Scenario:Lowain - Bros be Bros

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Bros be Bros

The crew is off on a mission, but Lowain and his bros are on standby, idly shooting the breeze. Walder, Drang, and Pommern, each a benchwarmer in his own unique way, also appear. A sense of camaraderie blooms as the motley band of rejects break bread together.

Our story begins in a cafe on the corner of a bustling street in Port Breeze.
While the crew is off completing another mission, Lowain and his bros are on standby, idly shooting the breeze.
As they while away the time, they banter about this and that.
Lowain: Dudes. I've been thinking. Weren't we on standby for the last job too?
Elsam: Huh? Naw, man. That time doesn't count. It was your turn to make dinner.
Tomoi: But we were on standby the time before that too. It's been nothin' but standby these days. Dude, did you do something?
Lowain: Yeah, I made the grub too good, that's what. Seeing everyone chow down on my cookin' like that...
Lowain: As a cook I'm flattered, but... I wanna be out there with Kat, y'know. Sigh. Life's tough.
Elsam: Ha! You think that's the reason? Your cooking's sweet for sure, but there's gotta be some other explanation!
Tomoi: Definitely. Like, it's probably a strategy thing. Let's be honest, the crew has some pretty strong peeps, and we ain't one of 'em.
Elsam: Yeah, remember that time I got told off by Io? Like, she was magicking and stuff, and I got in the way or whatever?
Tomoi: First time I saw a little girl make a grown man cry... Gotta admit that magic was pretty rad though!
All Three: Magic's rad, she's so mad, gonna make you cry so bad! Io! Io! Io!
Lowain: But even if we clam up, Rackam'll start to worry 'bout us, right? Rock and a hard place much?
Lowain: What say you, bros? From now till the guys get back, are we up for some Operation: No More Standby?
Elsam and Tomoi: Oorah!
Walder: Heh heh heh. What are you guys up to in a place like this?
Lowain: Well, well, if it isn't Walder! So you're on standby too, huh!
Elsam: Waheeey! Wheeere's Walder? There he is! We were just chattin' about some top-notch, super heavy stuff. Want a drink?
Walder: Oh, yes. Can you get water here?
Tomoi: There's always that one guy who drinks nothing but water. So what are you up to anyway, Wald? Practicing your poses like you always do?
Walder: That is the way of the forest ranger. Would you three care to join me in my training? I think you have what it takes.
Elsam: No way! You think we have it in us? Lowain, we could learn some new moves from this!
Lowain: We owe you one, man! Operation: No More Standby is a go! How's about it, Wald, wanna bust outta standby with us?
Walder: Hm? What's wrong with being on the standby squad? It's a critical role.
Tomoi: Ahaha! Yeah, who doesn't love being on standby? Good one, man.
Walder: What's... so funny?
Tomoi: Oh, erm... s-sorry, were you being serious earlier?
Walder: A forest ranger is always serious! We've been entrusted with guarding the base camp, an extremely grave responsibility.
Walder: Only a select few are charged with fulfilling this critical duty!
Elsam: Critical duty? Select few?
Walder: Come, follow me! I'll teach you what it means to be in the standby squad!
Elsam: Wald!
Lowain: Whoa, you're so positive, man... It's deep.
Tomoi: The dragon scales have fallen from my eyes, dude. Well, not like we have anything better to do right now.
Drang: That's wonderful! No time like free time, as they say!
Lowain: Huh? Oh, aren't you the Black Knight's errand boy? So you're the guy that's been sitting by the counter all morning.
Drang: Guilty as charged! But worry not, I'm only in town to gather some information. I've no interest in getting in your way.
Tomoi: Gathering information? Why're you hanging around here then? You slacking off?
Drang: About that! Thing is, I'm on standby too. Sturm told me to—and I quote—stay out of her way.
Drang: Heh! Ohh, Sturm. I think she's warming up to me.
Lowain: I don't get it! So what are you so happy about? Doesn't that mean she hates you?
Drang: Ahh, but you've got to read behind the lines, friend! Truth is, I sprained my foot yesterday.
Drang: You see? Sturm's just worried about me! Always the prickly pear, she is!
Tomoi: Huh... Tough and thorny on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside sorta deal?
Tomoi: Dude! She's totally into you! Drango the mango, you've got a chance here!
Drang: Hahaha, is it that obvious?
Anywho, the point is: being put on standby could very well mean someone's looking out for you chaps!
Tomoi: That's gotta be it! I have been feeling a cold coming on. (Captain) must be concerned for me...
Elsam: Deep! This standby thing is, like, totally deep, dude!
Walder: Humph. It seems you guys have come round. Well then, let's perform our standby duties with all our might!
Lowain: Wait, back up a sec, everydude. I get what you're saying, but... I still wanna be out there with Kat, man!
Lowain: Whatever, I know what I gotta do: I'mma go up to (Captain), get on my knees, and beg to be put out on the field!
Elsam: Whoa! Swallowin' your pride and takin' one for the team!
