Scenario:Lecia - Protecting the Peace

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Protecting the Peace

Swamped with work as Acting Captain of the Crew of Enforcers, Lecia wistfully remembers her time traveling with (Captain) and friends. Among the stacks of paperwork is a request to attend an Enforcer banquet, which Lecia accepts.

Lecia has been assigned to serve as acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers by her father, the Blue Knight.
She finds herself busy enough serving as captain of her subordinates, let alone the entire Crew of Enforcers, and the added work has her at wits' end.
Lecia: Okay. These papers need to be ready for tomorrow, and—
Ah! I forgot! This batch needs to be squared up by the end of the day!
Lecia: This goes here... and this goes... hm?
Monika: Heheh. Working hard, Lecia?
Lecia: Ah! Welcome back, Monika. How did negotiations fare?
Monika: Well enough. We managed to brush off any requests for changes. The other side eventually saw things our way.
Lecia: Thank goodness... And thanks for handling that for me!
Lecia: Sigh... People keep trying to take advantage of my inexperience by asking for all these negotiations...
Lecia: If I was better at saying no, you wouldn't have had to deal with them in the first place.
Monika: You're acting captain, not the Blue Knight, so it only makes sense that some would try to exploit the situation.
Monika: Which is why I'm here. Just let me do all the talking.
Lecia: I don't know what I'd do without you, Monika. I can barely keep up with all the paperwork on my own...
Monika: You're a lot better at this than when you first started though. That's what matters.
Lecia: Heheh. You're absolutely right. There was a mountain of papers on this desk not too long ago.
Lecia: I'm finally getting used to being acting captain, it seems.
Lecia: (The days I spent travelling with (Captain) feels like a lifetime ago...)
Lecia: (Thinking back to those days of adventure almost feels like reliving a dream...)
Lecia wraps up her paperwork while waxing nostalgic about her skyfarer days.
Lecia: Hm? What's this?
Monika: Something wrong, Lecia? Ah, a formal dinner invitation from General Pommern?
Monika: If you're busy, feel free to decline. I can go in your place.
Lecia: No. I'll go.
Monika: Oh? I suppose you need a change of pace every once in a while. I'll handle things in your absence.
Lecia: Thanks! I'll just write back to accept the invitation...
A few days later, Lecia travels with the rest of the Enforcers to the island where the dinner is being held.

Protecting the Peace: Scene 2

At the banquet Pommern requests Lecia's assistance in restoring order to Amalthea and offers some words of advice. When word of shadowy figures comes in, Lecia heads out to patrol the island.

The Enforcer airship under Lecia's command reaches its destination without incident.
Lecia and her subordinates head to the inn where the dinner is being held.
Lecia: Lecia, acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers, reporting in!
???: Ah! We were awaiting your arrival, I do say!
???: I appreciate you going out of your way to meet me here, Acting Captain Lecia.
Lecia: I'm just glad you're in good spirits, General Pommern.
Pommern: I do say. To be referred to with such deference tickles me so...
Lecia: Heheh... Likewise. I never imagined I'd meet you like this, to be honest.
Pommern: Indeed, indeed. But you've seen how things are in Agastia with your own two eyes, have you not?
Pommern: Hence my request to you and the Enforcers, you see.
Lecia: Ah. That's right. You requested the Crew of Enforcers' help in restoring order to Agastia.
Pommern: Indubitably. Queen Orchis has brought our forces under Erste's royal banner.
Pommern: That has allowed us to quell Agastia's brief period of unrest, but the road to recovery is long indeed...
Pommern: We humbly ask for your assistance in returning Agastia to its former glory.
Pommern finishes his utterly sincere request and bows deeply to Lecia.
Lecia: ...!
Pommern: Madam? Whatever is the matter? You look utterly shocked.
Lecia: Oh. Er. Well...
Lecia: To be perfectly honest, I've been incredibly busy with negotiations ever since my father assigned me the position.
Lecia: I've... gotten used to being looked down upon, to be honest.
Pommern: Ah. Because of your youth, perhaps? Yes... I imagine you have had to deal with a fair amount of disrespect.
Lecia: Yes. You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to have a serious discussion with you, sir.
Lecia: Especially from a general as distinguished as yourself, who keeps the citizens of Agastia first and foremost in his thoughts.
Pommern: I do say! You needn't praise me so!
Lecia: I mean it, sir. I may have the title and position of acting captain, but it's not what it appears.
Lecia: Recently, I've come to realize that my father bequeathed the position to me so that he could better protect me.
Lecia: I wasn't given the position because of my qualifications. Not in the truest sense of the word.
Pommern: ...
Lecia: I'm just not cut out for it, sir. Not for acting in my father's stead... or working alongside (Captain).
Lecia: So seeing someone like yourself who performs his duties with pride, is... well...
Pommern: Is that envy I hear?
Lecia: A little. Awe, maybe.
Pommern: You're still young. This experience will doubtless prove intensely valuable to you, yes?
Pommern: My advice to you... is to have patience.
Pommern: You will try to be perfect... and you will fail. As is often the case in life.
Lecia: I've gotta have more patience...
Pommern: Ah. A tad too preachy, perhaps? Please forget I said anything.
Lecia: Not at all, sir! I can't thank you enough for your advice, General Pommern.
Pommern: I do say. It really does tickle me so to see you hold me in such high esteem.
Lecia: Heheh...
Pommern and Lecia spend the remainder of their time discussing the situation in Agastia, among other matters.
As the sun sets and they finish their meal, Pommern and Lecia retire separately to their chambers for the night.
Lecia: Yawn... Just about time to hit the hay.
Enforcer: We've received reports of suspicious figures from island patrols, ma'am!
Lecia: Suspicious figures? Understood. Let's go keep watch.
Lecia takes her weapon in hand and leaves the inn with her subordinates in tow.
Lecia: Hm? Hey! What are you up to?
Ruffian: Uh-oh. Enforcers!
Lecia: Hold it! Answer my questions, or things may get a little rough!

