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Dragon Spooker

Lina is shocked to discover that (Captain) is looking for Estalucia. When she hears that (Captain)'s father sent a letter from the island, she asks to join forces in hope of finding treasure there. With a reluctant sigh, her protector Gourry agrees to come along to keep an eye on her.

Lina & Gourry: Om nom nom… (Crunch… gulp…)
Gourry: Hey! That's my meat!
Lina: Too bad, Gourry! That's what you get for taking your eyes off the prize.
Gourry: Oh? I see, I see… Then how do you like this?
Lina: Agh! I was saving that one for last! I guess I'll have to help myself to this…
Gourry: No way! You can pry that sausage from my cold, dead hands, Lina.
(Captain) and the crew watch in horror as the fierce battle between knife and fork transpires over both parties' plates.
While fighting their way across the ancient battlefield, the crew has returned to town for a break.
Vyrn: Man, those two sure can eat…
Lyria: I-I've never seen so many plates before…
The stack of discarded plates Lina and Gourry leave on the table is growing taller by the second.
Vyrn: Hm… Mr Big Head here I understand, but Miss Dragon Spooker is so tiny, I don't know where she's putting it all.
Lina: Pthf!
D-dragon Spooker? Where did you hear that nickname?
Vyrn: Oh, I think it was Sierokarte, maybe? She said that dragons are so revolted by you that they step right past.
Gourry: Well, you're not exactly wrong…
Lina: Take out a few bandits here and there and people blow it right out of proportion, and you end up with a weird nickname.
Lyria: Um, well, I heard you're also known as the "Bandit Killer". I was kinda expecting you to look scarier…
Vyrn: Right, Sierokarte said something about all the thousands of times you've fought with bandits.
Lina: Humph, don't be stupid. I don't have the time to go around fighting that many bandits.
Vyrn: Well, no, most people don't. But then I heard how many you can take out in a single day.
Lina: Oh, sure. I can take down a few thousand at once, if that's what you mean.
Vyrn: D-doesn't that kinda make it true, then?
Lyria: Ha ha… Wow, Lina. If you carry on like that, there won't be any bandits left!
Lina: Right, and that's the problem!
Vyrn: Huh? I'm not seeing any problems there.
Lina: Well, I like to help myself to the bandits' treasure, and I can't do that if there aren't any bandits left.
Gourry: What? Don't tell me you're at it again…
Vyrn: So, what you're saying is… you're basically just a bandit yourself?
Lina: What? No way! How am I supposed to know who it belonged to? I couldn't return it even if I tried.
Lina: Besides, when I liberate treasure from bandits, I'm helping the economy by putting some cash back into businesses, you know?
Vyrn: I'm not sure that makes it any better…
Lina: Then you'll be glad to know that I couldn't find any bandits on the last islands. They all fled in fear.
Gourry: That's hardly surprising, given what you do to them.
Lina: They deserve everything they get. They're breaking the law, and I'm just upholding it.
Lina: Anyway, the bandit shortage had me so bored that I came over here instead.
Vyrn: I see. Still, I don't think we've seen any bandits around here, either.
Lina: Right, the Order of Holy Knights, the Erste Imperial Army and the Crew of Enforcers have already taken care of them…
Gourry: I get it now. That's why you've been so cranky lately. There are no bandits around for you to bully.
Lina: Well of course I'm going to get frustrated! Everyone needs to let off a little steam now and then.
Gourry: Hmm… This could be a problem.
Lina: That's what I've been telling you!
Lina: Hey, (Captain), is there a bandit gang or a dragon around here that could use a good walloping? I need some stress relief.
(Captain) thinks about it, and a name comes to mind, but is conflicted. There's no telling what Lina will do.
Gazing too long at Lina's bright smile felt like gazing into the abyss, and (Captain) decided to remain silent.
After they finish eating, the group orders tea. As they drink, Vyrn suddenly speaks up.
Vyrn: So you're traveling bandit hunters? That's a pretty dangerous way to live.
Lina: Pthf!
What? No! I'm not traveling around just to take out bandits.
Lina: It all started when my big sister kicked me out and said, "Go see the world!"
Gourry: So what are you all traveling for?
Vyrn: Oh, we're looking for Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
Lina: Island of the Astrals?
Vyrn: Yeah, (Captain)'s father send a letter saying he's waiting on Estalucia.
Lina: Wow… I've read about it in books, but I've never heard of anyone who actually saw it!
Gourry: Huh? You've heard of this… Island of the Astrals, Lina?
Lina: Even a five year old knows what it is! There are all kinds of legends and fairy tales about it.
Lina: It was where the Astrals had their base during the War, supposedly.
Lina: Nobody knows if the Astrals are still living there, but there must at least be traces of their technology left behind.
Gourry: Oh? Sounds like a pretty important place.
Lina: The Island of the Astrals, huh? I suppose I always though Gourry's Sword of Light was just a myth too.
Lina: Say, (Captain)… There's something I have to ask you. Can I come with you on this journey?
Gourry: Now there's a rare sight. You trying to team up with someone else.
Lina: We're talking the Island of the Astrals, Gourry! I bet it's just overflowing with legendary magical artifacts!
Lina: I know the chances of finding it are slim, but as long as there's a chance… Mwahaha, think of the treasure!
Gourry: Ugh… Oh, well, if that's what you want to do… As long as (Captain) agrees, of course.
  1. That sounds great
  2. I'm not sure about this

