Scenario:Levi - I'm Watching You

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I'm Watching You

Judging (Captain), like Eren, to be a wildcard in humanity's future, Levi places the crew under close scrutiny, ready to lay down his life should the need arise. But after realizing how far the crew will go to help others, Levi can't help but smile.

Levi: ...
Levi walks into the room housing the crew and throws a dirty look at each member.
Levi: I've been informed that you've been outside the lodgings.
Levi: You think because you can use the vertical maneuvering gear that you're suddenly soldiers? This isn't playtime.
Levi: Have you forgotten that you're under our watch?
Levi: (Who the hell are these people? They've even brought animals with them...)
Vyrn: ...
Levi's stare makes Vyrn shake.
Vyrn: Eep!
Vyrn: Mr. Soldier, why are you staring at us like that? It don't feel right...
Levi: I've never seen a talking lizard. How could I not stare?
Vyrn: Hold up!
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard!
Levi: ...
Vyrn: Hey! Don't ignore me!
Lyria: Vyrn... Let's calm down.
Vyrn: But, Lyria...
Levi: Stop the chatter. The Survey Corps is full of odd characters. Make sure you don't end up on one of their dissection tables.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: Don't worry, Vyrn. We'll protect you.
Vyrn: O-okay... I'm counting on you, Lyria! You too, (Captain)!
As (Captain) comforts Vyrn, Levi stares with curiosity.
Levi: ...
Levi: (How did this brat beat a Titan without vertical maneuvering gear...)
Levi: (And that person is also the captain of these so-called skyfarers?)
Levi: You there. How did you feel when you laid eyes on a Titan? Were you frightened?
  1. No matter the enemy, we won't lose.

Choose: No matter the enemy, we won't lose.

Vyrn: Haha. That's our leader for ya!
Levi: Hmm...
Levi: (A fine look in those eyes... Anyone who's felt fear in the face of a Titan can never fight them again.)
Levi: (There are no exceptions to this rule. Not even in the Survey Corps.)
Levi: (Yet... Could the pandemonium they've faced be beyond anything we have?)
Levi is called into the Survey Corps meeting room to report his plans to Erwin.
But then Levi suddenly switches topic.
Levi: By the way, who are those people?
Clearly Levi is referring to (Captain) and the crew.
Erwin: A threat to humanity but also hope.
Levi: Now where have I heard that before...
Erwin: Something to the effect of Eren. No, perhaps even more than him.
Levi: That's not something I'm ready to believe. But if that's why you called me here today, then I can make an exception.
Erwin: ...
Levi: This all reeks of a bad joke, but you aren't the sort of man to do that.
Levi: Very well. If they get out of hand like Eren, then I'll lay my life on the line to put them down.
Levi: Satisfied, Erwin?
Erwin: Yes, that'll do.
Levi: Where and what kind of enemies have you fought thus far?
Lyria: Umm... We're heading to the island of the Astrals. It's called Estalucia, and...
Vyrn: H-hey, Lyria!
Vyrn: You're not supposed to tell the big wigs anything about us! Remember?
Lyria: Oh, that's right...
Lyria: I'm sorry... I can't tell you any more than that.
Levi: On whose orders?
Lyria: We can't say...
Levi: Fine. But should we get into trouble, we'll require your help. Do you understand?
Vyrn: You don't need to tell us! We'll help no matter what!
Lyria: Yeah! We won't just leave you if we can help! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods encouragingly and Levi smiles.
Levi: (I trust you, Erwin.)
Levi: (But... How could anyone doubt the intentions of these people...)
Levi: I'll say this again. I'm watching your every move. Don't forget.
And so the crew is placed into Levi's care.