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Lowain's World

Lowain and his bros are still on standby, idly shooting the breeze. The captain of a certain airship mistakes Lowain for a brilliant fellow captain and consults his advice. Lowain suggests holding a party to gain the respect of the crew.

At their usual cafe, Lowain and his bros are shooting the breeze just like they always do.
Today's incoherent ramble is, of all things, about crew management.
Lowain: Dude, the crew's gotta party on the weekends. All night long, to the break of dawn, am I right?
Lowain: We'll forget about rank and rotate seats every 90 minutes. The crew dudes are gonna have a blast!
Elsam: Woohoo! Weekly parties sound epic!
Tomoi: Hey, what if we had a massive hot tub on the G. Cyph? You know, strictly for health reasons!
Lowain: A hot tub! But wait a sec, where's all the hot water gonna come from and stuff?
Elsam: And when we're flying at full speed, won't the water get everywhere and stuff?
Tomoi: But hey... Girls and a hot tub!
Lowain & Elsam: Sold!
All Three: Best idea ever!
Lowain: Hahaha! Man, pleasing a crew is tough!
Elsam: Captain Lowain! May I commend your totally awesome idea!
Tomoi: Me too, me too! Captain Lowain!
Lowain plays along, assuming the role of captain and throwing a few ideas around to see what will fly.
A man at the counter is startled when he overhears their conversation.
???: Hm? Captain Lowain? He seems to know how to get along with his crewmates.
???: ...
Lowain: A box for keeping ice cream? We could get someone to frost magic the box to keep it cold.
???: I'm very sorry to interrupt you, but...
???: I'm... I'm the captain of a certain airship. As it happens, there's something I'd like to discuss with you.
Lowain: Huh? You wanna talk with me? Not sure why you'd wanna do that, but, whatever. Pull up a pew, dude.
Captain: Thank you. Now, I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but... sometimes I think I should give up my position as captain.
Elsam: (Pssst, Tommy. Why's he talking to Lowain about this?)
Tomoi: (Beats me. But the look on Lowain's face is cracking me up!)
Lowain: I hear you, bro. But you gotta take the rough times with the smooth. Better not to sweat the small stuff, y'know?
Captain: But lately all the orders I give go wrong. And we're running short of funds, so I've had to tell the crew to cut back on supplies.
Captain: Sigh. And then last night I... I wasn't invited to the crew's outing.
Captain: Argh, I'm so pathetic! How'd I end up as disliked as this?
Lowain: I feel you, man. I feel you. Sometimes that's the path a captain's gotta walk.
Lowain: But if you want to be popular, let me tell ya... you came to the right guy, dude.
Captain: Gasp! D-do you have advice for me? Please! Teach me!
Lowain: Piece of cake, brollio. Tonight, in front of all your crew members, you're gonna say this...
Lowain: Dudes! Henceforth, for every week, we will use the crew's funds to hold the most brodacious blowouts ever!
Or somethin' like that.
Captain: Huh? B-blowout? Every week? Brodacious?
Elsam: Ahaha! Lowain, weren't you listening? The captain here said they were short on cash!
Lowain: Huh? I'm sure they'll manage... somehow. Money can't buy popularity, my bros, remember that.
Tomoi: Bwahahaha! We didn't ask for any of your phony philosophy, dude!
Captain: But what if they get too wild and cause trouble? I have lots of young hot-heads in my crew.
Lowain: That's all up to your hosting skills, hombre. Let me teach you how to work a crowd. Trust me, I'm a pro!
Captain: Well, if you say so.
In the corner of a tavern, the bros and the other crew members are mingling with the locals.
Crew Member 1: Hahaha! Well, that job sure was a tough one! But we couldn't let those scoundrels get away with it.
Girl 1: That's so cool! It must be so awesome being a skyfarer!
Crew Member 2: Umm... D-do you have a boyfriend? I bet you do. H-hahaha...
Girl 2: Hehehe! Actually, we just split up. Looking for a new one. Anyone in mind?
Lowain: All right, guys and gals, now that you've gotten to know each other a little, it's time for... the Love Psychology game!
Crew Member 1: Oooh! I'm in, I'm in.
Crew Member 2: Wha—
L-Love Psychology?
Lowain: You're battling monsters when you carelessly break your weapon, but by coincidence there's another weapon on the ground close by you.
Lowain: What is the weapon you see?
Girl 1: Hahaha! Don't we get any options to choose between?
Girl 2: Let me see... If it were me, I'd probably go for a whip?
Crew Member 1: Phew... I haven't had this much fun in ages. Shopkeep, another drink!
Girl 1: Hey, you should slow down. Maybe we should get you some water instead?
Crew Member 2: No way! You're from the same town I'm from! How's the old man who runs the antique shop?
Girl 2: Hahaha! Him, yeah I remember him! I haven't been back there in ages though!
Lowain: Listen up, everyone! It's almost time to switch seats again! This time the boys all move three seats to the right!
Crew Member 1: Hey, tavern keeper! Can we order please?
Crew Member 2: What? Switching already? C'mon, just another five minutes!
Lowain: Aww, you guys starting to cozy up to each other? Fine, fine. Just five minutes, 'kay?
Crew Member 1: Hey! That's my plate! You can't just help yourself!
Crew Member 2: Hm? You dare defy me, peasant scum? I shall make the skies rain with your blood!
Lowain: Well, that escalated quickly. You guys are too funny!
Girl 1: Wh-what? Someone needs to stop them, they're scaring me.
Girl 2: Too right. I just wanted to have fun tonight, not this.
Lowain: Got it! Just hang there a sec!
Lowain: All right, all right, cut it out you two. Brawls are seriously uncool.
Crew Member 1: Shut up and get outta my face! You get in my way, and I'll take you out too!
Crew Member 2: Mwahahaha... Ruler of the breaking dawn, fallen god of the twilight, I summon thee! Dyun di Albadis!
Lowain: Right, that does it. You dudes are not ruining my party. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Lowain's World: Scene 2

