vane - Life of a Knight

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Life of a Knight

While Vane leads the training for the knights, Lancelot finds himself busy with paperwork. That night Lancelot visits Vane's room and the two enjoy sweets together while discussing how far they've come and where they are going.

One day in the royal capital Feendrache, the Order of the White Dragons spar.
The skies are clear, and many a knight are practicing their swordsmanship on the training grounds.
Arthur: Ay! Ya! Tah!
Mordred: Fa! Ha! Yaaa!
Vane: Good job, you two! You guys are full of energy this morning!
Vane is the vice-captain of the order, and today he's helping two of his companions hone their skills.
Tornelio: Get 'im! Right there, Arthur!
Cruz: Come on, Mordred.
Tornelio and Cruz are watching the sparring match of Arthur and Mordred versus Vane.
Vane: Use your body! A sword requires more than arm strength! Throw your weight into your blows.
Arthur: Yes, sir!
Vane: Good response, Arthur!
Mordred: You're open! Haa!
Vane: But when you use your weight, you open yourself up to a new set of weaknesses...
Vane: Have a nice trip!
Mordred: Agh!
Vane puts a bit of force into his sweep of Mordred's leg and knocks Mordred completely off balance.
Vane: How are you supposed to counter like that?
Mordred: Damn it! You got me...
Vane: Sorry about that. I needed you to experience what I was talking about. Helps you learn faster.
Arthur: That's all right! Keep on hitting us hard!
Mordred: Yeah! Don't go easy on us at all!
Vane: Well, well... Looks like you guys are ready for the big leagues! Here, Mordred, I'll lend you a hand!
Mordred: I'm fine! I'm not a kid who needs help standing up!
Ignoring Vane's outstretched hand, Mordred stands up by himself slightly embarrassed.
Arthur: You're so strong, Vane.
Mordred: I feel like you could handle a three-on-one too.
Vane: Ahaha! You think? You guys are making me blush!
Tornelio: I bet you were gifted even as a child to be this tough...
Appearing somewhat taken aback, Vane turns toward the knights with a serious expression on his face.
Vane: Actually, I wasn't.
Vane: Until just recently I fought just as well as you all do now.
Arthur: Really?
Vane: Yup! Why would I lie?
Vane: I got better thanks to everyone around me—my mentor, my friends, and my comrades.
Vane: And I think my goal also had something to do with where I am today.
Mordred: Goal? You mean being like Captain Lancelot?
Vane: Exactly! I want to be someone Lancey can depend on.
Vane: I think every one of you should have a goal in mind!
Arthur: Okay! I'll make my goal the same! To be like Captain Lancelot!
Mordred: Hear, hear! Watch me become the better captain! I'm not losing to you either, Arthur!
Vane: That's the spirit, you two! Then let's all work together with the same goal in mind!
Cruz: Is the captain not coming today?
Vane: No... His schedule can't really allow it today.
Vane: But no worries! I'm here to help you all!
Cruz: Understood.
Vane: Next up are Cruz and Tornelio!
Tornelio: O-okay! Here I come!
Cruz: Let's get 'im, Tornelio.
Vane: Once we're done here, we'll all grab a bite to eat!
Around the same time, Captain Lancelot is in his office, muttering under his breath, listing all the things that need to be done.
Lancelot: Hmm... I'll need to submit these time sheets... And then figure out what to do about the night shifts and days off...
Lancelot: Mmh... And we do have that ceremony next month, so this should be fine.
Lancelot: Hold on! Didn't he get married recently?
Lancelot: Ugh... This will have to be a one-man project then...
Lancelot: In that case... this might work...
Lancelot: I hope I can smooth things over with a delicious meal.
Lancelot: What's next... The bill for that statue we're using...
Lancelot: Whoa... This is expensive. I know we want the best, but did he even check other places?
Lancelot: I guess since we're in a hurry, this'll have to do. I'll need to tell him to give me a heads-up next time.
Lancelot: Easier said than done I suppose... I'm always so busy, he must not want to bother me with things like this.
Lancelot: I guess I should have checked in on him to make sure he had it all under control.
Lancelot: And this would be... the schedule for the ceremony?
Lancelot: Hmm... After everyone makes their entrance, we'll have words from our Majesty, and then the tournament... And finally the Sealing of Dragons...
Lancelot: This looks like a good plan. I wonder if we have enough men doing detail...
Lancelot: At the session today, I can confirm the number of guards we'll have.
Lancelot is monotonously tackling each of the documents before him when he peers outside.
Lancelot: Right... Time for the next meeting.
Lancelot: Sigh... I don't even have time to eat at the local shop...
Lancelot: I guess I'll just power through this one...
Lancelot: Hm? What's this bag?
Lancelot suddenly realizes there is a bag on his desk.
Lancelot: Oh! A bento box!
