Scenario:Lilele - A Stomach for All Occasions

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A Stomach for All Occasions

Despite loving ramen, Lilele is losing her appetite for it after participating in so many ramen events and after hearing a comment about her weight from Vyrn. Meanwhile the crew learns of a rumor being spread that Lilele has chosen the path of a food reporter over her idol career.

A ramen fair showcasing the local flavor is currently underway on a small island.
Lilele: It's the princess of peace, Lilele, here!
Lilele: Hello, everyone! Glad to be in attendance at today's Ramenfest!
Lilele stands upon a stage built in the center of a plaza, her smile radiant like the sun.
Cheer Squad Capt.: L! O! V! E! That's our lovely Lilele! We've been waiting! Lilele!
Lilele: I heard every item today has been made with pride! I've got my work cut out for me as a judge!
Lilele: Oh, it looks like the first bowl is making its way out!
Lilele: Woow! It looks absolutely scrumptious! This aroma tells me it's a shoyu ramen with a seafood base.
Lilele: Here's my first bite!
Lilele: What a full-bodied flavor. The seafood stock just melds with the chicken broth! It's so rich and thick!
Lilele: Mmm! These springy, medium-cut noodles really trap the soup in their curls, leaving you with a hint of sweetness from the wheat they're made from!
Meanwhile (Captain) and company watch Lilele from their seats below the stage.
Vyrn: Gulp... Hey, guys? I'm gettin' kinda hungry...
Rackam: Hehe, me too.
Lilele: Phew! That was sooo good I ate every last bit and drank every last drop!
Lilele: Ah, here comes the next entry. This one is a shio ramen! And is that shrimp stock I smell?
Rackam: Gaaah! I can't stand it anymore! I'm gonna hit a ramen stand real quick!
Vyrn: I'm comin' with!
Vyrn: Whoa! We got a stampede!
Rackam: Damn, looks like everyone else had the same idea! Cut to the front!
Thanks to Lilele's incredible oratory, audience members and even those just passing by scramble for the ramen stands, salivating as they jockey for position.
All the while Lilele keeps a watchful eye on her fans, firing up the event-goers with her mouth-watering descriptions of ramen.
Sponsor: Thank you, Lilele. You're responsible for making this a huge success. I hope I can count on you again.
Lilele: No, thank you!
Lyria: Hehe. Lilele did a great job.
Rackam: Yeah. I only got a view from my seat, but I'm pretty sure all the guests had a blast. That's Lilele for ya!
Lilele: Thank you! I knew taking this gig was the right choice!
Lilele: And I'm not going to stop here!
She stays true to her word.
Lilele: What a thick tonkotsu ramen! But what do you know? The aftertaste is light, which means you'll never get tired of it!
Lilele: Spicy! But with a hint of umami! You can really taste the sweetness of the vegetables boiled in this broth! Umami and spice, and everything nice!
Lilele: Well, isn't this a hearty bowl of tsukemen! Topped with thick slabs of marinated pork, the smell of the meat mixes well with the soup!
Lilele continues to appear at ramen event after ramen event.
One day while the Grandcypher is moored, Lilele looks up to the sky with worry.
Lilele: Sigh... Ramen is all well and good, but no music-related invites have come in yet. I wonder why...
Lilele: Hm?
Vyrn: ...
Lilele: What is it, Vyrn? You've been looking my way for a long time now. Is there something on my face?
Lilele: Or could it be...
Lilele: That you've fallen under the spell of Lilele? Boy, you're slow. You should've noticed—
Vyrn: Um, say, Lilele... You think maybe you've put on a bit of weight lately?
Lilele: ...!
Lilele: I-if you had to put a number on it, how much would you say?
Vyrn: Er, I'm just eyeballin' it here. Kinda just popped into my head.
Lilele: Popped into your head, you say?
Lyria: Vyrn! Lilele did not get fat!
Rackam: Yeah, yeah. Nothing's changed from before, so don't worry about it. Okay, Lilele?
Lilele: O-okay...
Lilele: (To be honest with myself, I've kind of noticed it too.)
Lilele: (I picked up love handles from eating all that braised pork.)
Lilele: (But I've been pretending not to see it.)
Lilele: (And if I keep eating like this, I'm going to revert to how I used to be!)
Lilele: Sob... Sniffle... Why do they have to be so mean?
Lilele: Why do they have to say such hurtful things? Why? Sniffle...
A memory resurfaces in Lilele's mind.
She is taken back to when she was younger, a time when she cried alone after her friends teased her for her chubbiness.
Lilele: (I have to cut myself off from ramen.)
Lilele: (On the other hand, I'm still scheduled for ramen events every single day...)
Lyria: Hello, Lilele? What are you thinking about?
Lilele: Oh, it's nothing! Rackam, please take me to the next venue!
Rackam: Uh... sure. I'll pull up anchor.
The little Harvin is aware that she needs to cut ramen from her diet if she wants to stay trim, but in the end she chooses to fulfill her work obligations.
Lilele: It's the princess of peace, Lilele, here! Today I've been called in as a guest for Ramen Expo!
Cheer Squad Capt.: L! O! V! E! That's our lovely Lilele! We've been waiting! Lilele!
Host: Let's not keep our guest waiting! Bring out the first bowl!
A steaming hot bowl is placed on the table in front of the idol.
Lilele: Urp...
Host: Is everything all right, Lilele?
Lilele: (This is your job, Lilele. Eat it. You love ramen. Tell yourself you're having fun.)
Lilele had already been losing interest in eating ramen. But coupled with others noticing a change in her figure, she has more or less lost her appetite.
Lilele: Time to d-dig in!
Lilele: It's sooo good! The smell of roasted miso is mixed in perfectly with the soup—
Lilele: Uwegh...
Host: Er, come again?
Lilele: Oh, you m-misheard me! I was so overwhelmed by the flavor that I couldn't help but say "hooray"!
Host: Of course, of course! Why, you little trickster. Just for that, I've got bowls two and three for you. Ta-da!
Lilele: What!
There's no stipulation that says Lilele must finish all of each bowl, but she needs to eat a sufficient amount to give a fair opinion.
Bowl after bowl come out like parts on an assembly line. Lilele stuffs the food into her mouth while keeping up appearances.
After that day's event ends, (Captain) tucks the Harvin into bed, who rests in pain from a bloated stomach. (Captain) then slips out to speak with the others.
Vyrn: Sigh... I can't stand to watch this anymore.
Lyria: Yes... She's really forcing herself, isn't she?
Lyria: Can't we do something to help her?
  1. What does Lilele want to do most?