Tomoi: Hold up! I'm coming too! I gotta see this!
Lowain: You dweebs can get lost! When I get out, I ain't taking any of you with me!
Pommern: Sigh... Oh, the travesty that's befallen me...
Lowain: Oof!
Elsam: Lowain! No running in the cafe, doofus!
Tomoi: Sorry 'bout that, mister. You'll have to cut this jerk some slack.
Pommern: It makes no difference to me, I do say... Just please, leave me alone...
Lowain: Yeow, that hurt you little—sir, I'm so sorry. Let me get you a drink by way of apology.
Lowain: Huh?
Pommern: Hm? Y-you! You're in league with those skyfarers if I'm not very much mistaken!
Lowain: Aren't you Pommy? Pommy the pompous?
Lowain: Perfect timing. I'll be out of standby in no time if I can bring you down. Let's take this outside, I do say!
Pommern: ...
Pommern: How absurd... Humph. Today, however, I'm prepared to overlook your misdemeanor.
Elsam: Huh? That's not like you, Pommy! Dudes, Pommy's played out!
Tomoi: You sick, Pommy? Need a drink to settle your stomach?
Pommern: Oh, do cease your prattle... I'm in no mood to trifle with paltry peons.
Walder: What did you say? Do you know who I am?
Walder: I am a valiant warrior of the woods! Walder the Forest Ranger! The captain of my crew has entrusted me to be on standby in their absence!
Pommern: Good grief, someone has a high opinion of himself. If you lot are on standby, then you really are paltry little—
Pommern: Sigh... Nevermind...
Drang: Hm? Captain Pommern, have you perchance fallen on hard times? Are the rumors true?
Pommern: Hng! Wh-why are you here? Don't tell me you're associating with this riffraff?
Drang: Oh no, far from it!
But back to you, Cap'n, don't feel too down about the parade! It's a total bore anyway!
Lowain: Parade? I dunno, that sounds pretty fun to me. Drango, fill us in, man.
Drang: Well, uhh, due to... recent events, Captain Pommern here wasn't invited to take part in the imperial army's military parade.
Drang: I don't think it's such a big deal. It's more like a routine drill.
Pommern: You couldn't be more mistaken! For a servant of the imperial army, to take part in a parade is an honor without equal!
Pommern: Sigh... I'd been chosen for every parade up till that last one. I'm currently on a journey of heartbreak and humiliation.
Lowain: Huh. In other words, Pommy's on standby duty too? Oh man, I wanna laugh out loud, but...
Lowain: How about you try begging your boss or whoever then? Getting on your knees can be pretty effective!
Pommern: What? And what good would that bring me?
Pommern: What I... What I really want is to get my call-up papers and contribute to the glory of the empire.
Pommern: No, this humiliation... is training that will allow me to contribute more than ever. It is an opportunity to reinforce my resolve.
Lowain: Pommy... Dude.
Pommern: Hahaha. What am I doing admitting all of this to the enemy. Forget everything I said.
Lowain: ...
Lowain: Hey, that's our line. I can't believe we let ourselves get lectured by you!
Lowain: Anyway, you ordered yet? How about that apology drink I offered you earlier?
Pommern: Hm? I'm not one to accept charity from the enemy.
Elsam: Pfft! We're on standby in a cafe, Pommy, chillax!
Tomoi: Hahaha! Y'know what? I'll pick your drink for ya!
Lowain: Let's all take a seat, dudes. We were enemies yesterday, and we'll be enemies again tomorrow, but here today, we break bread together.
Lowain: This is a today-only limited-time offer! I hereby declare the formation of the Union of Standbys!
Walder: Heh, a union you say? Well, you've got the fired-up zeal to make it work!
Drang: Hahaha! A ragtag bunch if I do say so myself! Not that I have a problem with that!
Pommern: But this would be considered consorting with the enemy!
Tomoi: Pommy, here's your drink! Telling you, man, this tropical juice is off the scale!
Elsam: Whoa, there's ice cream on it! Dude, you don't have to treat him like he's royalty!
Pommern: What? I'll have you know I am indeed of noble birth!
Pommern: Oh, what a bind, I do say! It seems I've no choice but to entertain you ragamuffins, until my drink is finished!
Lowain: Ahahaha! All right! I'm calling some grub, and I'm not holding back!
Chance, or perhaps fate, has brought together a motley group of individuals to form the Union of Standbys.
The union legislates its very first rule: once this day ends, its members will speak of its existence to no one.
For one night alone, they were as close as brothers could be.
Elsam: I am a valiant warrior of the woods! Elsam the Forest Ranger!
Walder: Hahaha! Not bad! Next time try holding your arms out at a wider angle.
Tomoi: Drango, which would you pick: a girl who looks mean but is actually really kind, or a girl who looks kind but is actually pretty mean?
Drang: Hmm. Choices, choices... Could you give me five minutes?
Lowain: And there she was, man, the most bodacious babe in all the sky. My soulmate, my one true Kat!
Pommern: Lieutenant Katalina? You're after her?
They talk into the night. This fleeting respite, and the strange bonds it forged, would leave a lasting impression on them all.