Scenario:Lilele - Daydream☆Miracle

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The crew meets a girl called Lilele, who is aiming to become a major pop star. She tells them that she met Lyria when she was very young, and saw Lyria perform a song called "Our Future." But Lyria has no memory of having sung the song at all. Lilele, who had idolized Lyria and the crew and had been inspired by them to become a pop star, is understandably shocked by this news. To cheer her up, (Captain) suggests that she join the crew and continue searching for whoever it was did sing that song all those years ago.

Harvins have a uniquely small stature.
One young Harvin girl has been teased about her size by her friends, and is now alone by a lake, crying.
???: Sob… sniffle… Why did they have to be so mean?
???: Why do they have to say such hurtful things? …Why… Snuffle…
A tear drop forms on her eyelashes and drops into the lake.
That drop, so full of sorrow, creates ripples on the surface of the calm lake.
The ripples expand until they cover the entire lake.
Just then…
???: What's wrong? Why do you cry?
???: Who're you?
???: Come on, don't look so down. Let's sing a song.
???: S-sing? No, I couldn't. I'd be too embarrassed.
???: Don't be, everyone's waiting for you.
???: !
???: (…What's going on? Wow, those girls look so cute…)
???: (…I wish I had clothes like that…)
???: (…I wish I was as cute as them…)
Meanwhile, something is happening in a small town in Port Breeze.
In the town square, two men are having a heated argument.
Captain: How many times do I have to tell you! This island belongs to us!
Commander: And how many times do I have to tell you? We're here to take over!
Captain: That's it, if you're not gonna listen then I'll have to teach you a lesson the only way I know how!
Townsperson: EEEEEEK!
The townsperson's scream reaches the ears of (Captain) and crew who just so happen to be walking by.
Vyrn: What's going on over there? Looks like something's heating up.
Lyria: Oh no, look! They're surrounding the townspeople!
Rackam: This isn't good. Let's go, we have to stop them!
The crew rush over to the town square. As they reach it they hear an unusual sound.
Lilele: I think you're going to enjoy this next one…
"Dreams are the Colors of Miracles"!
Lilele: "I close my eyes, and all I see is your face
Looking the same as the day we first met.
Even now, I long for your embrace…"
Lilele: "You still haven't seen my new color yet
The color you gave me, the color of dreams
Miracles still happen these days, so it seems…"
Katalina: Wh-what is that? Look over there, something's happening.
Katalina points to where the people who were up until now fighting, but now they were all standing side by side.
Cheerleaders: L! O! V! E! Lovely Lilele! Our beloved Lileleeee!
Townspeople: Yaaaaaay! Lileleeee! Lileleeee!
Rackam: What's goin' on? Weren't they at each others throats just a moment ago?
Eugen: Isn't it obvious? They're all here for the same thing. They're chasing the same dream…
Eugen: It's just that they care so much about it, the slightest thing can spark an argument. You can't blame them, they're young!
Katalina: Well that's as may be. Anyway, it seems we're not needed here, so let's get back to the ship. Euge?Eugen?
Rackam & Eugen: L! O! V! E! Lovely Lilele! Our beloved Lileleeee!
Katalina: R-Rackam, Eugen, what are you doing?
Eugen: I'm sorry, I just got swept up in the madness. Their enthusiasm is infectious!
Katalina & Lyria: Humph…
Rackam: It was the song! Seriously! The song just brought something up in me, and before I knew it I was dancing…
Eugen: I've always been a sucker for this kinda thing. I just get swept away… Swept…
Katalina: You're the type who buys all the merchandise and hangs out after the show to get autographs, I bet.
Rackam: I'm telling you it's all the song's fault! How many times do I have to say it?
Katalina: What are we going to do? I have to say I didn't expect you two to be into this sort of thing… Though we all need outlets…
???: …Lyria? You are Lyria, aren't you?
Lyria turns to see the small Harvin girl who was on stage singing earlier. She seems close to tears.
Lyria: Erm… Aren't you the one who was singing earlier?
Lilele: Yes, my name's Lilele! I can't believe it's actually you!
Lyria: Wait. How is it that you know me?
Lilele: What are you talking about? You were in the group that sang "Our Future," weren't you?
Lyria: What? "Our Future"?
The two men who had been dancing so energetically earlier start to explain the situation to the bewildered Lyria.
Rackam: Yeah, she's talking about that time. The miracle show that happened by the lake.
Eugen: Lilele met a blue-haired girl and was blown away by her. She's been her inspiration ever since.
Rackam: She's done everything she can to be like that blue-haired girl. She even took singing lessons!
Eugen: That's how she got the name of "Princess of Pop"… Wow, this is pretty in-depth.
Katalina: Where are you guys getting all this from?
Eugen: From this, where else! The official fan book has all sorts of information.
Rackam: Yeah, surely everyone knows that.
Katalina: Goodness, it's like you've both been hypnotized.
Katalina: (Captain), what did you think of her song?
  1. Apologies, but can we stop the singing?
  2. Let's take on a tour of the whole sky!