Choose: What does Lilele want to do most?
Vyrn: Hm... That's a good question...
Lyria: I know! To sing and dance at festivals!
Rackam: I see. An event organizer probably has connections, right? Maybe the one for this event knows someone who can get her a gig.
Rackam: Doesn't hurt to ask! If we get a hit, we can ask for an intro!
The crew leaves the inn and finds the event host, who is helping with the teardown.
Host: Unfortunately I don't know anyone affiliated with anything like that. Really sorry, guys.
Rackam: Man, why don't things ever work out how you want them to? I thought we were on track for negotiations.
Vyrn: Sigh... Lilele really wanted to take the stage too...
Host: Wait, didn't you hear? Everyone knows Lilele's making the switch to food reporter this summer.
Rackam: Say that again? What do you mean?
Host: Look, that's just what I've heard, all right? Buzz 'round the industry is she's putting off singing to report on food instead.
Rackam: Wait, what? A rumor like that about her is floating around out there? That's a load of garb—
Suddenly they're not alone.
Lilele: That hurts... How could they... Sniff...
Lilele stands behind the crew, clutching her stomach in pain.

A Stomach for All Occasions: Scene 2

Rumor has it that Lilele has chosen to be a food reporter over idoling, which explains why she hasn't received any requests to perform. The rumor was started by a music producer intent on launching a rival idol group—the crew is determined to stop this underhanded producer's plan from coming to fruition.

