Scenario:Lennah - A Time to Harvest

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A Time to Harvest

Still in shock over the loss of their friend, Lyria, (Captain), and the others gather the blossoms left behind by Lennah. But before long monsters come and begin eating the flowers. The group tries to stop them before it's too late.

Lennah: Thank you, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn...
Lyria: Lennah!
Lennah's body fades away into a thousand flowers. A thousand spirit blossoms.
(Captain) and company can do nothing but stare in silence as the flowers dance in the wind.
Vyrn: What's happening! What the heck's happening to her!
Man: It's because she took on my son's curse. She had the power of two spirit blossom fruits in one body...
Man: For a time her power was magnified, but it's more than any one person can bear...
Lyria: No! This can't be right! She... she can't be...
They all stand in silence. Moments that feel like hours pass. Then Lyria bends to the ground.
Vyrn: Lyria? What're you doing?
Lyria: I'm not sure myself. But I feel like I should gather these flowers.
She starts to pick up the flowers one by one.
Lyria: Lennah... Lennah...
Unable to simply stand by and watch, (Captain) and Vyrn join in and help to gather the flowers.
Monster: Grrr!
Vyrn: Crud! There're still monsters left!
Monster: Grrr!
Monsters suddenly appear and start to eat the spirit blossoms left behind by Lennah.
Lyria: Stop it! Get away from those flowers!
Vyrn: Lyria! Don't go alone! Crud! C'mon, (Captain), before she gets hurt!

A Time to Harvest: Scene 2

The crew—along with the man and his
son—decide to leave this nightmare of an island. But monsters block them every step of the way, as if leading them somewhere. Soon (Captain) and company find themselves before the mother-tree and a sea of her minions rushing to attack.

Lyria: Ohh, those awful monsters...
In her hands Lyria holds the last few remaining spirit blossoms, most of the others having been eaten by the monsters.
Vyrn: I can't believe you guys can live on a monster-infested island like this.
Man: No, I've never seen that many monsters on this island before. The mother-tree must have been creating an abnormally high number of them in preparation for Lennah.
Lyria: The mother-tree... Now that you mention it, I have been feeling a strange, looming presence on this island.
Vyrn: Anyway, looks like this place isn't as safe as we thought it was. (Captain), what do you say we get away from this island for a while?
Lyria: Um, sir, would you like to come with us? It probably isn't safe here anymore.
Man: You'll help me and my son? Would you be all right with that?
Lyria: Lennah said she forgave you. That's all we need to know.
Man: Thank you... Truly.
Once the boy and his father finish their preparations, they all set off for the Grandcypher.
Monsters can be seen here and there.
Monsters: Grrr...
They walk the desert, being sure to keep their distance whenever they see a monster.
Lyria: Would you happen to know where Lennah grew up, sir?
Man: Oh, I remember. How could I forget...
Lyria: (Captain)... I'd like to plant Lennah's flowers in her hometown. Can we go there?
Vyrn: Yeah... I'd like to do more for her, but I guess that's all we can do.
They decide to mourn their dear departed friend by doing so.
And perhaps that's all that should be done.
Monster: Grrr!
Vyrn: Is it just me or do monsters keep popping up right in our path? It's getting pretty hard not to get spotted...
They attempt to avoid the monsters as they head to the airship's anchor point, but all does not go as expected.
Vyrn: Darn it. No matter which way we go, they just keep showing up...
Vyrn: D-don't tell me they're trying to corner us...
Lyria: ...!
That presence I've been sensing has been getting stronger... They're leading us to it!
Vyrn: I don't know what's going on here, but it smells like trouble. Stay sharp, guys!
Not knowing by whose will they are being led, they continue onwards.
Rotted Greatwood: ...
Lyria: The aura is coming from that tree over there.
Vyrn: Don't tell me that's the mother-tree we've been hearing so much about.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
Lyria: ...!
(Captain)! The tree's going to attack us!
Vyrn: Monsters are pouring outta that thing!
Lyria: W-we're surrounded!
Vyrn: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...
Vyrn: Let's get 'em, (Captain)! This one's for Lennah!