Inside the bag is food and a small note.
Vane: Lancey, I made too much of this new dish I'm working on. How about you try some?
Lancelot smiles upon reading Vane's note.
Lancelot: Thank you, Vane.
Lancelot: Well then... Don't mind if I do.
With thankfulness in his heart, Lancelot partakes of Vane's delicious meal.
This is how Vane and Lancelot's day passes.
Although they have no time to see one another, they work dutifully until the sun sets.
Late in the night, Vane frantically works alone in his own office.
Vane: Urgh... It's already so dark...
Vane: Okay... Just a little more!
Someone knocks on his office door.
Lancelot: Vane, do you have a minute?
Vane: Lancey! Of course!
Lancelot appears with a box of sorts in hand.
Vane: Uh... What's that?
Lancelot: Some nobles had an audience with the king today. They brought a great deal of snacks with them.
Vane: Ooh! Th-those... are from that booming shop!
Lancelot: You know your sweets well. Then you don't need the details.
Vane: That place always has a huge line of people wanting to get a piece of their cake! I've always wanted some too!
Lancelot: Is that right? Then you wouldn't mind helping me taste test these, right?
Vane: Gimme gimme!
I was just thinking about taking a break too! Nice timing!
Vane darts across the room to get tea ready.
Not moments later, Vane is prepared with tea in hand.
Vane: Let's get this party started!
Lancelot: Let's.
Lancelot looks at Vane with a tinge of guilt.
Lancelot: I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the sparring match today.
Vane: Huh? Oh! Don't worry about it. Went smooth.
Lancelot: But because it was only you, now you're backed up with all this late-night work.
Vane: Well... I mean, if I don't do any physical exercise, I can't really concentrate on paperwork anyways.
Lancelot: All right... If you need help with any of this, you let me know.
Vane: Will do! I'm almost done here anyways.
Vane: That reminds me. Arthur's bunch was asking about you.
Lancelot: Were they? Then I'd better go out to see them tomorrow.
Vane: Really? Great!
Vane: They all are getting better so fast. I really enjoy teaching them.
Lancelot: Good to hear! I'm glad you've found something you're passionate about.
Vane: I never thought I'd be in a position to teach anyone anything. I'm glad I can give a little back.
Vane: Becoming vice-captain and getting my own office... It's like a dream come true.
This time it's Lancelot who becomes serious. He looks Vane straight in the eyes.
Lancelot: Vane, this isn't a dream. This is your hard work paying off.
Lancelot: Be confident in the skill you have.
Vane: You... You think so? Lancey, you've given me a big boost of confidence!
Vane: Just don't go praising me too much or it'll go to my head!
Lancelot: Heh heh... Got it...
Vane: I bet you had a tough day with paperwork too, am I right?
Lancelot: But thanks to you, I got it all done.
Lancelot: Vane, there's something I want to tell you.
Vane: What is it?
Lancelot: I really appreciated the lunch you made! It gave me all the strength I needed to push through in the afternoon!
Vane: That's great to hear! I didn't think you'd have time to eat out anyhow.
Lancelot: Hahaha! You were right. You know me so well.
Vane: Do I? I mean... that was nothing.
Vane then checks the tea.
Vane: Look at that. The tea's almost ready to drink!
Lancelot: Good. Then let's start eating.
Vane: Yay!
Lancelot and Vane sip their tea while enjoying fantastic treats together.
Lancelot: Nom... This is great!
Vane: Right? I wonder how they made something like this. It's so tasty.
Vane: I mean, how do they get this texture? It feels like I'm eating many different foods at once.
Vane: If I have time, I need to go there and learn their ways!
Lancelot: Haha! Bringing these to you was the right decision after all.
Something occurs to Vane at that moment.
Vane: I thought that if I went up the ladder, I'd be able to spend more time with you.
Vane: But as I move up, I also move farther and farther from you.
Lancelot: Right... You act in my stead on many occasions.
Lancelot: Is that a problem?
Vane: No, not at all. I'm happy to have lots of work and to be depended on!
Vane: But I guess there are a lot of us who want to spend time with you.
Vane: What I want to say is... if you could pop in every once and a while, that would be good.
Lancelot: I think you're absolutely right.
Lancelot: No matter how busy I get, I should make time to shoot the hay with all of you.
Vane: Hahaha! Hay? Okay!
They both smile as they exchange pleasantries.
Lancelot: I have to get back to work now.
Vane: No worries. Leave the tidying to me!
Lancelot: Let me at least help a little.
Vane: Really? If you say so.
After the cleanup Lancelot prepares to return to his room.
Vane: Lancey, don't stay up too late.
Lancelot: Don't be a pot, Vane.
Vane: Night, Kettle.
Lancelot: Night, Pot.
And so ends the casual encounter.
With that, the preparations for the founding ceremony next month are finally coming to their climax.