Scenario:Leonora - The Long-eared Girl

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The Long-eared Girl

The party accepted the mission and searched for the fugitive. They met one Leonora, who was in the employ of that fugitive as a bodyguard. When Leonora realized that she had been duped by a wanted person, she opened up to (Captain) and company. Leonora’s partner, Jirokichi, became infatuated with Vyrn, so they joined the party.

Our heroes undertook a mission from Sierokarte to hunt down a fugitive with a price on his head.
As soon as our heroes searched in a forest based on several clues...
Girl: Oh oh oh! You were pursuing that guy?!
Small Animal: Squeak.
Vyrn: What's happening? With this little one?
Girl: I’m a little girl! A most excellent name for me would be...
Girl: People call me the Rabbit Girl! I am Leonora!
Small Animal: Squeak.
Leonora: You were the ones looking for this fiend, right?
Vyrn: Mmm? So that person was the fugitive we were pursuing?
Leonora: A fugitive wanted for a bounty... That’s right! I am a bodyguard hired by that person! A profession warrior, and ninja!
Leonora: Bring it on! I was told that person was falsely accused!
Vyrn: What?!? Where did you hear that from?!
Leonora: You can’t lose sight of that! That would be wrong! I will make you face justice!
Leonora: Feel the bite of my ice blade!
Katalina: W-Wait! We have no intention of fighting you!
Katalina produced the wanted poster and showed the written description of the fugitive to Leonora.
Leonora: Bring it on! What is this, a counterfeit wanted poster made to frame her?!
Katalina: No, this is an authentic wanted poster. She’s a fiend who has committed a cornucopia of crimes. And there is a mountain of irrefutable evidence against her.
Leonora: Say what now?! Irrefutable evidence?! What do you mean by that?!
Fugitive: No! I’ve been found!
Vyrn: Hey, I’ve found her! You jackass! So you were hiding out here!
Fugitive: Ugh! No point in trying to hide now!
Vyrn: Why you...! We’ve been waiting for you!
Small Animal: ...
Fugitive: Dammit! Stay away from me!
Vyrn: Wait! You think we’re gonna let you get away?! After her! (Captain)!
Small Animal: ...!
Thanks to the hard work of our heroes, the fugitive was captured.
Fugitive: Damn it! Let go of me!
Leonora: Were you lying to me all along?
Fugitive: Heh! Of course! It’s your fault for falling for it!
Vyrn: What did you say?! How dare you...
Leonora: Ahaha! You’re busted!
Vyrn: Hey... this is no laughing matter...
Leonora: Let’s haul her in and close this case!
Small Animal: Squeak.
Katalina: I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but what’s the deal with that animal you’ve got with you?
Small Animal: Squeak?
Katalina: Oh how cute! Tee hee!
Leonora: This is my partner, Jirokichi! We’ve been together for a long time...
Vyrn: Mmm? Huh? This weasel...
Leonora: Gah! What happened? You partner?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Vyrn: Whahaha! That tickles!
Katalina: What a combo...
Katalina: How adorable!
Leonora: Hey hey... Is my partner smitten with that lizard?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: Ahaha! A weasel falling in love with a lizard... Now that is funny!
Vyrn: Wha...?! You think I wanna get romantically involved with a weasel?
Leonora: Gotcha! I’ve decided! We’re gonna go with you!
Vyrn: Say what!?
Leonora: Ahaha! My partner’s love affair won’t hinder us any!
Leonora: We won’t be a burden!
Leonora: I am a pro when it comes to battles! People call me the Ninja Rabbit Girl!
Vyrn: Say something, (Captain)!
  1. Vyrn here is an ignoramus
  2. Where is the ceremony held?

Choose: Vyrn here is an ignoramus

Leonora: Ahaha! My partner doesn’t sweat the details!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Where is the ceremony held?

Vyrn: Hmph... Of course in our hometown... No, Auguste is also lovely...

Continue 1

Vyrn: What the... hey! What are you on about, (Captain)!
Leonora: Ahaha! Good for you, Jirokichi!
Leonora: I’m looking forward to traveling with you, boss!
Katalina: Heh heh... You two are going to have an enjoyable future together...
Vyrn: Wait just a minute!
Thus the Grandcypher became livelier than ever.
But how the relationship between Vyrn and Jirokichi would turn out is a story for another time...