Choose: That sounds great

Lina: Yeah, let's do this! (Captain), you won't regret it!
Gourry: Sorry about this, (Captain). Lina can be a pain, but as her protector, I'll keep an eye on her.
Vyrn: Heheh! With Miss Dragon Spooker and Mr Big Head on our side, this is gonna be great!
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Choose: I'm not sure about this

Lina: Hey! I'm a genius sorceress, and beautiful to boot! Just what aren't you sure about?
  1. You're kinda scary
  2. We can't afford your appetite

Choose: You're kinda scary

Lyria: Ha ha… That wasn't very tactful, (Captain).
Gourry: Look where all this talk of fighting bandits has gotten you, Lina. You frightened (Captain) and Lyria!
Lina: Oh come on, Gourry, you know I only hurt the bad guys!
Gourry: I guess I can't argue that… You spells have gotten us out of trouble more than just once or twice.
Gourry: OK, if Lina worries you, then let me speak as her protector.
Gourry: I'll keep an eye on her and make sure things don't get out of hand.
Lina: Hey, what do you mean "get out of hand"? Ugh… Fine, whatever.
Seeing Gourry's gentle smile, (Captain)'s worries melt away, and they nod in agreement.
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Choose: We can't afford your appetite

Lina: Worried about my food expenses, are we?
Lina: Hey, Mr. Manager! Bring me all the checks, lunch is on me!
Lyria: Huh? A-are you sure?
Lina: My finances are doing just fine. You think I'd be a sorceress if it didn't pay well?
Lina: Anyway, if you bring me along, I'll take care of food expenses for the whole crew!
Lina: How does that sound? Perfect, right? Alright, (Captain), let's go!
Vyrn: Well you sure know how to get what you want…

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Lina: If I get to the Island of the Astrals, even my sister will have to… No, probably not even then…
Vyrn: Hey, is this sister of yours back home kinda scary, or something? That's the vibe I'm getting here.
Lina: Really scary. To win against her, you'd have to be as powerful as a god, or Flare Dragon Ceiphied.
Lina: I hear she's taken down a great primal beast armed with only a chopstick or a wooden spoon or something.
Vyrn: Wow, it's just one incredible tale after another from you, isn't it?
Lina: If that sister of mine wasn't such a pain in the backside, then I wouldn't have bothered leaving home!
Lina: OK, let me just take care of my business in town, then off to the Island of the Astrals we go!
And so, the sorceress known as the "Bandit Killer" and the "Dragon Spooker", along with many other nicknames, Lina Inverse…
…And her protector Gourry Gabriev join (Captain)'s crew.
With an impressive grasp of magical lore and legends, the sorceress is a powerful ally for the crew, despite her young age.