Scenario:Leona - Mourning Lioness

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Mourning Lioness

While staying in Idelva as official guests of the sovereign, (Captain) and Vyrn catch sight of Leona wandering around the kingdom late at night. She reveals that the thought of losing Cain in the same way she lost her fiance, Abel, causes her unbearable anxiety. Comforting words from (Captain) help soothe her concern.

At Pholia's insistence, (Captain) and the crew have come to Idelva Kingdom.
Leona: Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone. Here's where you'll be staying.
Lyria: Whoa, it's so nice!
Leona: While you're in Idelva, I'll be responsible for looking after you.
Leona: Everything you need should already be here.
Leona: But if there's anything else you'd like, don't hesitate to ask.
Katalina: You spoil us. We weren't expecting such an extravagant welcome.
  1. Yeah! Thanks a ton!

Choose: Yeah! Thanks a ton!
Leona: Think nothing of it!
Leona: Crossing skydoms is an amazing feat.
Leona: Not to mention your power rivals the Luminary Knights...
Leona: It would disgrace the kingdom if we couldn't provide due hospitality to such esteemed guests.
Leona: That and... Well, I'm sorry Her Majesty caused you so much trouble this afternoon...
Vyrn: Yeah... She really threw us for a loop.
Leona: Ah, you must forgive her. That's just who the sovereign is.
Lyria: It's okay... No harm done.
Katalina: That's right. It's only natural for the sovereign to be wary of those who enter her country.
Leona: N-no! It's not that she mistrusted you!
Cain: C'mon, Leo... It was pretty obvious what was going on.
Leona: Cain... Do you really think you should be saying that?
Cain: Why not? I feel like it's better to be up front with (Captain) and the others.
Leona: Sigh... Why do I even put up with you...
Leona: Ahem... Well then, allow me to explain the available amenities.
Leona: First off, you'll find fresh garments on this shelf.
Leona: You left your belongings back on your ship, did you not?
Leona: I assume you aren't accustomed to the clothing in Nalhegrande, but you're free to change into these if you'd like.
Lyria: Wow! All of these clothes are so pretty!
Leona: Hehe. Would you like to try them on?
Lyria: Really? Can I?
Leona: Of course. Just pick out your favorite outfit.
Lyria: Haha, yay! Talk about lucky.
Leona: As for meals, you may request whatever you'd like to eat.
Katalina: This seems like a bit much...
Leona: Ah, of course. Idelva's streets are lined with delicious restaurants—just ask Cain. He's eaten his weight in our local specialties.
Leona: Just as skydoms differ, so do their cuisines. You'll have fun exploring the distinctions.
Vyrn: Ooo...
Leona: Please tell me if you'd like to go out. Navigating the streets can get complicated, so I'll show you around.
Leona: Ah, and one more thing... We will of course prepare a bath for you. The palace's herbal water is quite renowned.
Leona: I imagine our bathing customs differ from those in Phantagrande as well.
Leona: I do hope you enjoy the experience.
Katalina: Um... Th-thank you, but...
Leona: Oh, the palace also has a library. You're free to use it at your leisure.
Leona: I can show you there now if you'd like. How does that sound?
Vyrn: N-now?
Leona: Also there's...
(Captain) and the others stand facing Leona in dumbfounded amazement as she continues to prattle on.
Cain: Hey, hey, Leo. Don't you think we should let these guys get some shut-eye? They look ready to conk out.
  1. We're on the brink of death here.
  2. Let's pick this back up tomorrow.

