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A Time to Sow

The crew travel to an island upon Lennah's request, though she herself does not know why. There they find a man in danger. A man, it seems, who is somehow connected to Lennah.

Much time has passed since Lennah first joined the crew.
One day Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) find her standing alone on the deck.
Lennah: Mmm...
Lips pursed and brows furrowed, she waves her staff in the air.
Lennah: Ha!
Spirit blossoms fill the deck and are soon riding on the wind, off into the depths of the sky.
It's beautiful! You're amazing, Lennah!
Hehe, I'm glad you liked that.
You've sure gotten better at summoning flowers. You can make so many of 'em now.
Hehe. Seems my powers have been growing stronger ever since I joined the crew.
Sensing something behind Lennah's smile, (Captain) asks her if anything is amiss.
It's just that lately no matter how many flowers I make, my body's curse only seems to be progressing faster.
Oh no!
There's been bark on my stomach ever since yesterday.
Hehe. I might not have much time left. Quite the bind.
Hey, don't say that...
Hehe, only joking!
As they engage in their usual banter, something in the distance catches Lennah's eye.
Land ahoy, friends.
Is that the place you said you wanted to go to?
Without a doubt. I'm sorry for bothering you with this little detour though.
Not at all! Anything for you, Lennah!
Oh, how wonderful you all are. I'm lucky to have you. Hehe.
By the way, why do you want to visit this place?
I wish I knew myself. All I can say is that I just felt like coming here for some reason. Strange, isn't it?
As they approach, they find the island obscured by some sort of smoke. They decide to land on one of the few visible rock banks.
Lennah: This place...
Vyrn: Not a spot of green in sight. What're you supposed to do here?
Lennah: ...
Lyria: Lennah, are you okay? You seem down.
Lennah: I was just... reminded of my days as a child.
Lennah then creates a small flower in the palm of her hand.
Lyria: That flower looks sort of different from the ones you usually make.
Lennah: That's right. I made this with my original powers, not the curse of the spirit blossoms.
Lennah: My home was a place not too unlike this one. A desert. Yet more than anything I longed to be where flowers bloomed...
Lennah: The day I first made a flower, I was overjoyed.
Lennah looks down at the flower, but her eyes seem to be staring into a completely different time and place.
Lyria: It's pretty... in a simple, innocent sort of way.
Lennah: Do you like it? Here then, Lyria, a present from me to you.
Lennah smiles and places the flower in Lyria's hair.
Lyria: Hehe. Thanks, Lennah.
Lennah: You look wonderful, dear. And thanks to you I'm feeling better already.
They exchange smiles. Lennah closes her eyes as if wishing for the moment to never end.
Lennah: The resemblance this place has to my homeland is uncanny... Perhaps something here called out to me.
Though the crew wonders what could possibly call out to her on this deserted and barren land, they concede to stroll around the vicinity for the time being.
Lyria: There's something kind of strange about this island...
Vyrn: Yeah. Don't know why but something about this place feels off somehow.
The entire island seems to waft an eerie air. They tread with caution, when suddenly—a scream.
Man: Waaargh!
Lennah: ...!
Lennah's expression is one of shock.
Lennah: It sounds like someone's in trouble. Perhaps monsters.
Vyrn: We gotta go help him then! C'mon, (Captain)!
Monster Horde: Groaaar!
Man: H-how can there be so many of them!
Lyria: (Captain)! Quickly!

A Time to Sow: Scene 2

The man brings the group back to his home as thanks for saving him. In his abode they find tree-ified victims of Lennah's curse. Questions lead to a horrifying answer: the creator of Lennah's curse—a being known as the mother-tree—has brought her to this island to be killed and harvested.