It seems unfounded rumors have spread throughout the industry that Lilele is pursuing a foodie career.
The reason why this idol hasn't received any performance invites can be traced to these rumors.
Even so, the crew is on their way to yet another ramen event.
Vyrn: Um... Cheer up, okay?
Lilele: ...
Eugen: What's wrong with Lilele?
Vyrn: You ain't gonna believe this. So at yesterday's ramen event, right? Well—
Lilele: It's the princess of peace, Lilele, here! Hello, everyone!
Man: Hey! It's Professor Ramen!
Woman: Oh, you're right! She knows everything there is to know about ramen!
Man: Hahaha! Who ever heard of someone eating ramen while dressed like a pop idol?
Woman: Ahaha! It's so weird! She's not even an idol!
Lilele: ...!
Vyrn: In short, we found out people don't see her as an idol anymore because of the ramen events she's been doing.
Eugen: That's awful. And she's dealing with nasty rumors on top of it.
Lyria: Yes. Why are such terrible rumors being spread about her?
Eugen: Hard to say. Maybe some talks soured along the way.
Eugen: That said, the Grandcypher is headin' for the next event as we speak. She's in no condition to eat ramen, don't you think?
Vyrn: Let's see... Next up is Auguste, I think.
Lilele: I will... do my job...
Lyria: Oh, Lilele... Doesn't taking a break today sound good to you?
Vyrn: Y-yeah... I agree with Lyria on this one.
Lilele: I can't cancel a gig once I've accepted it.
Lyria: Why not?
Lilele: Once I become the number one idol in the skies, I don't want anyone to think I've had a history of canceling at the last minute.
Eugen: Aaargh! Your strong spirit is too good for this world! I'm moved to tears!
Lilele: What's more, Idol Fest will be held in Auguste in seven days.
Lilele: If I show up there with all smiles, then maybe I can land a performance.
The crew's attempts at persuasion fail to be heeded by Lilele, who chooses to fulfill her duties until the end.
Lilele: It's the princess of peace, Lilele, here! I've been invited to the Auguste Ramen Convention today!
Lilele: I'll fill up on the food I love and give you the 411!
Cheer Squad Capt.: L! O! V! E! That's our lovely Lilele! We've been waiting! Lilele!
Lilele: Now bring on the first bowl!
Lilele: This shoyu ramen looks... good...
Lilele: Don't mind if I do... Om.
Vyrn: C'mon, Lilele, you said you had to show off your perky side. That's not helping.
Lyria: Mm... She's not perky at all.
Vyrn: She gonna be all right? That's why she shoulda taken the day off like we told her to.
Stallkeeper: Say, you guys part of Lilele's entourage?
Rackam: Er, yeah, I guess. Who're you?
Stallkeeper: I run this stall. So Lilele's done singing, huh?
Stallkeeper: Sigh... That's sad to hear. I'm a fan of hers, you see. This ramen business is fine, but I'd rather listen to her songs.
Rackam: Wait, you've got it all wrong. Those rumors are all lies to make her look bad.
Vyrn: Bah. Those stinkin' rumors are at it again.
Stallkeeper: I-is that true? I was only told about it moments ago by an industry type.
  1. Looks like we've got a job to do.
  2. Let's look for this person.

Choose: Looks like we've got a job to do.
Vyrn: Bwuh? What job?
Lyria: Are you talking about that industry person?
Rackam: Of course! Someone with that clout could clear up this whole misunderstanding! Well, if things go well enough, that is...
Vyrn: What're you gettin' at? You're sayin' Lilele could get a spot at a summer fest?
Rackam: Let's not count our chickens just yet. First we gotta persuade this exec to help squash those rumors. Then can you guess what happens next?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Let's look for this person.
Vyrn: Why are we lookin' for someone in the industry?
Rackam: Of course! (Captain)'s trying to clear up this whole misunderstanding! Well, if things go well enough, that is...
Lyria: I don't understand...
Rackam: First we gotta persuade this exec to help squash those rumors. Then can you guess what happens next?
Continue 1
Lyria: Oh! If the rumors are cleared up, then Lilele can get more singing gigs!
Rackam: Yeah! I'll bet you anything these summer fest organizers really want Lilele to perform at their events!
Rackam: All right! Split up and roll out!
Rackam: Hey, boss man. Anything stand out 'bout this exec you can tell us?
Stallkeeper: You bet. They call him the industry's top producer...
The crew's search for the producer begins.
Meanwhile Lilele lies on a deserted beach, her hands clasped on her stomach.
Lilele: Ungh... My tummy's going to burst...
Lilele: But once my break is over, I'll have to go to the sampling corner to try new menu items.
Lilele: I have to keep eating ramen... and the next day, and the day after that... Urp...
Lilele looks at the white sands and blue sky. In seven days time, the venue for Idol Fest will be erected here.
Lilele: (Idol Fest is coming fast.)
Lilele: (And I still haven't gotten any invitations. Not even a postcard...)
Lilele: (I thought if I went all out at today's event, then maybe...)
Lilele: (But still...)
Lilele: Sob... Sniff...
Lying on her side, her tears drip onto the sandy beach.
Lilele: "Even if I work harder than ever before..."
Lilele: "Then the weird rumors will stop..."
Lilele: I'm such an idiot. A lazy, no-good idol.
Lilele: I'm... a pig...
Lilele: Sniff... I... sniff... I want to be in a summer fest... Just one...
Just then voices reach her ears.
Lackey: Do you think it'll go well? There's only seven days left until the debut.
Producer: It won't be a problem. Idol groups under my management never fail to produce results.
Lilele: (Huh?)
Producer: Hah hah hah! Now this is what I call fun. I don't have to worry about a single hiccup. The number one spot at Idol Fest is as good as ours!
Lilele: (Gasp! That's!)
Lilele: (The one they say produces idol groups!)
Lilele: (So he's planning on showing off a debut group at Idol Fest. I wish I could perform too...)
Subordinate: Well, if we're talking about popularity, isn't Lilele a shoo-in to win it all?
Producer: Didn't you get the memo? She won't be appearing at the festival. I thoroughly saw to that.
Lilele: (What does he mean by that?)
Producer: Heh-heh-heh. I'm the one who spread those rumors about her becoming a food reporter.
Subordinate: You did? But why?
Producer: Hah hah hah! I let the rumors fester within the industry, and the sponsors fell for it. They decided not to invite her!
Subordinate: Sir? Does that mean—
Producer: Yes, she's lost support for the biggest live event out there. Now do you get it?
Subordinate: Aha! With Lilele out of the picture, our own productions gain higher visibility!
Producer: Wah hah hah! Bingo! This debut is guaranteed to succeed!
Lilele: What is the meaning of this!
Producer: Wha! Lilele?
Lilele: I worked my skin to the bone believing promoters would notice my efforts...
Lilele: Up until today I ate and ate... and ate and ate until I couldn't eat anymore!
Lilele: But still no letter came for me. And it's... i-it's all your doing!
Producer: Tch, no point in hiding it now. I'll make you realize that you would've been much happier not knowing the truth!
Lilele: How, how dare you!
Lilele: I am unbelievably angry right now! Boiling mad!
Lilele: Idols have to compete against each other fair and square by singing and dancing!
Producer: Listen, dollface, you can't give me cheek like that!
Hey! I have a job for you all!
Bodyguards: Hahaha. Are you kidding me? You want us to tackle this little shrimp?
Producer: I'm not paying you to second-guess me. Teach her a lesson in how to keep her mouth shut!
Lilele: Eeek!
Bodyguards: Got it, boss. All right, little lady...
The bodyguard is about to put a beating on Lilele.
But just then...
Bodyguards: Huh? Who're you guys?
Vyrn: What do you think you're doin' to Lilele, you stinkos!
Lilele: (Captain)! Vyrn! Lyria!
Lyria: Are you okay, Lilele?
Lilele: I'm okay! But why are you three here?
Vyrn: (Captain) was thinkin' about asking some producer for help in dispelling the rumors.
Lilele: (Captain) did?
Vyrn: So we all split up to find the guy. That's how we heard everything.
Vyrn: I never thought the producer we found was actually the mastermind himself!
Producer: Damn it. Lilele's groupies, huh. Well, we can't have any leaks now, can we? Bury them all in the sand!

