Scenario:Lancelot and Vane - The Foundation Ceremony

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The Foundation Ceremony

(Captain) and crew are invited to the annual foundation ceremony in Feendrache. It begins with words from the king and is followed by a tournament between knights. The first round includes Lancelot.

The royal capital of Feendrache is buzzing with excitement.
Every year on this day, the founding ceremony is held and spectators gather in the castle to watch.
Special seats are prepared for (Captain) and the crew in the sparring area. They await with anticipation.
King Carl: Hahaha! Thank you for coming.
Lyria: Thank you for inviting us!
Vyrn: Isn't this an important event for the kingdom? You sure it's okay if we're here?
King Carl: But of course! We owe so much to you.
King Carl: Please enjoy yourselves to the fullest extent.
Vyrn: Okay! That we will!
Lyria: By the way, where are Lancelot and Vane?
King Carl: Today they have very big roles to play.
King Carl: I don't think you'll be able to speak to them before the ceremony.
Lyria: Oh, if they're busy, then that's okay... We'll go see them some other time.
Vyrn: Hey! This thing is almost starting!
The crowd is cloaked in a swift silence. Then the marching band comes in with glorious sound.
With everyone's spirits raised, Captain Lancelot makes his entrance followed by the rest of the Order of the White Dragons.
Lancelot: ...
White Dragon: ...
Lyria: Wow! Lancelot looks so cool!
Vyrn: You said it! He really gives off the captain-vibe now!
  1. Captain Lancelot!
  2. Lancey! Looking good!

Choose: Captain Lancelot!
Lancelot: (Captain)! Thanks for coming!
Lancelot notices the crew and begins waving enthusiastically in their direction with a big smile across his face.
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Choose: Lancey! Looking good!
Lancelot: Hahaha!
Lancelot: ((Captain), I appreciate the sentiment, but don't call me Lancey in front of this big crowd...)
Lancelot notices the crew and begins waving timidly in their direction with a forced smile across his face.
Continue 1
Lyria: Um, King Carl? Where is Vane?
King Carl: Vane is leading the rear if I'm not mistaken.
The crew looks at the rear and finds Vane.
Vane: Hey, everybody!
Lyria: Look! Vane looks wonderful!
Vyrn: Yeah! He's not looking too shabby either!
  1. Vice-Captain Vane!
  2. Lookie here!

Choose: Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: Hey! It's (Captain)! And Vyrn! And Lyria!
Vane: Thanks for coming!
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Choose: Lookie here!
Vane: Hey! (Captain)! Thanks for—
Vane: Aagh!
As Vane tries to wave at (Captain), he stumbles over something.
Vane: Ahahaha! That was a close one!
Continue 2
While the crowd goes wild, the order line up in a perfect single file.
The crowd falls quiet again as the king begins his greeting.
King Carl: We are blessed today with beautiful weather as we celebrate.
King Carl: I am thankful we have made it to this day with the White Dragons and with all of you.
King Carl: I will not go on a long-winded speech. I will end on this final note...
King Carl: Glory be upon the Order of the White Dragons... and upon Feendrache!
The crowd roars with cheers for King Carl.
And that energy carries over into the next event.
Commentator: Now let's get to the part that everyone has been waiting for!
Commentator: The order is about to host it's own tournament where only the bravest will do battle!
Commentator: Everyone's eyes are on the captain of the order, Lancelot!
Lancelot: I am the captain of the Order of the White Dragons, Lancelot.
Lancelot: I hope to live up to all your expectations.
Commentator: Next up is the man you've all heard rumors about—the little skyfarer that could, Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: Hey, there! I'm Vane!
Vane: Ahaha! I'll put my all into this!
Lancelot and Vane stand upon a large podium and greet their people.
From afar, knights-in-training who were not allowed to participate in the tournament watch with mixed emotions.
Arthur: Wow! The captains are a big hit with the crowd!
Mordred: Sigh... I bet I could place in that tournament!
Cruz: You've got some confidence there, don't ya?
Mordred: And what about you, Cruz?
Cruz: I'm not interested.
Tornelio: I'm glad I can't participate.
Henry: Seriously? You're wimpy as always!
Henry: If I were in that tournament, I'd go after third!
Arthur: Wait? Not first? Why only third?
Mordred: Lame-o.
Henry: S-shut your mouth! There's no way in Phantagrande I could beat either of the captains!
Arthur: You sure? You never know until you try.
Mordred: Yeah. There's nothing set in stone when it comes to taking gambles.
At that moment loud cries come from the crowd.
Lancelot: ...
Woman 1: Aahh! My precious Lancelot!
Woman 2: Lancelot! Baby! Give this mama a little look!
Woman 3: Gasp! He made eye contact with me! Did you see that!
Lancelot: ...
Vane: Lancey! Get 'em good!
Lancelot: Thanks, Vane!
Vane leaves the stage after giving Lancelot a roar of encouragement.
Commentator: Now for the first round of battle!
Lancelot: Good luck.
Confident Knight: Captain Lancelot... You may have bested me in crowd-pleasing, but I will best you with the blade.
Lancelot: All that matters on this stage is power.
Lancelot: Show me the extent of yours!