Lennah: Take that!
Monsters: Grack!
Lennah: Now, now. That's enough of that, little monsters.
Monsters: Gruugh!
Lennah: No need to be afraid. Let's all get along now.
Monsters: ...!
The monsters flee one after another.
Man: You... You're!
Lennah: ...
The man turns pale at the sight of Lennah, but the woman herself remains silent.
Vyrn: Are you okay, guy? What're you doing out in a place like this?
Man: I live on this island. For research purposes. I don't know how to thank you for saving me back there.
Lennah: (Captain), it's dangerous here. We should get this man somewhere safe.
Lyria: You're right. We don't know when monsters might strike next.
Unable to simply abandon the man, they make their way to his residence.
The man leads the way, but (Captain) and crew do not let their guard down.
Man: We should be safe here. Please bear with the darkness a moment while I provide some illumination.
The man lights a lamp, and the room fills with light.
But an empty room is not what greets them. They are joined by a host of humanoid figures, or more precisely, trees in humanoid form.
Vyrn and Lyria: Yikes!
Lennah: People turned to trees by the spirit blossom curse... Is that your research?
Man: Correct. And my studies often require me to leave the safety of my home.
Man: You see, those monsters eat the spirit blossoms, or should I say harvest them.
Man: And while I don't have the power to create spirit blossoms myself, those monsters still attack me all the same.
Lennah: I see...
Vyrn: That still doesn't explain why you've got all these tree-people here.
Man: This island attracts those with the spirit blossom curse.
Lennah: ...
Lyria: It attracts them? Why? What's on this island?
Man: Because this island houses the mother-tree of the spirit blossoms. The histories call it Jinkazouki.
Lennah: So that's what called me here.
Vyrn: Jinka-what? Never heard of it.
Man: It was used during the War to create and store magical energy. It seems it still does so to this very day.
Man: It plants its seeds into its prey and forces them to create spirit blossoms.
Man: It then collects the magic from the flowers through its servants, those monsters you saved me from.
Lennah: So the curse isn't a side effect, it's to force victims to keep generating magic for the mother-tree... or else.
Man: That's right. It also serves another purpose...
According to the man, one's magical energy increases each time a spirit blossom is made.
Those who have reached the limits of their magical potential feel compelled to return to the island.
Here, whether they continue creating spirit blossoms or not, they are turned to trees and harvested for their magic.
Man: Jinkazouki enriches its pool of magic and grows stronger with each person it harvests.
Lennah: Turn people into magic farms, gather the flowers they make, then harvest the person itself.
Man: A hideous cycle. We no longer know if it was created by skydwellers or Astrals, but one thing is for certain: it should never have been.
All Three: ...
Lyria: So the real reason why you're here is...
Lennah: Because I'm ripe for the harvest...
The group is at a loss for words. The man turns to the tree-figures in the room.
Just then, sounds of little footsteps echo in from the adjoining corridor.
Boy: Papa! You're back!
Lennah: Papa?
Man: Yes, this is my son.
Lennah: I see...
Boy: Papa, who are they?
Man: They saved me from some monsters just now. Aren't you glad they did?
Boy: Really? Thanks for saving my papa!
Lennah: Hehe. It was nothing. I'm glad we were able to keep him safe. Wouldn't want you all sad and alone, now would we?
Boy: Um, please take this, miss! As a thank you!
Lennah: Aww, how wonderfully sweet of you. And what might it be?
Boy: It's super special! Watch, okay!
Boy: Taa-daa!
Lyria: Th-that's a...
Lennah: A spirit blossom!

A Time to Sow: Scene 3

Another revelation is made: the man himself was the one who had given Lennah the curse in her youth. Lennah lashes out in anger at him. To the group's surprise, however, she seems to forgive him the moment he apologizes. Not only that, but she proceeds to take his son's curse upon herself, and goes on to fight a horde of monsters despite the strain of her new burden.