Choose: Apologies, but can we stop the singing?
Lilele: C-Captain, you didn't like my music? I have to say, I'm shocked.
Vyrn: That's not what (Captain)'s saying! We're worried that if we hear any more then we'll all be under your spell, that's all!
Lyria: (Captain), is that true?
(Captain) looks away awkwardly.
Lilele: Teehee, I see. Well that just makes me want to play for you all the more!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Let's take on a tour of the whole sky!
Lilele: Do you really mean that?
Lilele: I've dreamed of touring my show around the skies. And what's more, to be touring with my idol, Lyria… A dream come true!
Continue 1
Katalina: Oh come on… It's fine to be a fan of her music, but don't forget our main objective!
Lilele: By the way, where are the other members?
Vyrn: Other members? What do you mean?
Lilele: I mean, the other girls who sang "Our Future" with Lyria…
Lyria: Erm, once again I have to say I have no memory of "Our Future"…
Lilele: That… That's impossible. You're joking, right? I mean, you're my idol!
Vyrn: H-hey, just calm down! What's going on here?
The crew try to calm Lilele down, but she is inconsolable.
Lilele: You're not making fun of me are you? I mean, I remember Lyria singing "Our Future"…
Rackam: Hmmm, I have to say that what Lilele's been saying isn't ringing any bells.
Eugen: Y-yeah… I think I would have remembered Lyria singing on stage like that…
Katalina: Lilele, forgive me if this comes across as rude…
Katalina: Might you be mistaking us for someone else?
Lilele: Th-there's no way! It is you, Lyria! You have to remember!
Lyria: I'm sorry, but I really have no memory of what you're talking about.
Lilele: B-but… How…
Lilele appears to be in shock, and drops to her knees on the spot.
Lilele: I… I've tried so hard to become like that shining brilliant girl…
Lilele: Is it… Can it be… My dream…
Katalina: Isn't over yet, right?
Lilele: Huh?
Katalina: We might not be the people you're looking for, but that's no reason to give up. They might still be out there.
Lilele: But… What if… the girl I met and idolize so much isn't in this world?
Lyria: Then you can come with us!
Lyria: And then together we can search the skies for that girl, from here to the Isle of the Astrals!
Vyrn: Yeah, we're gonna be going to so many places, you're sure to find who you're looking for!
Lilele: B-but, the Isle of the Astrals is just a legend…
Katalina: That may be, but it's still our destination. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods enthusiastically to Katalina's question.
Rackam: Our captain doesn't know the meaning of "giving up." We've set a course for Estalucia, so we will get there.
Eugen: What do you say, Lilele? Let's go look for your idol together!
Lilele: OK! I… I'll keep looking!
Lilele: I can't give up on my dream, I can't go back to being just another girl.
Lilele forces out a little smile.
The men and women alike in the crew are mesmerized by that hypnotic smile.