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Lady of the Flowers

In this town the party would meet Lennah, a woman who used magic to make many flowers grow. Lennah took an interest in the party’s ongoing travels and battles with primal beasts. In order to undo the spell that had been cast on her that forced her to continue to make flowers bloom under pain of her own body being turned into a plant, Lennah accepted Lyria’s invitation and joined the party in their journey.

Our heroes visited a town so that the Grandcypher could be serviced.
While Rackam and the others were away procuring parts, they also bought some foodstuffs...
???: Greetings. How do you like the flowers? Little girl.
Lyria: Wow! Lovely flowers!
Lyria: Can I buy it? (Captain)!
???: Oh my, what a lovely smiling face! I must show my gratitude for your having put on a happy smiling face for me.
The woman introduced herself as “Lennah”. She said that she traveled the world, selling flowers as she went.
After finishing her self introduction, the woman produced a ring of flowers from the corner of her eye.
Lennah: Yes, please do, Miss.
Lyria: Yay! I got a flower! Shall I decorate my hair with it? If it’s okay with you, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Um... No comment.
Lennah: Hahaha, how adorable! I become so happy when I see your smiling faces...
Just as soon as Lyria attempted to decorate her hair with flowers she had received, and angry roar could be heard from somewhere.
Vyrn: Mmm? What is that?! A midday fight?
Ruffian 1: You! Try saying that again!
Ruffian 2: What're you, some sort of wise guy? You jackass!
Vyrn: Looks dangerous! Stop, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hold on just a second! Stop it right there! You can’t brandish weapons in the middle of the town!
Ruffian 1: Huh?! You guys!
Ruffian 2: Don't mess with us! This little lizard creep!
Vyrn: H-hey! They are coming!
Right before the ruffians bore down on the party, a powerful wind blew through all of a sudden.
Countless flower petals danced through as if chasing the wind, and swirled about the armed ruffians.
The ruffians were surprised by the flowers that totally engulf them and stood stock still.
Ruffian 1: Wh-what the?! These flowers...
Lennah: This won’t do, will it. Look, everyone in the town is afraid.
Ruffian 2: Hm. Who in hell are you?! What kind of silly conjuring trick is this?!
Lennah: HEY! Lower your voice! You’ll scare the children.
Lennah: If the children and the adults who watch over them are not laughing happily...
Ruffian 2: Were being lectured by a chick?! If you’re gonna mess with us then we’ll deal with you first...
Lennah: Your irritability will only result in the loss of your happiness. So relax!
Lennah: If you are surrounded by lots of flowers and feel happy, then surely you as well... Hahaha.
With a wave her staff, Lennah abruptly filled the surrounding area with countless flowers, and everyone present became unable to move.
Ruffian 1: What in hell is going on... Enough, I give up...
Ruffian 2: Ugh Ugh... Wait just a minute!
Lennah: Ah, good! Okay, let’s shake hands and make up!
Ruffian 1: Stop talking nonsense!
Ruffian 2: Shaking hands with the likes of these?! That is sickening...
The ruffians voiced their grievances. And (Captain) looked displeased...
Thanks to her handiwork they mysteriously found themselves unable to resist, and everyone exchanged handshakes.
Lennah: And with this everyone is friends again!
Vyrn: Ugh... I feel dirty...
Ruffian 1: Oh man... I can’t fake being friends like this!
Ruffian 2: Damn it! You’ll live to regret this!
Lennah: Oh my... Well you aren’t very docile, are you. Nothing I can do about that, Hahaha!
Vyrn: I was totally caught off guard by that... You made those flowers with magic, didn’t you? You use very uncommon sorcery, don’t you Miss.
Lyria: Oh so many beautiful flowers! It was incredible
Lennah: Hm? Ah, that’s been my special skill ever since I was little.
Vyrn: You have been able to make flowers grow with magic ever since you were a little girl? Don’t do that, flower girl!
Lennah: Hahaha, but aren’t they beautiful? By the way, aren’t you travelers?
Vyrn: Hey, now! We’re skyfarers, you know!
(Captain) told the mysterious flower selling woman the purpose of his journey.
Leaving one’s hometown on a journey to the Island of the Astrals. Doing battle again and again with the powerful beings known as primal beasts...
Lennah: Hahaha... Your journey is full of ups and downs, isn’t it.
Vyrn: Primal beasts are a piece of cake for me and (Captain)! Well, we have had a few close calls...
Lennah: Oh my, aren’t you brave... Tangling with primal beasts...
Vyrn: Huh? You got something on your mind, flower girl?
Lennah: Hehe! Well, it’s no big deal.
Right after she said that, Lennah rolled up her sleeves to reveal...
Vyrn: So you’ve got something growing from your arm, flower girl...
Lyria: Isn’t that a tree branch? You have a tree branch growing from your arm?
Lennah: Yes, that’s right. Something mysterious happened to me when I was very young.
Lennah: I was born on a desert island where no vegetation grew... I grew up knowing nothing of flowers.
Lennah: Ever since I saw a painting of a flower garden in a book when I was little, I have been bewitched by its beauty... Just pining away for it...
Lennah: This powerful feeling gave me a mysterious power when I was little.
Vyrn: And you also changed. When did you become able to use this power?
Lennah: Isn’t it all so very romantic?
Lennah: Once I became aware of my magic powers I was able to use them to create flowers that were identical to the real thing.
Lennah: I used my power to change my desert island into a flower garden.
Lennah: My desolate everyday life was transformed into a world of dreams.
Lyria: Whoa - That’s just like a fairytale!
Lennah: Anyway, after this mysterious event happened...
Lennah: One day... A mysterious personage of indeterminate gender appeared.
Lennah: This person gave me a piece of fruit and told me that I would be able to make even more beautiful flowers blossom if I ate it.
Vyrn: Whoa... That’s a little hard to swallow...
Lennah: Oh my! That’s right. For my perspective now it certainly does seem a little dubious!
Vyrn: Hey, now!
Lennah: This fruit certainly delivered as promised, but in exchange for that...
Lennah: If I don’t continue to make flowers bloom, my body itself will turn into a plant.
Vyrn: That’s horrible! Isn’t that a kind of curse?
Lennah: Hahaha, yes indeed... I wouldn’t be able to move my body. Wouldn’t that be a pain in the neck?
Vyrn: Hey hey... how do you stay so calm in spite of that?!
Lennah: Thus I am searching for a certain someone. Perhaps the transformation of my body into a plant cannot be stopped.
Lennah: My memory of that person is hazy, but that certain someone who gave me that mysterious fruit...
Lennah: Maybe it was not a person, but a beast, or a demon.
Lyria: Maybe... A primal beast?
Vyrn: Whatever the case, it’s highly probable that primal beasts had something to do with this.
Lennah: Oh my... I’m sorry. I should not have gone on and on about this sort of thing in my first meeting with you all.
Vyrn: Huh? What’s wrong...? (Captain)?
  1. We'll help the search for primal beasts.
  2. Let us help you search for a treatment

