Scenario:Lobelia - Un-Malicious Intentions

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Un-Malicious Intentions

Now aware of Lobelia's connection with the Arcarum, Lyria stands up to him for taking the lives of so many innocents. Lobelia finds their difference in opinion unfortunate and summons the Tower to battle the crew after transporting them to another battlefield of the War, fully intent on hearing their flesh torn and bones crushed.

When Lobelia is through recalling days past, he grins amiably.
Lyria: S-so, Lobelia... you're with the Arcarums who are trying to destroy the world?
Vyrn: Hold up! That makes it sounds like wreckin' stuff is your goal.
Vyrn: So then what were ya talking about in the first place?
Vyrn: Weren't we fighting against the primals beasts that were trying to destroy the world?
Lobelia: Heh! Ah, yes, that.
Lobelia: I just came up with that story on the spot. It certainly was something, wasn't it?
Lyria: So... you mean you were lying?
Lobelia: The truth was in fact the opposite, yes. Your kind contribution allowed me to collect a wealth of data though.
Lobelia: The World and The Tower should now be able to destroy this world efficiently.
Lobelia: Merci, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria!
Lobelia: This will satisfy me, and at last I'll be happy.
Lobelia: Heh-ahahahaha!
Sensing a concentrated malice behind the young man's innocent face, the party members shudder instinctively.
Vyrn: Be happy? Do you have any idea what you're sayin'?
Lyria: You're stealing other people's happiness so that only you can be happy. That's so wrong!
Lobelia: Non, non! It isn't wrong in the least!
Vyrn: What!
Lobelia: Everyone has the right to be happy. I do everything I can to exercise that right.
Lyria: But everyone you killed—they had a right to be happy too!
Lobelia: Come now, come now! What's the matter? Don't start raging over something so basic.
Lobelia: I suppose I'm just not enough of a pushover to tend to others' needs.
Vyrn: You jerk! I knew you were loony!
Lobelia: Sigh... Now I feel bad about myself. Do you have to treat me like a madman?
Lobelia: And here I was thinking you'd understand me, (Captain), given how alike we are.
Vyrn: (Captain) ain't nothing like you!
Lobelia: Non! We are one and the same!
Lobelia: Surely you all know it to be true. (Captain) dealt out destruction countless times during the War, or at least a memory of it.
Lobelia: No matter what enemies appeared, you laid them low effortlessly without a moment's hesitation.
Vyrn: That's 'cause you fooled us! (Captain) wasn't just destroyin' stuff for kicks!
Lobelia: But you did have fun, didn't you? Your heart raced, and you trembled with anticipation.
Lobelia: Testing strategies on each powerful foe until—in the end—you could destroy it... That was fun for you, wasn't it?
Lobelia: You can be honest. That's what happiness is after all!
Lobelia: What do you say then? Try to remember! Wasn't the sound of destruction delightful?
Vyrn: Zip it already! Didn't ya hear when I said (Captain)'s not like you!
Lobelia: Sigh... I suppose we can't reach any kind of understanding then. It's a shame...
Lobelia: It truly is...
Letting out an exaggerated sigh, Lobelia raises his left arm high and snaps a finger.
Lyria: Eeek...
Concurrent with the sharp sound, a blinding flash consumes the party.
When the party members open their eyes, their surroundings have changed completely.
Vyrn: This is... a battlefield from the War, huh?
Lobelia: And I've eliminated anyone who could interfere.
Lobelia: There's no one here but us now. Don't think you'll be able to escape.
Vyrn: Are you trying to sh-shut us up?
Lobelia: Non! I wish to destroy you—there's no more to it!
Lobelia: It's that we—we're birds of a feather. I simply want to make a mess of you!
Lobelia: I wish to hear the supreme harmonie of your screams as your raw flesh is torn apart and your bones mix with organs!
Lobelia: My wish is to preserve you forever. To preserve the sound of happiness you will give rise to.
Lobelia: I know that you—that you'll be able to satisfy me!
The agitated Lobelia whistles with his fingers once again.
When the subsequent burst of light fades, The Tower is standing before the party's eyes.
Fear and awe fill the party as they stand in his colossal, overpowering shadow.
The Tower: ...
Lobelia: Heh-ahahaha! Now then, make us happy, (Captain)!
As if in response to Lobelia's voice, The Tower advances—shaking the very atmosphere with each step.
The Tower: ...!
Vyrn: L-looks like we don't have a choice. C'mon, (Captain)!

Un-Malicious Intentions: Scene 2

Lobelia's body suddenly bursts open during deadly combat with the crew. As the price for his pact with The Tower, he is to repeatedly die a most excruciating death in the same manner as everyone he's ever killed. His body constantly regenerating by The Tower's abilities, Lobelia screams in ecstasy with each death. The crew is transported back to the restaurant again, this time with the card of The Tower and a conch in their possession.