The captain has trouble taking Lowain's suggestion of a blowout, but Elsam and Tomoi chip in with their own ideas to which the captain heartily agrees to. They imagine a scenario, but the captain's team is quickly wiped out when distracted by how cute the monsters are.

The captain of a certain airship asks Lowain for advice, but is having some difficulty taking all of his suggestions on board.
Captain: Hmm, I don't know... I think this might make the crew hate me even more.
Elsam: Plus his crew's low on dough. How about we think of a low-budget alternative?
Tomoi: Word. Like, how about being more hip? Gotta get with the times, y'know?
Captain: Huh? Hip? What do you mean?
Lowain: Yeah, that's it! A'right, Cap, show me how you give your orders. Like, if I was your crewmate and stuff.
Captain: Sure... Let's see...
Ahem-hem hem.
Captain: Attention! All hands on deck! Man the battle stations! First division to starboard, second division to port—
Lowain: Cuuut, cut, cut! That's way old school, dude! You gotta pep things up a little, grandad.
Captain: I'm sorry. I've always been old-fashioned, that's just how I am.
Lowain: By-the-book kinda dude, huh? We'll fix that. Watch and learn, bro.
Lowain: Listen up all my home boys and home girls!
Elsam and Tomoi: Wassuuup!
Lowain: Let's make some noise!
Tommy to the west side and Sammy takes the east!
Elsam and Tomoi: W00t, w00t!
Captain: Gosh! Your men are so coordinated! I'm not sure I could pull off something like that.
Lowain: Hahaha! Being serious is cool and all, but it can be a total downer sometimes, y'know?
Captain: I certainly see your point! So if I were to loosen up a little, then my crew might just cozy up to me!
A certain crew heads out on a monster hunt. They soon find a mysterious shadowy figure before them.
Captain: Whoa, far-out! Isn't that, like, our quarry?
Crew Member 1: Totally is, bro! How 'bout we take 'em out and peace outta here?
Crew Member 2: Huh? Whoa, whoa! Hold up, dudes... Check it out!
Monster: Coooey!
Captain: Dudes! That monster's a total babe!
Crew Member 1: Hahaha! Now's our chance!
Crew Member 1: Why hello there, Miss Monster. You come here often? How's about you and I grab a drink?
Crew Member 2: Heh heh. Of course, your friends are welcome to join. There's this real nice place by the corner—
Captain: You two! Cut that out! I'm the captain here, show some respect!
Captain: Sorry about my boys. No manners, I tell ya. Let me buy you dinner to make it up to you.
Monster: Coooey!
Captain: Aaah!
Lowain: Hahahaha! You totally got wiped out! You're crackin' me up, Caps!
Lowain: Gotta say though, you're getting the hang of this! Just get the job done, and your crew's gonna love ya!