Choose: We're on the brink of death here.
Vyrn: Yawn... You ain't kiddin'... Been through way too much today...
Leona: Oh! Forgive me, everyone! I suppose I got carried away...
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Choose: Let's pick this back up tomorrow.
Vyrn: Yawn... Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm beat.
Leona: Of course! You're all exhausted, I'm sure. Forgive me for not realizing sooner.
Continue 1
Leona: I just thought explaining everything beforehand would help you adjust to Idelva that much quicker.
Cain: You know... Leo used to come by to help me study.
Cain: One time I gave her a puzzler and snuck out while she was still thinking.
Cain: Later that evening, I was in my room, just waiting for her to come barging in to scold me.
Cain: But she was still busy trying to come up with an answer.
Cain: That's Leo for you—always too serious, always too methodical.
Leona: Cain... You know I can hear you.
Cain: Eep...
Cain: Anyway, Leo, you seem to be much perkier than usual today. Something happen?
Leona: You think so? I feel the same as any other day.
Leona: (Captain) and the others are official guests of the state. I'm only treating their arrival with proper diligence.
Cain: I guess so...
Cain: Maybe you're just feeling guilty for your part in the sovereign's stunt earlier today.
Leona: P-perhaps... But you don't have to say that out loud.
Katalina: Hehe. I see things aren't likely to get boring around here.
Katalina looks to Lyria for a grin, but the young girl doesn't respond.
Katalina: What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Hey now... Did somethin' happen?
Leona: Lyria?
Lyria, head downcast, starts to mutter slowly.
Lyria: I'm sorry... You're letting us stay in this beautiful room...
Lyria: Sniff... And you're all such nice people...
Lyria: But I'm worried about Io and the others... I hope they're all right...
Katalina: Lyria...
A stroke of luck brought these members of the crew to Cain and Leona.
But that doesn't mean their fellow crewmates are faring similarly well.
This thought weighs on Lyria despite the fact that she finds herself surrounded by safety and comfort.
Cain: Everything's all right. We're going to help you guys find your friends, okay?
Cain: Right, Leo?
Leona: Huh? Oh, um... Of course.
Cain: Besides, your friends crossed a skydom with you—no ordinary skyfarers could do something like that.
Vyrn: Heh-heh... Yep, our buds are the strongest!
Katalina: You're absolutely right. Knowing them, I'm sure they're doing fine. There's nothing at all to worry about.
Lyria: Okay...
Leona: ...
Deep into the night, (Captain) and Vyrn find themselves unable to sleep. They decide to take a stroll through the palace halls to pass the time.
Vyrn: Huh? Is somebody over there?
Leona: ...
  1. Whatcha doin'?

Choose: Whatcha doin'?
Leona: Eeek!
(Captain)? Vyrn?
Leona: W-what're you doing? It's the middle of the night.
  1. Sorry. We couldn't sleep.

Choose: Sorry. We couldn't sleep.
Leona: That's because this is an unfamiliar sky to you. I understand how difficult it must be to relax.
Vyrn: Yeah, can't sleep even though we're dog-tired... So weird...
Vyrn: But, wait a minute, what're you doin' up, Leona?
Leona: Well, um...
Leona: Did Lyria manage to fall asleep?
Vyrn: Huh? Yeah, she's basically knocked out.
Leona: That's good to hear. I was worried because she seemed so down earlier...
  1. You look pretty down yourself, Leona.
  2. Something on your mind?

Choose: You look pretty down yourself, Leona.
Leona: What? No, um, it's just...
Leona: Ah, this is embarrassing. Everyone's always told me they can tell when I'm anxious.
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Choose: Something on your mind?
Leona: No... Nothing major at least.
Leona: I'm going to say this not as a representative of the military, but as a regular person.
Continue 2
Leona: The truth is...
Leona struggles to find the right words, but soon she takes a small breath and finds the resolve to continue.
Leona: This afternoon, seeing Cain taken like that... I just can't get it out of my mind...
She shuts her eyes, painfully reliving the memory once more.
Cain: ...!
What's happening!
Leona: Cain!
Vyrn: But wasn't that just pretend? Cain was safe the whole time.
Leona: Yes, he was part of Pholia's plot to test your strength.
Leona: It was so sudden when he was kidnapped; I was shaking.
Leona: But then Her Majesty appeared, and I quickly figured out the situation.
Vyrn: O-okay... So what's the matter?
Leona: I know... I know it was all fake!
Leona: And yet, when I saw Cain get taken into the distance...
Leona: It reminded me so much of Abel!
Back during the time of Torhid Kingdom's collapse, Leona was betrothed to Abel, Cain's now deceased older brother.
Leona: The only thing I have left of Abel is Cain... I don't want to lose him too...
Leona: Just seeing what happened today was enough...
Leona: Enough to make me realize that one day Cain could be taken from me right before my eyes.
Leona: It's not Pholia's fault, of course.
Leona: Even though her test was fake, I still wish I hadn't been there for it.
Leona: Whenever I close my eyes, I see him being taken again. It makes my heart race so bad I can't sleep.
Surviving the ravages of the collapse of Torhid has left its mark on Leona.
Vyrn: Um...
Leona: ...
Leona: I'm sorry. Despite what happened today, I've had nights like this for a few years now.
Leona: And each time I can't sleep, I take a walk through the palace... I've grown used to it by now...
Vyrn: That's not exactly comforting though...
Vyrn: Earlier you looked okay. Were you holdin' in the bad feelings the whole time?
Leona: Vyrn, even if I seem pathetic now, I am a military officer. I can't let Her Majesty see me suffer.
Leona: As a matter of fact, I find that strict formality helps me deal with my anxiety.
Leona: But watching Lyria worry about your friends, the ones you've been separated from... Well...
Leona: All of those feelings of losing Abel started coming back...
Leona: I was reminded of how scary it is to lose someone you love...
Vyrn: Yeah... Lyria was really worried earlier, huh?
  1. What kind of person was Abel?