(Captain) and Lobelia engage in a battle both lethal and brutal, almost reminiscent of the War at times.
It shatters bedrock and opens sinkholes until the landscape is ultimately unrecognizable. The victor is—
Lobelia: Heh-ahahaha!
Lobelia: Heh-ahahahaha! Très-bien!
Lyria: Huff, huff... His strength was... unbelievable...
Vyrn: It's a miracle we won, given how powerful Conchy is!
Vyrn: But now it's over, isn't it?
Lobelia: Cough, ahahaha!
Vyrn: Wha! Y-you can still stand?
Lobelia: Non! This is the finale. I failed.
The Tower: ...
Lobelia: There's no power as expedient as the power I wished for.
Lobelia: I understand now... Tower... why no pactbearers appeared to you for so long...
Lobelia: Heh... Or no... Why they no sooner appeared than disappeared...
The Tower: ...
Vyrn: What are you mumblin' about?
Lobelia: You'll see soon enough. After all, the overture will play momentarily.
The party suspiciously watches Lobelia who—despite his extensive injuries—speaks as if singing.
But in the following moment—
Lobelia: Gwegh!
Vyrn: Eek!
Lobelia's body bursts open.
Confronted with this overwhelming sight, the party members' faces blanch.
Lyria: Lobelia!
Vyrn: What just happened?
The Tower: ...
While the party members struggle to gain their bearings, The Tower makes a gigantic fist.
A dazzling light then consumes the surroundings.
Once it draws back, Lobelia is lying before the party intact.
Lobelia: Huff, huff... Augh... Gulp!
Vyrn: Huh? Conchy? How come—what's going on!
Lobelia: It's just as you saw! Heh-ahaha!
Lobelia: This is my repayment to The Tower.
Vyrn: Repayment?
Lobelia: If The Tower's pactbearer tries to destroy something and fails even once....
Lobelia: All destruction he previously wrought will be meted out on him.
Lobelia: Hah-ahaha! If the pactbearer dies partway through, he'll be brought back to life and punished.
Vyrn: What are you sayin'! So you're gonna—
Lobelia: I'll be destroyed once for each conque in my archive!
Lyria: B-but!
Lobelia: That was Papa's destruction... And next is Maman's—
Lobelia: G-gwaah! Eghhhaa!
Before he can finish his sentence, Lobelia lets out an excruciated scream that horrifies the listeners.
A glance reveals that his four limbs are being crushed little by little, starting at the tips.
Lobelia: Gggeh! Aaaaaaah!
Unable to fully bear the pain, Lobelia wrings out a scream so great that it rends his throat.
Lobelia: Gweh, cough!
Blood gushes forth as he writhes in agony.
Lobelia: ...
He then stops moving entirely.
The Tower: ...
The Tower then makes another colossal fist like the one moments ago.
Lobelia: Cough! Huff.... huff.... huff...
Lobelia: Giiigh! Gaaaaah!
Lobelia has just returned to life, but the destruction of his body begins once again. He emits a tormented scream.
Lyria: No... This is...
Vyrn: I can't bear this! We gotta help him, (Captain)!
Lobelia: Gulp... M-mind your own business!
Lyria: ...!
As Lobelia squirms around, he shrieks ghastfully; the group members then stop in their tracks.
Lobelia: Right now I'm sooo... geh, gggh... very happy... and satisfied...
Vyrn: How can you say that at a time like this!
Lobelia: Heh-aha! Ahahahahaha!
While laughing maniacally, Lobelia clutches a disintegrating hand and snaps a finger.
But instead of emitting the usual sound, his fingers merely rub against each other.
In the following moment, (Captain) and the others vanish.
Lobelia: Now... no... one will get in the wa...
Lobelia: Ah...
The Tower: ...
Lobelia: Huh! Huff... huff...
Lobelia: G-gaaah!
Lobelia: G-gaaah!
Time after time, Lobelia comes to life and is then blotted out with every conceivable method.
In this wretched hell, Lobelia gives a heartfelt smile.
Lobelia: (This noise!)
Lobelia: (It's the sound of my destruction—the sound of me crossing over into death!)
Lobelia: (This is true happiness!)
Lobelia: (Ah, I'm satisfied! Tower, you must feel this way too!)
Lobelia: Agh! Cough! Heh-ahahahahaha!
Lobelia: I finally—I became happy!
Lobelia: Happy! My life is complete!
Lobelia: Heh-ahahahaha!
The Tower shows no reaction whatsoever toward the laughing Lobelia.
He simply destroys the failed pactbearer with mechanical precision another time.
The party, meanwhile, has returned to the restaurant.
They are quiet for a time, doubtlessly speechless from the loathsome sight of Lobelia's final moments.
During the long silence, (Captain) finds The Tower's card in a pocket together with a conch.
Vyrn: That's the card of The Tower, isn't it.
Vyrn: Does that mean the pactbearer after Conchy is... you, (Captain)?
(Captain) can find no words to reply to Vyrn, who is clearly unnerved.
For a while, (Captain) stares at the conch and card of annihilation that led Lobelia to his ruin.