Scenario:Lily - A Girl in Search of Spring

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A Girl in Search of Spring

The party had just saved a young woman from a band of brigands.And so Lily met (Captain), who turned out to be an unexpected source of warmth.Lily had finally found the person who could bring her spring. She joined our heroes on their journey.

Vyrn: Brr...hey, (Captain). Am I the only one who's feeling a little chilly?
Lyria: Are...are you okay? It looks like you're moving in slow motion...
Vyrn: What're you trying to say?! Call me a reptile, you little?wait. ... are dragons reptiles?
Vyrn: A-anyway! We gotta find out where the cold is coming from! It could be a primal beast!
Brigand: Damnit! What're you doing here, brat?!
???: can't answer that. I'm Lily, so...
Brigand: Raargh! So damn cold! These buddies of mind couldn't handle it... and I'm feeling like a damn ice cube...
Lily: Er... c-can I have that back? I need it so I can travel...
Vyrn: You rotten bunch of bums! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!
Brigand: Wha?! What's with the lizard!
Vyrn: Who the hell keeps telling people I'm a lizard?!

Anyway, she needs our help!

Let's get 'em, (Captain)!
Our heroes fended off the brigands in quite the splendid fashion. Lily's bag was safe.
Lyria: There you go.

That must have been terrifying.

Are you okay?
Lily: Th-thanks...I'm okay.
Lyria: We're so happy to hear that! But you're so small! Don't you know how dangerous it is to travel alone? Shouldn't you be with a grownup?
Lily: Um...well I gotta go by myself. Those are the rules. Hm?
Lily: *sniff* *sniff* Do you smell that? It's so warm...
Vyrn: Smell? I don't smell a damn thing...
Vyrn: ...wait?!

What the hell?!

Think she's sniffing you out, (Captain)...
Lily: Sniff sure do smell warm for a skyfarer...
Lily: Like what I was looking for...
Lyria: That's way too close! You shouldn't just touch (Captain) like?eep?!
Lily: Take me with you! Please! Pretty please with a cherry on top!
Lily: I looked everywhere for someone that can give me spring...and that's you!
Lyria: Wait...what?! Are you sure?!
Lyria: I mean, you just met (Captain)...
Lily: Well this skyfarer came and took all my cold I'm sure!
Vyrn: She's right. I'm not cold anymore. I wasn't even that close and I felt like I was in an iceberg.
Lily: Pleaaaase! Pretty please?! You're skyfarers...
  1. C'mon, kid!
  2. You're a kid!

Choose: C'mon, kid!
Lily: Yaaay! Thank you, Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: You're a kid!
Lyria: E-Exactly! But the Empire's after us!
Vyrn: C'mon, Lyria. You reaaally wanna leave a little girl like this all by herself?
Lyria: Grr...
Continue 1
Vyrn: What's a journey without a little excitement, eh?!
Lily: I know I'm an ingor... ignora... i'm not too bright, but thanks for taking me! Right!
Lyria: Er...nice to have you, Lily.
Lily: Yeah! Thanks! You're gonna be my big sister!
Lyria: ?!Big sister?!
Lyria: Oh...oh, okay! If you're having any trouble, you just come talk to me!
Lily: Yup!Thanks so much!
Vyrn: Kinda scary for a kid, huh?
And so the young girl and her Ice Crystal join (Captain) and company on their journey.