Scenario:Lowain - Lowain's Special Attack

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Lowain's Special Attack

Lowain and his two brosome friends almost get into trouble with imperial soldiers while shopping for food. The soldiers let them go, but the bros later return to the airship to find them trying to arrest Katalina.

(Captain) and company stop by a town and split up to do some shopping.
Lowain and bros, hired on as the Grandcypher's cooks, are in town buying ingredients.
Lowain: Dudes, who woulda thought coming up with a dinner menu would be such a pain in the butt?
Elsam: Least you're a good cook, Lowain! Tommy and I can't make anything if we don't follow a recipe!
Tomoi: And then there's Farrah! Holy smokes is she good in the kitchen! Not to mention she's got that cute underclassman vibe going on.
Lowain: Word. Plus she cooks something different every day and has some original recipes. I totally respect that.
Elsam: Huh? Lowain, you got a thing for Farrah now?
Tomoi: Whooaaa... Well, Farrah is kind of cute in a puppy dog way.
Lowain: Yeah... She's cute and all, but...
All Three: No way!
Lowain: The age difference is too much!
Elsam: Way too much!
Tomoi: It's probably illegal!
All Three: Totes!
Lowain: Sides, I'm no cheater!
The three chatter as usual, oblivious to the figures approaching from ahead...
Figure: ...
Lowain: Whoa!
Elsam: Oof! Watch it!
Tomoi: Ha-ha! Say sorry, you dumb-dumb!
Lowain: Hey, you guys all right?
Imperial Soldiers: ...
All Three: (Uh-oh! Imperial soldiers!)
Lowain: Sorry. I didn't see you there...
Imperial Soldier 1: A little late for that! Watch where you're going!
Imperial Soldier 2: Damn thugs... We don't have time for the likes of them. Forget it. Let's go.
Lowain: Whew... Those were imperial soldiers! Freakin' terrifying!
Elsam: Yeah... You really do need to watch where you're going.
Tomoi: Don't drag us into trouble with your clumsiness.
Lowain: Man, that was too close! My bad! But it's all good, because we're...
All Three: Safe!
Lowain: But are we really?
Elsam: Hmm...
Tomoi: Yep. It's pretty clear that we're...
All Three: Safe! Super safe!
After narrowly avoiding danger, the three finish their food run and head back to the airship. And they're just in time.
Imperial Soldier 2: Hey! There she is! Lieutenant Katalina!
Katalina: It can't be... There were imperial soldiers around here?
Rackam: That's not good! We better get out of here! Are those three back yet?
Imperial Soldier 1: Oh? Why are you all in such a hurry?
Imperial Soldier 2: You're coming with us! We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Lowain: Hold on! What's going on here?
Imperial Soldier 2: Ugh... You thugs again?
Lowain: What? You guys are after Kat?
Elsam: You wanna, like, take her away?
Tomoi: Whatever plans you have for Kat, I bet it's nothing good! You better keep your dirty mitts off her!
Imperial Soldier 2: Trying to play the hero? Lieutenant Katalina fled with knowledge of imperial secrets. If you plan to harbor her—
Lowain: Screw you! Like I care about that!
Lowain: If you so much as lay a finger on my future girl...
Elsam: I don't care if you're an imperial soldier...
Tomoi: Or an Astral...
Lowain: I'll beat the snot outta you! Let's get 'em, boys!
Elsam: Is it time to unleash our secret weapon?
Tomoi: Prepare for ignition!
All Three: Hyman Pyramid Attack!

Lowain's Special Attack: Scene 2

Lowain and bros make fools of the soldiers with their bizarre fighting style. He orders the infuriated soldiers to stay away from his woman. They think he's serious about Katalina, and their shock adds still more chaos to the scene.

Lowain: Yeehaw! Who's next, you imperial scumbags?
Elsam: Broster Lowain! Incoming enemy at 9 o'clock!
Tomoi: Ha-ha! That's 3 o'clock, dummy! Bwahaha!
Imperial Soldier 1: What's with these guys? They're actually pretty strong!
Imperial Soldier 2: Damn them! Are they mocking us with that stupid fighting style?
Elsam: Ha-ha! Never judge a book by its cover!
Tomoi: This formation is undefeated where we come from!
Lowain: Ahem! Our H.P.A has no weakness!
Imperial Soldier 1: Don't think you'll get away with messing with the Erste Imperial Army!
Lowain: Huh? Do you idiots think I'll just stand around and watch you make off with my girl?
Elsam: Don't make us repeat ourselves, interior scum!
Tomoi: Hey, you mean imperial! Interior is, like, furniture! Furniture scum? Ha-ha!
Imperial Soldier 1: This sucks! It's bad enough that these guys fight like idiots, but one of them is Lieutenant Katalina's boyfriend?
Imperial Soldier 2: This can't be... What will I even write in my report? There's too much wrong with this!
Katalina: Wait! He's not my boyfriend! Don't write that in your report!
Lowain: There's no need to worry, Kat.
Lowain: I... We will protect you!
Katalina: Uh-huh...
Lowain: Charge!
All Three: Yeehaw!

Lowain's Special Attack: Scene 3

The Grandcypher prepares for takeoff as Lowain and bros distract the imperial soldiers, and the crew somehow escapes. The crew credits the three for the escape, which makes them even rowdier than usual.

Lowain and his buddies manage to buy time for the Grandcypher to prepare for takeoff.
It turns out to be a close call, but the crew safely escapes the island.
Rackam: Well... We got away thanks to you three. Thanks for buying us time.
Katalina: You have my thanks as well.
All Three: No! No way! Not even close to right!
Lowain: We did it for you, Kat!
Elsam: For our beloved Kat...
Tomoi: Would we go through hell and back?
All Three: Abso-mega-lutely!
Katalina: I have to admit... It was really brave of you three to stand up to the imperial soldiers like that.
Katalina: ...
Rackam: What's wrong, Katalina? Something on your mind?
Katalina: It's just that... when they said they'd protect me, it felt strange...
Katalina: Heh... I guess I'm just used to doing the protecting, not the other way around.
Lowain: Oh? Kat, you were just thinking about me, weren't you?
Elsam: Nuh-uh! She was thinking about me!
Tomoi: Yeah right! It was obviously me! Right?
Katalina: Wait! I think there's a misunderstanding here...
Lowain: Yes! Sweet words from our dear Kat!
All Three: Wahey!
Lowain: How about we help you soar higher than you've ever soared before?
All Three: Here we go!
Lowain: Let's throw her up in the air, boys!
All Three: On the count of three!
Katalina: Wha? Wait! Not on the deck!
All Three: One... Two... Three!
Katalina: Aahh!
Rackam: Ha-ha! You guys are always good for a laugh!
Lowain and his crew are as rowdy as usual.
Their liveliness is gradually accepted by the others as they continue to help others both on and off the airship.