A Stomach for All Occasions: Scene 3

The unscrupulous producer's actions come to light, and he is banished from the industry. Lilele gets her moment in the spotlight at a summer festival, thanking the crew for their support. Although she had lost her love for ramen temporarily, it's only fitting that her after-party is to be held at a ramen shop.

Seven days later on a beach of Auguste.
(Captain) and company are in the audience, waiting for the Idol Fest Battle to start.
Lyria: Heehee. I'm so relieved that Lilele was able to do a concert this summer.
Rackam: Got that right. That producer was banned from the industry, and his idol group's performance was suspended.
Eugen: Haha, which opened up a slot for Lilele. Guess there is justice in the world.
Vyrn: Pfft! That guy spread bad rumors about Lilele! 'Course they'd let her in!
While the crew members are talking to each other, a small silhouette graces the stage.
Lyria: Oh! It's Lilele!
Lilele: Everybody having a good time out there?
Lilele: It's the princess of peace, Lilele, here!
Cheer Squad Capt.: L! O! V! E! That's our lovely Lilele! We've been waiting! Lilele!
Cheer Squad Capt.: Hahaha! Ramen's great, but nothing beats the sights and sounds of Lilele live!
Lilele: Actually it was only just recently that I became able to participate in Idol Fest.
Lilele: But to be here right now, on stage in front of all of you...
Lilele: It's all because my treasured friends lent me a hand.
Lilele: I hope you don't mind me taking the spotlight to thank them. Really, thank you.
Lilele: And to all of you who have waited to hear me sing, thank you too.
Rackam: Hehe... Her words are really makin' you happy, eh, Eugen?
Eugen: Sob... She was the one who kicked, scratched, and clawed her way back on to the stage.
Eugen: Waaah! But she still said it was because of her friends! Oh, what a good girl she is!
Lilele: Now the moment you've all been waiting for: Dream-Colored Miracle!
Lilele's performance whips the audience into a frenzy. Before they know it, the curtains come down.
Lilele: Thanks for coming out to watch me today!
Vyrn: What are you saying? We wouldn't miss it for the world!
Lilele: Phew, my stomach is empty. Anybody up for some ramen?
Rackam: What? Haven't you had your fill of ramen throughout this whole ordeal?
Lilele: That's true, but thanks to practicing like a maniac over these past seven days, my stomach's back to normal!
Lilele: Besides, how can I say no to my comfort food, now and forever? I can already taste it!
Lyria: Heehee. Okay, let's go then.
Rackam: Mm. Might as well make it an after-party at a ramen shop.
Lilele: Yeah!
Lilele nods vigorously with a winning smile, her long hiatus of singing and dancing now over.
It's a smile she promises to show the crew and her fans.
The summer of Lilele—on the road to be the sky's number one idol—has only just begun.