A Time to Harvest: Scene 3

The group survives the battle thus far, but it's not over yet; a figure appears before the tree. It's Lennah. She seems to have forgotten her friends and is about to attack them, when Lyria speaks to her and causes her to remember. Now in her right mind, she joins forces with the crew to defeat the mother-tree.

Rotted Greatwood: ...!
The group retaliates against the
mother-tree's attack and manages to wound the tree itself.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
However, the monsters that ate Lennah's flowers approach the great tree and pour their collected magic into it. In moments the tree's wounds heal.
Vyrn: Darn it! That thing doesn't give up easy!
Rotted Greatwood: ...
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
(Captain) stares at the tree. Before long the tree's knots and wrinkles begin to twist and contort, and a blinding light glows from its body.
When the light starts to fade, a figure can be seen before the tree.
Lyria: Th-that's!
Lennah: ...
Lennah, eyes hollow and void of emotion, stands.
Lennah: Aa... Nn...
The look on her face is unlike any (Captain) and the crew have seen on her.
Those still, lifeless eyes look up at the sky for a moment, then she turns to face the tree.
Lennah: So you're the spirit blossom mother-tree...
Lennah: Yes... Yes... You called me here to protect you... I understand...
She then turns again to look at the man standing behind the crew.
Lennah: "Remember"?
Lennah: Aah... Ngh!
Man: Little girl, do you like flowers?
Young Lennah: Huh? I sure do! Wanna see me make one? Look, look!
Man: ...!
Why, that's amazing... Now I see why the spirit blossom fruit chose you.
The man thinks for a moment. A mix of relief and reluctance play across his face.
Man: Here, have a bite of this fruit. It'll give you the power to make even more beautiful flowers.
Lennah: I remember. He's the one who gave me the curse. The one I hated for so long.
Lyria: Wha! Lennah's pointing her staff at us!
Vyrn: What's that mean! She thinking about attacking us?
Man: The tree has the ability to create monsters. Perhaps after absorbing Lennah's magic she used that very same power to recreate her.
Man: Recreate her for the purpose of defending it.
Lennah: ...
Lyria: So Lennah sees us as enemies right now?
Vyrn: Crud! If she comes at us full-force, I don't know what's gonna happen!
With a blank stare Lennah steps slowly toward (Captain) and company.
Reluctant to fight a friend, (Captain) tells the group to fall back.
Monsters: Grrrr!
However, monsters swoop in to block their exit.
Lennah: Yes, Mother... As you command.
Lennah: Spirit blossoms...

Come forth...

Hear my call...
Vyrn: She's comin' right for us!
Lennah: Petals of war, scent of blood,
strike my foes with storm and flood.
The spirit blossoms respond to Lennah's words and melt into light. The light turns into a sharp cone of whirlwind.
Lennah: End this war with your demise.
End this war with their cries.
Lennah continues to chant the incantation. Suddenly, Lyria steps forth.
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: Lyria! What're you doing!
Lyria: Lennah, look at this. We didn't manage to save all of them, but we gathered the flowers you left behind.
She says this and walks slowly to Lennah, flowers in her outstretched hands.
Lennah: ...
I see. I'll take them back then.
Lyria: The flowers are disappearing! No, Lennah, didn't you say you'd never use your powers to hurt others?
Lennah: ...
Lyria: You promised yourself to use your powers to bring nothing but joy! Don't you remember?
Lennah's gaze starts to flicker. Her eyes finally settle on the little flower in Lyria's hair.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
Lennah: Argh!
Teenage Lennah: Another branch is growing!
Teenage Lennah: Why's this happening to me! Why me!
Teenage Lennah: If only I'd never eaten that awful thing!
Lennah: You... made... me... eat it...
Prompted by a vision from the mother-tree, she redirects her gaze to the man.
Man: ...!
Lennah: Spirit blossoms...
Come forth...
Vyrn: Darn it! She's not listening! Get away, Lyria!
Lyria: No, Lennah! Don't!
Lennah: Hear my call...
Lennah's magic gathers in a whirlwind around her. The spirit blossoms begin to glow in response. And then the unexpected.
Lennah: I bid you bring joy.
L'Enfer des Fleurs.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
A giant tornado consumes the mother-tree, stripping it of its leaves and branches.
Lyria: L-Lennah?
Vyrn: Wha? But I thought you were on the tree's side!
Lennah: Sorry for worrying you. I'm still a little drowsy after waking up.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
In a panic, the tree bombards Lennah with another memory.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
Lennah: Ngh!
Teenage Lennah: No, no, no, no! I don't want to be a tree. I don't want to die!
Teenage Lennah: Please, please, please...
Please, oh please, oh please!
Teenage Lennah: Please... Somebody... Help me...
Lennah: ...
The cursed tree brings back the bitter memories of her youth.
Lennah: I can tell you've been trying to control me with memories of the worst times of my life.
Lennah: But I've long since grown bored of those memories. You don't need to remind me of anything. They come back to me every time I close my eyes.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
Lennah: Overcoming those memories took years upon years... But I did it in the end. I'm at peace with them now.
Lennah: If I hadn't been so drowsy moments ago, you wouldn't have been able to do a thing to me. Sorry.
Rotted Greatwood: ...!
Lennah: My apologies for scaring you, (Captain), everyone. But don't worry. I'm all right now.
Lennah: So do forgive my language, but I think it's time we brought this bad mother down. What do you say?
Rotted Greatwood: ...!

