Scenario:Lennah - The Tithe for Magic

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The Tithe for Magic

During their travels, (Captain) and the others arrive at a town and find the same flowers as the ones created by Lennah's magic. However, it was feared by the townspeople as a cursed flower and the party investigate in an attempt to undo the spell that was cast on Lennah.

The party makes a stop at a town and witnesses something bizarre.
Vyrn: Mmm? This flower...
Lyria: Hey! It's your flower, Lennah! You grew some here already?
Lennah: Oh my? I didn't do anything!
Lennah: How strange! This is the same flower as mine.
Vyrn: Are flowers that grow from magic different from flowers that grow naturally?
Lennah: As far as I know, flowers that are created by magic shouldn't exist naturally.
Townsperson: Hey, you lot. You should stay away from that flower!
Lennah: Oh my, do you know something about this flower? Would you mind telling me more about it?
Townsperson: Yeah... monsters that eat those flowers appear from outside the town...
Townsperson: No matter how many times we pull it out, the flower grows back overnight. It's a cursed flower that attracts monsters.
Lyria: A cursed flower...? But...
Lennah: Oh my... the flower I grow is bringing misfortune to others?!
Townsperson: It's about that time again. Trust me,you should head inside...
Lennah: Actually, now I'm interested in those monsters you mentioned.
Townsperson: Huh? W-what are you saying?
Vyrn: Just leave it to us! You don't need to worry about monsters with (Captain) and flower girl here!
Lennah: (Captain) is a skilled skyfarer. There's no need to worry!
Townsperson: Hm... if you insist, I won't stop you, but...
Townsperson: You should get to safety if there's danger. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Some time had passed since the man left.
(Captain) and company awaited the monsters' arrival in the now empty road.
Lennah: Maybe the monsters attracted to the flower are "His" servants?
Lennah: I hope they know where "He" is...
Lyria: I hope we find clues on how to undo the spell that was cast on you!
Lennah: Hehe, I hope so too. It'd be great if we do!
Monster: Grrr...
Lennah: Oh my! Welcome!
Lennah: Hello, mister monster! Could you answer some questions for me?
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Vyrn: H-hey! It's obviously not in the mood to talk! Let's go! (Captain)!

The Tithe for Magic: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party step into the mountains in search of the monsters that are attracted by the flower. Lyria expresses concern that Lennah may leave the airship once the spell is broken. However, Lennah assures Lyria she has no intention of leaving.

After the Townsperson told the party about the monsters that come down from the mountain, they made their way to the mountain in question.
The mountain path was perilous, and Lyria's footsteps grew heavier as they went.
Lyria: Ohh...
Lennah: Oh my, Lyria? What's wrong?
Vyrn: Hey now... was it something you ate?
Lyria: N-no! (Captain), don't agree with him!
Lyria: I just remembered the time we met Lennah...
Lennah: Oh...? What's wrong? This is unexpected.
Lyria: When Lennah came to Grandcypher...
Vyrn: I remember! Lennah asked flower girl for some decorations, so she filled the whole airship with flowers!
Vyrn: Whahaha! It was too funny when Rackam freaked out!He was like, "What the hell is that!?"
Lennah: Hehehe! Those were good times!
Vyrn: What's wrong, Lyria? Why are you saying that all of a sudden?
Lyria: Um, Lennah... what will you do if you're cured?
Lennah: Hmm... good question.
Lyria: Will you leave the skyfarers?
Lennah: What?
Vyrn: Lyria, is that why you've been down?
Lyria: Yes... the thought of Lennah leaving makes me sad...
Vyrn: Now that I think of it... no one's ever left the skyfarers before...
Lennah: Hmm, I suppose it would make you sad if I did.
Lyria: What?! So you really are leaving the skyfarers!?
Lennah: It's been fun! Going around different islands, helping people and making them happy...
Lyria: Oh... Lennah...
Vyrn: H-hey! Don't cry, Lyria!
Lennah: O-oh my! I'm sorry, I didn't think...
Lennah: I didn't think you would cry, Lyria... I really am sorry.
Lennah: I... don't think I'll leave the skyfarers.
Lyria: Really...?
Lennah: I've got so many happy, fun memories. So I...
Lennah: ...Hm? That smell...?
Monster: Grrooaaarr!
Lyria: Ah!
Vyrn: These aren't the ones we saw in the town! Take 'em down! (Captain)!

