Scenario:Lecia - An Unexpected Promotion

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An Unexpected Promotion

Lecia gets called back to Amalthea by Monika, who tells her that she's been made Acting Captain of the Crew of Enforcers by her father.

Lecia is called away from (Captain)'s crew by Monika for a return visit to Almalthea.
The reason for her return lies in an auspicious request from the Seven Luminary Knights.
Monika: The request, you see, is that we capture (Captain)'s crew and force them to disband.
Lecia is distraught over the request, which comes from the kingdom of Istavion in the Great Oarleyegrande Skydom.
Monika: Except we do know that the request comes with a condition.
Lecia: A condition?
Monika: Yes. We must limit our pursuit to within the boundaries of the Phantagrande Skydom.
Lecia and Monika consider the motivations behind the request.
Lecia: In other words someone's trying to chase (Captain)'s crew out of Phantagrande?
Monika: Or perhaps someone is trying to lead the captain and crew out into another skydom.
Monika straightens her posture.
Monika: This... isn't the only reason I called you back here, Lecia.
Lecia: Huh?
Monika: Captain Walfrid's passed down an order to you directly.
Monika: So, er... if you could keep calm and listen, that would be much appreciated.
Lecia: ...?
Monika: Ahem... Lecia, you have been ordered to serve as acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers.
Lecia: Acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers? Me?
Monika: Correct. I realize this is all a little sudden. I was surprised myself.
Lecia: I'm not sure surprised is the word I'd use here. It's like some kind of terrible joke... Why would he foist something like this on me now?
Monika: Are you aware that the Blue Knight Walfrid, our captain, has his hands full with pirates in Nalhegrande Skydom?
Lecia: Really? I'd heard he was involved in a struggle of some kind, but not much beyond that...
Monika: To make matters worse, the conflict is only intensifying.
Monika: From the sound of things, Captain Walfrid will be busy quelling the unrest for quite some time.
Lecia: I see... Which means someone has to take Father's—I mean the Captain's—place in the meantime.
Lecia: Still...
Lecia: Why would Captain Walfrid select me to serve as his replacement?
Lecia: I still have so much to learn. I can barely handle my own duties, let alone his.
Monika: I understand your concern. This is all very sudden.
Monika: And as you recognize, it's still a little early for you to be assuming the captain's chair.
Lecia: ...
Monika: Captain Walfrid understands that fact all too well himself.
Monika: So it's been requested that you concentrate solely on maintaining the status quo and avoid pursuing any new commitments with other forces.
Lecia: So in effect, I'll be taking over just part of the captain's duties.
Monika: Precisely. Do you still lack confidence in your ability to perform?
Lecia: I... well...
Monika: Lecia. You're a potential successor to the Blue Knight. The eyes of the Crew of Enforcers are on you.
Monika: And think of your subordinates who followed you into battle to defend Amalthea. Would you shirk responsibility when they're counting on you most?
Lecia: That's... You're exactly right, Monika.
Monika: Heh. No need to be so stiff.
Monika: You're more than capable of fulfilling the duties required of the position. I sincerely believe so, at the very least.
Lecia: Monika...
Monika: You're not alone in this. I will be doing everything in my power to assist you as deputy of the Fourth Fleet.
Monika: Don't be afraid of failure. Perform your duties and you'll be fine.
Lecia: It means a lot to hear that from you, Monika.
Monika pats Lecia on the shoulder and leaves the room.
Lecia: ...
Lecia: I should get some fresh air.
Lecia: It's been a long time since I got to take a walk like this.
Lecia: (I wonder where (Captain) and the others are right now...)
Lecia: (I ended up leaving the crew without ever having the chance to tell them what Father's journal said about Lyria and Vyrn...)
Lecia: (What if that ends up impeding their journey?)
Lecia: Sigh.
Enforcer: Captain Lecia? I mean... Acting Captain Lecia! What are you doing out here?
Lecia: Oh, er... Just thinking things over. And you don't have to call me that.
Enforcer: We just heard the news from Deputy Monika! Congratulations on the promotion!
Lecia: I have to stress that the assignment is only temporary...
Enforcer: That doesn't make it any less amazing! We're just happy to see our captain get picked for the position!
Enforcer: Anyway sorry for bothering you. Just wanted to offer a few words of congratulation.
Lecia: Thanks. I'll do my best not to let you guys down.
Enforcer: And we'll be right there with you! Good luck!
After seeing off her subordinates, Lecia gazes up into the sky.
Lecia: Wow. There are people here who are happy to see me become acting captain.
Lecia: Okay then.
Lecia slaps herself lightly on the cheeks to fire herself up.
Lecia: I have to stop worrying so much and just do the best job I can.
Lecia: I can't let Father, Monika, and everyone in the Fourth Fleet down.
Lecia: And if I ever end up travelling with (Captain) and the others again...
Lecia: I want to be able to help them even more than I did before.
Lecia: That means I have a lot of growing up to do.
Lecia: Right. Time to get started.
Despite her doubts, Lecia steels herself for the responsibilities of acting captain.
She hopes this experience will push her to grow and excel as a skyfarer. After all she might just return to the Grandcypher one day...