A Time to Harvest: Scene 4

The crew has defeated the accursed mother-tree and is reunited with Lennah. They find that her new body is free from the curse, though this would technically mean she is now a monster. Lennah herself doesn't seem to mind, however, and is more than happy to simply be rid of the curse once and for all.

Rotted Greatwood: ...!
Lennah: Ahh, finally. Now we don't have to worry about being hunted down anymore.
Lyria: Um, Lennah... It really is you... right?
Lennah: Oh, I'm sorry for just now, Lyria. I must have given you quite a scare.
Vyrn: You had me sweating buckets back there... I thought we were goners.
Lennah: And with good reason. Why, if I hadn't woken up when I did, no doubt (Captain) would be a soggy heap of red right now. Frightening thought. Hehe.
Lyria: Oh my... I'm glad it never came to that...
(Captain) winces. Lennah's unique brand of humor seems especially disturbing today.
Lennah: ...
Lyria: Lennah? Is something bothering you?
Lennah: I was wondering... What am I right now?
Lennah: I remember that after I ate that boy's spirit blossom fruit, my body turned to flowers.
Vyrn: Oh, uhh, about that. The man told us that the tree-thing probably recreated your body the same way it makes monsters.
Lennah: Oh dearie me, I guess that makes me a monster then.
Lennah's body is no longer human; the body's owner, however, doesn't seem to mind in the least.
Lennah: I don't seem to look any different though.
She looks at herself and feels around for abnormalities.
Lennah: Oh? What's this?
Vyrn: Wh-what's wrong? Don't tell me you've got a tail now or something.
Lennah: Hehe. No, silly! My body's completely rid of bark or branches!
Lyria: Could that mean that your curse is gone?
Lennah: That's right. And it makes sense if you think about it—I was brought back to protect the mother-tree, not to be a magic farm like all the others.
Lennah: And I certainly wouldn't be able to protect her if I turned into a tree someday.
Vyrn: Hmm, I think I get it. I don't know if we should be happy or not though, what with you technically being a monster and all.
Lennah: No, it's wonderful. I don't have to worry about becoming a tree anymore. Being a monster sure is great! Hehe.
Lyria: That's... very positive of you, Lennah.
Lennah: Didn't I tell you? As long as I can bring joy to others with my flowers, I don't need anything else.
Lennah: Not to mention I can keep traveling with you and the crew. I couldn't be happier!
Lennah: Here's to many more adventures together, (Captain).
Through these events Lennah has overcome her curse, but not without a price.
To one who's experienced hardships as hers, however, the payment may as well mean nothing.
With her usual smile and carefree demeanor, she once again boards the Grandcypher.