Protecting the Peace: Scene 3

The men Lecia apprehends don't want to see order restored and have kidnapped Pommern. Rushing to his aid, Lecia finds Pommern tied up by a shadowy syndicate operative.

Lecia apprehends the suspicious men and begins questioning them.
Lecia: You're trying to kidnap General Pommern?
Ruffian: If Agastia keeps recovering, business is gonna dry up!
Lecia: Now I get it... So the criminal syndicates festering in Agastia are trying to apply pressure on the Erste Kingdom!
Lecia: The security forces at Agastia were shorthanded, so General Pommern came here with a skeleton crew...
Lecia: We have to ensure his safe return at all costs! Turn these ruffians over to the island garrison, men!
Enforcer: Aye aye! What's your next course of action, ma'am?
Lecia: I'm heading to the inn where General Pommern and the others are!
Enforcer: Understood! We'll be with you as soon as we finish handing these thugs over to the authorities!
Lecia: Thanks! We've got no time to lose!
Syndicate Boss: All right, that's enough speechmaking outta you, moustache man!
Pommern: I do say. We may be outnumbered, but losing to such rabble is absolutely mortifying...
Pommern: Very well. I suppose I'll agree to your demands for now. I expect you to behave as promised, however. Do not harm my men under any circumstances!
Syndicate Boss: Ngh... Let's see how high and mighty you act once I'm done with you!
Lecia: Huff... Huff... There they are!
Lecia: Hold it right there! Harm General Pommern, and face the full might of the Crew of Enforcers!
Syndicate Boss: Tch... You're from the Crew of Enforcers? I'm gonna shut you up for good!
Lecia: You're welcome to try. But I think you're in for a very unpleasant surprise!

Protecting the Peace: Scene 4

After defeating Pommern's kidnappers, Lecia is surprised and impressed by Pommern's positive attitude. She reflects on his advice, and resolves to become stronger to protect the sky she loves so much.

Lecia and her crew help Pommern apprehend the syndicate boss.
Pommern: I do say. You have my sincere apologies for all the trouble caused by our lack of foresight...
Lecia: No apologies needed, sir. I'm just glad you and your men are safe.
Pommern: All thanks to your efforts, I do say. We would never have been able to free ourselves on our own.
Pommern: Heh heh, they'll no doubt provide information on those who would prefer a less-than-speedy recovery for Agastia.
Pommern: In that sense I appreciate their decision to target me specifically.
Lecia: Huh?
Pommern: Hm? Why the look of surprise, my dear?
Lecia: Er, it's just... How do I put this... You're so... heedless, sir.
Lecia: Wait, no. That's not right... You're very... optimistic, maybe!
Pommern: Hahaha! Please pay it no mind. All things are a matter of perspective, I do say.
Lecia: All things are a matter of... perspective...
Pommern triumphantly leads the criminals back to a ship bound for Agastia.
As she watches the ship disembark, Lecia thinks back on Pommern's words.
Lecia: Perspective...
Lecia: (Without everyone's help and protection, I wouldn't able to do my duties as acting captain.)
Lecia: (That's always made me feel embarrassed.)
Lecia: (But now I can see that relying on those people might give me the room to learn and grow.)
Lecia: (I hope I can become someone strong enough to help Father, or Monika... or (Captain) and the others.)
Lecia: Thank you for everything, General Pommern. You've taught me an important lesson today.
Lecia: I'm going to do my best! Not just to improve myself but to protect those blue skies I love so much!
The skyship bound for Agastia has already vanished from view, but Lecia continues staring out at the sky.
With a heart full of determination, Lecia will surely grow even more in the journeys to come.