Lowain's World: Scene 3

The crew of yesterday's captain barges into the cafe saying their leader has disappeared after trying the Lowain trio's suggestions. Upon hearing that his crew was never disappointed in him to begin with, the captain comes out from hiding and reunites with the crew. The bros have saved the day once again.

The next day at the cafe, Lowain and bros are thinking over the advice they gave the captain they had met, satisfied with a job well done.
Lowain: Wonder how that captain's doing. I hope he does what we taught him.
Elsam: He's gonna be fine. A guy can pick up a lot just, like, listening to our verbal dexterity and stuff.
Tomoi: Y'know, I still don't get why he went up to Lowain. Wouldn't you wanna talk to a regular captain about captain-y stuff?
Lowain: Duh! It's obvious I'm on a whole nother level from the average airship grunt.
Crew Member 1: Hey! You three! What have you done to our captain!
Crew Member 2: Thanks to you geniuses, our skipper's gone missing! What did you say to him?
Lowain: Huh? Wait, wait, wait. You guys are talking about that dude from yesterday?
Crew Member 1: Tsk! Yes, him! What stupid ideas did you put in his head?
Elsam: What're you talking about? He asked for advice, and we just gave him what he wanted.
Tomoi: Darn straight. And what do you mean by missing?
Crew Member 2: Humph. It happened last night. The skipper came to our quarters and...
Captain: Wassup! Word, how is you all hanging? I'm gonna drop somethin' on ya that you gotta hear!
Captain: Errm, what was it again... Oh yeah.
Party, party! Henceforth every week is a paaartay on this ship!
Captain: Don't worry whether we got 'nuff dough! We'll raid the coffers! Urge to splurge, yo!
Captain: Hahaha! Aahahaha... ha?
Crew Member 1: Sigh... We were all dumbfounded. We couldn't do anything but gape!
Crew Member 2: After that he just staggered off somewhere. We haven't seen him since!
Lowain: I can't believe I'm hearing this. You guys should have hopped on board the party train with him. Downer, man.
Elsam: What a bummer. Your captain was just trying get your respect.
Crew Member 1: Huh? Trying to get our respect?
Tomoi: He wasn't a popular guy, right? You guys didn't even invite him to your night out. Don't you feel sorry for the dude?
Crew Member 2: What? What night out? We've never left the skipper out of anything.
Crew Member 2: Wait a second. Could this be about that one time?
Crew Member 1: Hmm, you might be right. There was that time when we snuck off the ship to do that mission, just us guys...
Crew Member 1: The captain had been worried about the ship's coffers, and he'd seemed really worn out. We wanted to help, so—
Lowain: So you did a job but kept it a secret so he could rest instead. Then that means...
Crew Member 2: We couldn't respect him more! All of us, we love our skipper!
Crew Member 1: Course we do! We're lucky to have a man of his caliber at the helm! We've gotta get him back.
Captain: Everyone... I'm so sorry. I heard everything from inside the bathroom. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused.
Crew Member 1: Oh, Captain! I'm so glad you're safe!
Crew Member 2: Sigh. You really had us worried back here! You were acting so strange yesterday.
Captain: I'm sorry, I really am. And... thank you.
Captain: Oh, and Lowain and brothers, thank you for everything!
Captain: My fears might have been ungrounded, but I've really learned a lot from you.
Lowain: Oh? Hahaha. Well, if you only take away one thing from all this...
Lowain: Take care and... just be true to yourself, dude.
Captain: Yes, that will be my watchword henceforth!
Elsam: (Haha! Lowain looks so smug right now!)
Tomoi: (Bwahahaha! Look at him acting like he'd planned this all along!)
Lowain: Hahaha! Well, why don't you guys pull up a pew? Let me treat you to a drink or something!
Somehow or other Lowain and his bros have saved this crew from their predicament. The banter once again continues into the early hours.