The Foundation Ceremony: Scene 2

Lancelot bests his foe, and the crowd cheers for his victory. Arthur and the others analyze Lancelot's moves and praise his strength. The second round is followed up by Vane's appearance.

Commentator: The winner is Captain Lancelot!
Confident Knight: Sigh... I guess I'm no match for the captain.
Lancelot: That was a good match. Thank you.
Lancelot wins his battle with effortless skill and the crowd gets ready for more.
Arthur: Man! The captain really is on a whole other level.
Mordred: Yeah! He looked like he could go a few more rounds!
Cruz: And he got off his signature technique three—wait, if you count those two fake outs—then five times.
Tornelio: Th-that's incredible. I never even noticed those.
Henry: Don't worry. You'll probably never be able to see them anyways.
Mordred: You've been riding our butts all day! This isn't even your station! Get back over there!
Henry: Pffft! If you're talking security, I got someone to cover for me!
Arthur: Hey! Look, look! Vane is going to battle!
Arthur points to the stage where Vane is waiting for his cue.
Elder 1: Vane! Good luck!
Elder 2: Vane! I left the hospital just to come see you!
Elder 3: Vane! Don't overwork yourself!
Vane: Hey, everyone! Thank you for coming!
Lancelot: Vane, I'll be waiting for you in the finals.
Vane: Yup! I'll be there in no time!
Commentator: Here's the other man of the hour! Now on stage is Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: All right. I'm all ready!
Calm Knight: Vane, good luck.
Vane: You too!
Calm Knight: Once I beat you, I'll be taking your title!
Vane: Ooh! That's the spirit!
Vane: But I won't be losing this match to anyone! Here I come!

The Foundation Ceremony: Scene 3

Like Lancelot, Vane also wins his match and the ones that follow. The final round is Vane versus Lancelot, but when they perform a ritual customary to the event, a statue of Fafnir goes on the rampage.

Commentator: The winner is Vice-Captain Vane!
Calm Knight: Damn it... Is this as far as I go...
Vane: You've improved.
Calm Knight: I won't lose next time!
Vane: Good! I'm looking forward to it!
The battles afterward go just as smoothly, and both Lancelot and Vane make it into the finals.
Arthur: I'm finally going to get to see the captains fight!
Mordred: I wonder who will win!
Tornelio: I-it's obvious... Captain Lancelot is way stronger, right?
Cruz: Nothing's guaranteed.
Henry: Who the hell am I supposed to root for!
Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen, this is it—the finals! Let's get ready to rumble!
Commentator: We have two strong contenders before us!
Commentator: On the left, we have Captain Lancelot!
Commentator: On the right, we have Vice-Captain Vane!
As the commentator gives his announcement, Lancelot and Vane make their way onto the stage.
Lancelot: When was the last time we fought for real?
Vane: Uh... I don't remember.
Lancelot: Show me how much you've improved.
Vane: Heh, heh! I'll show you everything I've got!
Lancelot: That's what I want.
Commentator: Before the final battle, the two of you shall perform the dragon rites.
The commentator proceeds to explain what that entails.
Commentator: This ritual is performed to calm the soul of True Dragon Fafnir!
Commentator: Only the knights most worthy may perform the dragon-sealing sword dance and ask for the safety of our great kingdom.
A gigantic statue crafted after the dragon Fafnir is brought before the two warriors.
Fafnir Statue: ...
Vane: Whoa! That looks just like the real thing.
Lancelot: It looks like a real professional was put in charge of making the statue this year.
Commentator: Preparations are ready! Please begin the rites!
Lancelot: Vane, are you good to go?
Vane: Yup! Anytime!
The marching band begins to play appropriate music to match the dance.
The audience's eyes are transfixed on the beautifully executed movements when a black cloud covers the sky out of nowhere.
Lancelot: Hm... That was a sudden change for the worse.
Vane: It might even rain.
The black cloud begins to descend and then is sucked into the mouth of the Fafnir statue.
The statue's eyes glow with a malevolent light.
Lancelot: Vane! Something's wrong!
Vane: Sure is! That's not a normal statue!
Fafnir Statue: Rrrrh...
Lancelot: What's happening! This energy is just like the real Fafnir!
Vane: Don't look at me! All I know is we gotta take it down!
The statue begins to move slowly with eerie light emanating from its eyes.
It levitates lazily and then rushes at them with unprecedented speed.
Wrapped in a cloud of dust, Lancelot checks whether Vane is injured.
Lancelot: Vane! Are you okay?
Vane: Whoa! That was close! Good thing I dodged it, but hot damn!
Arthur: Vice-Captain Vane! Let us help you!
Vane: Thank you, but we've got this!
Lancelot: You and the others need to make sure the crowd is not in harm's way! Understood?
All Five: Yes, sir!
The crew, sitting next to the king, signals to Lancelot.
Lyria: Lancelot, are you okay?
Vyrn: We'll fight too!
Lancelot: Thank you, but I'll need you to protect the king!
  1. On it!