The Tithe for Magic: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party follows the monsters' trail into a cave. Inside, they find a man with the same magic cast on him as Lennah. Half of the man's body had already turned to wood. He explains that those who eat the fruit from a mysterious stranger and use their newfound powers to create the spirit blossoms are doomed to eventually become food for monsters themselves.

Following the monsters' trail, (Captain) and company arrived at a cave in the mountains.
With great effort, the party pried open the reinforced door and stepped inside.
Vyrn: Gulp... that doesn't sound so good...
Lennah: You're right~ This feeling is familiar...
Lyria: Look! Your flowers are all over this cave...
???: Who's there!? You lot!
Lyria: Ack!
Vyrn: Pipe down! Who are you!?
Man: It doesn't matter who I am... do you know about that flower?
Lennah: Flowers that were created by magic, called spirit blossoms. It has no nectar, and a thin film of magic covering it prevents the flower from wilting.
Man: ...! Who are you, really?
Lennah: I'm someone that can create these spirit blossoms. Just like you, it seems...
Man: Then you've met him too...
Lennah: The one who gave us the fruit...?
Man: ! Y-yes!
Lennah: Do you know anything about "Him"? I've been searching for "Him" for so long...
Man: I'm guessing... You're looking for a way to cure this, right?
The man lifted his clothes to reveal his stomach.
His abdomen had turned to tree bark, and the bark was slowly spreading.
Vyrn: W-whoa! Are you okay!?
Man: Of course I'm not okay! Those who eat that fruit gain magical powers...
Man: But as you use those powers, the seed in that fruit begins to sprout...
Man: And then you begin changing into a tree... once you've fully turned...
Man: You become monster food! Do you get it?
Lennah: You get eaten by the monsters that eat the flowers...
Man: That's right? Isn't it hilarious? You're doomed to a life of spreading monster food and trying not to get eaten!
Lennah: Oh my, wait a minute. I've never run into monsters that eat the flowers until I came to this island...
Vyrn: Then... why don't you just leave this island with us on the airship?
Man: Are you mad?! I can't leave this place! It took me so long to find somewhere safe! I...
Monster: Grrroooaaar!
Man: Ahh...! How did monsters get inside!?
Lennah: Oh my! Did it follow me inside?
Lennah: I know you must be hungry, but we're a little busy right now. Sorry!

The Tithe for Magic: Scene 4

The man turned into a tree completely, and (Captain)'s party leaves the mountain. During their trek, Vyrn expresses his concern. However, Lennah accepted that she will meet her end one day and resolved to make as many people happy as she can.

Lennah: I'm sorry, mister monster. It's not your fault, but~
Vyrn: H-hey! Flower girl! (Captain)! He's...!
The man's transformation quickly accelerated, turning his entire body into wood with only his head remaining.
Man: Damn it... I'm gonna be... monster food soon...
Lennah: Why would "He" do this to us...
Man: I don't know... but, remember this...
Man: When the mood takes him... you'll be next...
Vyrn: Say what...?!
Man: Hey, when I turn to wood... burn me... I don't want to be... eaten...
With those last words, the man never spoke again.
His petrification advanced from his chin to nose, then eventually his pleading eyes turned to wood as well.
After witnessing the man's end, the party left the cave feeling grim. They locked up the door tightly and headed back down the mountain.
Vyrn: He asked us to burn him but... I couldn't do it...
Lennah: One day, I'll end up like him too...
Lyria: Lennah...
Vyrn: Y-you'll be okay, right? You have your magical skills!
Lennah: Ah... yes! I'll be fine for a while~ ...I think♪
The party made the rest of the way down the mountain in silence.
Vyrn spoke to Lennah as if unable to stand the silence.
Vyrn: H-Hey... you okay, flower girl...?
Lennah: Just peachy♪ I do feel bad for that man though.
Lennah: I'm grateful that I'm still okay~♪ It's another one of my many blessings♪
Vyrn: Oh!? She's her cheery self again!
Lennah: I just remembered what I was thinking when I first started this journey~
Lennah: I'll end up just like that man... I already knew it would happen one day. That's why...
Lennah: That's why I want to bring happiness to as many people as I can!
With that, Lennah straightened her back, and strode on with renewed purpose.
When they arrived at an island without monsters that ate her flowers, Lennah created especially beautiful flowers and brought joy to many people.