Lennah: A spirit blossom! But how?
Man: My son's had the ability from birth. I've gathered these individuals to study them in hopes of finding a cure.
The man looks to the still figures that once were human.
Lennah: Did he inherit it through blood? Your blood? But why...
Lennah: Even though I've been paying the price for your curse!
Man: I knew it. I had a feeling you were that girl from all those years ago...
Lennah: Yes. Indeed it's been a while.
Vyrn: Wh-what? You guys know each other? I don't understand...
At Vyrn's words the man casts his gaze to the floor. His lips give a slight tremble before he speaks.
Man: Years ago I ate the fruit of the spirit blossoms. Little did I know that I'd be plagued with that terrifying curse. But then one day I met her.
Man: She was a magical prodigy, able to create flowers of her very own. When I learned of her, I made contact with her and... passed on my curse.
Vyrn: Y-you what? But I thought Lennah said it wasn't a person that gave her the curse. That it coulda been a monster.
Lennah: That's why I'm searching for the one who gave me that fruit in the first place.
Lennah: Who's to say it's even a person. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a monster or some kind of demon.
Lennah: Well, knowingly giving a curse to an innocent child? I think monster and demon are rather fitting descriptions, wouldn't you agree?
Man: ...
Lennah: Thanks to you, I've been suffering all these years. Oh, it sure was tough. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
Lyria: Lennah...
Man: ...
Man: The thought of what I did to you haunts me every night. I know it was a wretched, cruel thing to do. I was just so scared... I wasn't in my right mind...
Lennah: Hehe. It must have all been the spirit blossoms' fault. They manipulate their hosts into coming to this island, don't they? They must have been controlling you the same way.
Lennah: After all, you've come to live on this forsaken island all for the sake of your son. You can't be completely evil.
Man: ...
Lennah: But I wonder... what makes the younger me any different from that child.
Man: ...
There are no words...
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
Everyone is left speechless seeing this whole new side to Lennah.
Man: Please, will you let me atone for my sins? If I can find a cure for my son, I'm sure we'll be able to cure you as well...
Lennah: ...
Man: Though I may not have the right to say this, I've longed to tell you this ever since that horrid day...
Man: I am so truly sorry...
Lennah: I see.
Lennah: Hehe. In that case, consider yourself forgiven.
All Three: Huh?
Lennah: I was wronged, I vented my anger, and you apologized. It's all water under the bridge now.
Man: Wha... Huh?
Lennah: I'd love to stay and chat, but we haven't time.
The group seems puzzled as to what she means, but Lennah just stares off into blank space.
Lennah: Ahh, I see the monsters from before have come to harvest me. And they've brought their friends.
The house shakes with the roars of monsters uncountable.
Boy: Eep!
Lyria: It sounds like we're surrounded!
Boy: Papa, is the house gonna break? Are the monsters gonna eat us?
Lennah smiles and walks quietly to the boy.
Lennah: No, they won't. Don't worry. I won't let them.
Boy: Really?
Lennah: I promise. But you'll have to give me something in exchange.
Boy: Like what?
Lennah: The power that lets you make those pretty flowers. Let me take it.
Lennah lays a gentle hand on the boy's cheek.
The curse within the boy responds to Lennah's magical energy and manifests itself as a spirit blossom fruit.
Man: Wh-what're you doing?
Lennah: The spirit blossom fruits are drawn to those with magical gifts, aren't they?
Lennah: It's all right. The boy will never have to worry about the curse again.
Lennah: I can't save myself, but with this I can at least save him and all of you.
She bites into the fruit.
Man: Why would you do such a thing!
Lennah: Hehe. What a silly question. If one doesn't eat the fruit, it just returns to the host's body. That wouldn't solve anything, would it?
Lennah: You might be able to find a cure someday, but I don't have long. It's fine though; I'm not afraid of what's ahead of me.
Lyria: But, Lennah, you look like you're in pain!
Lennah gives no response to Lyria's concern, hobbling instead toward the shelter's exit.
(Captain) and the group follow after her.
Monsters: Grrr!
Lennah: My, my, look at all these monsters.
The horde of monsters stretches for as far as the eye can see. Yet Lennah simply smiles and looks on.
Vyrn: Lennah! Don't tell me you're thinking of taking all of them on alone!
Lennah: I am.
Vyrn: Why're you doing all this? I thought you hated that guy?
Lennah: That's not true at all.
Vyrn: Huh? But all those things you said...
Lennah: Honestly, I let go of my hatred for him a long time ago.
Lennah: But sometimes you need more than just simple words of forgiveness to get closure.
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
Lennah: All I want to do now is to take care of these monsters before anyone else gets hurt.
Lennah: Scars are the worst part of getting hurt, you know. Long after the wound itself has healed, they'll continue to remind you of the pain every single day.
Lennah: I decided long ago that I'd bring joy, and only joy, with my flowers. That I'd do that to the very end. And that's a promise I never want to break.

A Time to Sow: Scene 4

Consuming two spirit blossom fruits has given Lennah fearsome power. She defeats the horde of monsters, but the burden of two curses proves too much for her body to handle. She collapses, turning into a thousand spirit blossoms before the eyes of (Captain) and company.

Monsters: Groaar!
Lennah: Ha!
With a swing of her staff, flowers bloom all around the monsters' feet.
Lennah: Hehe. Eating two spirit blossom fruits has really opened my eyes to how the blossoms work.
Lennah: My blossoms, I bid you bring joy.
Lennah closes her eyes. The flowers turn into light and then dissolve into a great wind.
Lennah: L'Enfer des Fleurs.
The flowers begin to blossom and burst into a raging cyclone, unleashing magical energy greater than any one individual can bear.
Lennah: Spirit blossoms are stores of magical energy...
Lennah: Even burgeoning buds can become furious gales.
Vyrn: I ain't never seen anything like this before!
Monsters: Groaar!
The ensuing maelstrom throws the monsters in all directions.
Lennah: I'm sorry. I know you're only trying to follow the mother-tree's orders.
Lennah: Ngh...
Lyria: Lennah? Are you all right? You look like you can barely stand.
Lennah: Hehe. I might have pushed myself just a little too hard there.
Lennah: I knew I was. But I still had to do it.
Lennah wipes some of the sweat off her face as she crumples to the floor.
Lennah: Whew...
And with a full smile, she heaves a sigh of relief.
Lennah: (The fruit you gave me to eat had an awful smell of rot.)
Lennah: (After all these years, it's finally time for it to return to the soil. And soon that soil will be fertile for more beautiful flowers to grow.)
Lennah: (I didn't want all that time to be... for nothing...)
Lyria: Lennah? Please, say something. Tell us you're okay.
Lennah: Sorry to worry you, dear.
Lennah: Looks like I really kept my promise till the very end. I'm so... happy...
Slowly, Lennah closes her eyes.
Lyria: Lennah? What do you mean? Lennah!
Lennah: Thank you, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn...
Lyria: Lennah!
Lennah's body fades away into a thousand flowers. A thousand spirit blossoms.
(Captain) and company can do nothing but stare in silence as the flowers dance in the wind.