Choose: On it!
Vane: Thanks! We won't let this thing leave the stage!
Lancelot: Vane, you up for this?
Vane: You bet your bottom!
Fafnir Statue: Grroooar!
Lancelot & Vane: Haaa!
Lancelot and Vane prepare to coordinate their attack on the Fafnir statue.

The Foundation Ceremony: Scene 4

After defeating the statue, the ceremony is called to an abrupt end. The two investigate why a statue of Fafnir attacked and find that the possession was caused by what remained of the dragon's hatred. Afterwards Lancelot admits that without a proper battle with Vane, no one will ever know who is stronger.

Lancelot: Too slow!
Fafnir Statue: Grroooar!
Lancelot's never-ending onslaught makes large cracks in the statue.
Lancelot: Vane, now! Do it!
Vane: Leave it to me!
Vane: Take this!
Vane: And this!
Fafnir Statue: Rrraaooo...
Vane's all-or-nothing attack breaks the statue to pieces.
Vane: Huff... Huff... Was that it?
Lancelot: Yes... It's not moving anymore. We did it.
While Lancelot and Vane fought the statue, the spectators were taken to safety.
Upon hearing of Lancelot and Vane's victory, they once again roar with cheers.
Lancelot: Good grief... At least everyone is safe.
Vane: Phew... Should we call it quits on the ceremony?
Lancelot: Good idea. Let's split up and get that in motion.
Sadly, the ceremony comes to an end without Lancelot and Vane's battle.
Afterward they investigate the reason why the statue became possessed.
They deduce from common lore that Fafnir's deep-seated grudge had not fully been resolved, and the possession was caused by what remained of the dragon's hatred.
That hatred fed off the grievances of the fallen, riled by the emotions of the masses, to take control the statue.
Back in the sparring area, Lancelot and Vane discuss what else they have found.
Lancelot: It looks as though there are reports of similar events of malice spawned from other true dragons.
Lancelot: I suppose this means the power of true dragons has yet to be understood.
Vane: But at least we do know that we can't let too much negative energy store up in the country for these curses to feed on.
Lancelot: That would probably be best.
The knights-in-training watch Lancelot and Vane in utter admiration.
Arthur: The captains really do look cool together!
Mordred: I'm a little jealous, but with those two together, there's nothing to fear.
Lancelot and Vane approach them.
Lancelot: All right, enough rest. Let's go back to training.
Vane: Yeah! Just a little more!
Arthur suddenly asks something he can't stop thinking about.
Arthur: Of the two of you, who is stronger?
Vane: Ahahaha! That's obvious! The captain.
While Vane laughs, Lancelot tilts his head in pensive thought.
Lancelot: I don't know...
Lancelot: I've never fought Vane with all my strength before.
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: And he's recently become much stronger. Without a proper match, we won't know.
Lancelot: I can't really imagine ever needing to fight Vane with all my might though.
Lancelot speaks frankly, which clearly surprises Vane.
Vane: Hahaha. That's true!
Vane: Why, Lancey! I had no idea you thought of me that way.
Lancelot: Vane, I already told you: have more confidence in yourself.
Vane: Oh, right! Thanks, Lancey!
Lancelot: Now then! Back to training!
All Four: Yes, sir!
Vane: (Haha... Time to give it my all!)
Vane feels proud that Lancelot has acknowledged how much he has grown.
While their relationship as best friends remains unchanged, their relationship as captain and second-in-command is still in beautiful bloom.