Choose: We'll help the search for primal beasts.
Lennah: That certain someone is not necessarily a primal beast...
Lyria: I totally approve of (Captain)! Miss Lennah, let’s go together!
Lyria: Even if the person that Miss Lennah is looking for is not a primal beast...
Lyria: Maybe I will find a clue to resolving my dilemma if I visit a variety of places together with you!
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Choose: Let us help you search for a treatment
Lennah: Oh my? You are... Where you doing this for a stranger like me?
Vyrn: Hehe. It’s a bad habit of (Captain)!
Lyria: Enough already! Oh, Vyrn! It’s not a bad habit! It’s a very good trait!
Lyria: Not disregarding people in trouble is the best thing about (Captain)! Right? (Captain).
Vyrn: Well, yeah, I suppose.
Lyria: I totally approve of (Captain)! Lennah, let’s go together!
Lyria: We have had run-ins with things even more mysterious than primal beasts! Therefore, sometime, that person surely will...
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Vyrn: Hey hey, what's wrong, Lyria? Whoa, Lyria, that’s a little overboard for you! You like this flower girl that much?
Lyria: I absolutely love the flowers that Miss Lennah has made bloom! So...
Lennah: Oh, I am so happy to hear that... I have never been so warmly welcomed before...
Lennah: Then I shall take you up on your kind offer.
Lyria: Yay! Uh, Miss Lennah... I do have one request for you, but...
Lennah: Oh my, and what could that be?
Vyrn: Hey hey... Don’t trouble the flower girl like that.
Lyria: I would like for you to beautify our airship with your flowers, Miss Lennah!
Lennah: Hahaha, it would look great with some decoration, wouldn’t it. Okay, shall we go?
Lennah: ... today is a great day. I have found some happiness.
Lennah responded to Lyria’s whimsy with a wink, and headed for the Grandcypher. Lennah was waving a staff in front of the airship.
Rackam had returned from procuring things. Once he took a look at the airship decorated with a mountainous volume of flowers, he was so shocked he could not even stand.