Choose: What kind of person was Abel?
Leona: Um... Let' see...
Leona: He was with the military. Like me. But he was laid back and had a big heart.
Leona: We were complete opposites—me being as serious as I am, there were times when I had no idea what Abel was thinking.
Leona: Before Torhid was destroyed, there was this arrogant nobleman who would come stick his nose in the military's business.
Leona: That was against protocol, so I said some choice words to him. Unfortunately, that got me marked as a troublemaker.
Leona: One day Abel heard about my predicament. He told me, "I'll handle this," before he ran off to the palace.
Vyrn: What! Did everything work out okay?
Leona: Hehe...
Leona: I was worried what he would do, so I followed him. When I caught up, he and the nobleman were having a drink together.
Leona: That man could get anyone to love him...
So anyway, after their little meeting, I never heard a complaint from the nobleman again.
Leona: Abel would surprise everyone with his antics, but he would always see things through to the end.
Leona: And just like that, he went about fixing all of my problems... That's just the type of man he was.
Leona: The only reason Reinhardtzar even knew of Abel was because of how tolerant and forgiving he was of the local thugs.
Leona: Abel was always willing to accept anyone.
Leona: He even used to say, "Thugs? Nah, they're just fun-loving guys."
Leona: His attitude definitely got him into trouble a time or two, but now I can look back on those times fondly.
Leona: ...
Vyrn: Heh-heh, he sounds a lot like (Captain)!
Leona: Huh? Like (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yep! (Captain)'s made a bunch of friends throughout our journey!
Vyrn: Only reason we were able to come to this skydom is because we all banded together!
Vyrn: Don't you think Abel sounds like you, (Captain)? Especially the part about gettin' into trouble!
  1. You may be right.

Choose: You may be right.
Vyrn: Yeah! You wouldn't believe the amount of weirdos who love (Captain)!
Leona: ...
  1. Abel's happy now. Wherever he is.

Choose: Abel's happy now. Wherever he is.
Leona: Huh? He is?
Vyrn: You bet! I was thinking that too! After all, Leona, you've been thinking about him ever since!
Leona: I guess I have...
As if trying to bear her own pain, Leona lowers her head and whispers.
Leona: Even now I worry that I was never able to do anything for Abel.
Leona: He was always protecting me, but I couldn't return the favor.
Leona: Remembering him isn't enough; I wish I had tried harder while he was alive.
Leona: In the end that's not how things worked out though... Now I'm left wondering what was the purpose of Abel's short life...
Vyrn: Mmm...
(Captain) places a hand on Leona's shoulder. She lifts her head in response.
Leona: (Captain)?
  1. He didn't live to cause you pain.

Choose: He didn't live to cause you pain.
Leona: ...!
Vyrn: We've never met the guy...
Vyrn: But for what it's worth, Cain's brother didn't live his life just to make you sad like this.
Leona: (I've never thought about it like that...)
Leona: (Abel always cared for me, so I know he would've never done anything to hurt me.)
Leona: (If I continue to do nothing but mourn him, then I'm treating Abel's memory with far less meaning than he deserves...)
Leona: ...
Leona: After thinking about it, I've realized we share the same fear of being separated from our loved ones, (Captain)...
Leona: I'm so sorry! I made this entire situation about myself...
  1. We worry about you too, Leona.

Choose: We worry about you too, Leona.
Leona: ...
Vyrn: Yeah! You can count on us no matter what happens!
(Captain) and Vyrn head back into the palace, leaving Leona alone in her contemplation.
Leona: What's this?
The nervous throbbing of her chest falls to a steady rhythm; she feels her anxiety evaporating like mist.
A tranquil drowsiness comes over her and she yawns.
Leona: Aaah...
Vyrn: Heh-heh, he sounds a lot like (Captain)!
Leona: Haha...
Leona: You sure do, Abel.
With the name of her fallen lover on her lips, Leona returns inside the palace proper.