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Mega Happy Ending

After many years of tales in cafes, (Captain), the crew, and Lowain finally reach the Island of the Astrals. It is here that Lowain proposes to Katalina.

Lowain: After many years of foolish tales in cafes...
Lowain: We finally complete the long journey to Estalucia.
Lowain: (Captain)'s dad is in tears at the family reunion. Vyrn and Lyria are at the captain's side too, of course.
Lowain: And by my side... is the love of my life.
Katalina: So this is the island of the Astrals; we finally made it. I almost can't believe it.
Lowain: Me neither. Congratulations, Kat.
Katalina: Thank you. We couldn't have done it without you, Lowain.
Lowain: Naw, I should totally be thanking you. So, what're you planning to do from here?
Katalina: I wonder. To be honest I haven't quite thought about it yet.
Lowain: That so? Actually, I'm glad to hear that 'cause...
Lowain: Kat, this might be kinda sudden and stuff, but would you be cool with starting a new journey with me?
Katalina: Hm? Already thinking of where to go next? You never cease to amaze me, Lowain.
Katalina: And where do you suppose we'd go?
Lowain: Hmm, good question. How about we head to a little place called... happiness.
Katalina: Huh?
Lowain: Kat. There's an airship I've wanted to ride with you since the moment I met you.
Lowain: Will you be the captain of my heart for the rest of our lives?
Katalina: Lowain...
After all these years, the buds of love have finally bloomed, and Lowain begins a new journey with the woman of his dreams.
And they ride on the winds of love happily ever after.

Mega Happy Ending: Scene 2

Wild banter blooms as Lowain imagines a proposal to Katalina on Estalucia. Upon Elsam and Tomoi's advice, Lowain attempts to revise his story to be more descriptive of the scenery.

Wild banter blooms at the Lowain and bros' old haunt.
Today their fantasies have brought them to the Island of the Astrals.
Lowain: Fin!
Lowain: How's that? Bet Kat's heart would totally give out from the mad romanticism.
Elsam: Hey, Tommy, you like my new wallet? Pretty sweet, right?
Tomoi: Yeah, it's totally rad, bro.
Wait, when'd you get that cash?
Elsam: I just pawned off some stuff I didn't need. Like Lowain said: a man needs his rupies.
Tomoi: Stuff? What kinda stuff?
Elsam: Winter wear sorta stuff.
Tomoi: What? Dude, you're gonna freeze to death next winter.
Lowain: Dudes, focus. This is my proposal we're talking about here.
Elsam: Yeah, yeah, we know. We've gone over hundreds of different combos already.
Tomoi: Right now it's on the Island of the Astrals, right? Doesn't the scenery seem kinda plain though?
Lowain: What's wrong with that?
Elsam: C'mon, man. You gotta put that imagination to work!
Tomoi: This is the island of the stars we're talking about. It's gotta look more, like, Astral-ish.
Lowain: More Astral-ish? Hmm, like how?
Elsam: Like, I guess, kinda more... Astra-dacious?
Lowain: That's, like, more vague than Astral-ish. And it's not even a real word.
Tomoi: Look, I can't find the right words, but... You guys'll look back on this for the rest of your lives, man. It needs an epic-romantic backdrop.
Lowain: Hmm. Astra-dacious...
Lowain: Okay, you mean something like this?
The crew finally reaches the Island of the Astrals. Lowain and Katalina share a tender moment together.
Lowain: We finally made it! The legendary island of the Astrals at the end of the sky!
Katalina: Indeed. There no mistaking it; this is the island of the Astrals. We couldn't have done it without you, Lowain.
Lowain: Naw, I should totally be thanking you. So what're you planning to do from here?
Katalina: I wonder. To be honest I haven't quite thought about it yet.
Lowain: That so? Well, might be kinda sudden and stuff, but what would you say to starting a new journey with me?
Katalina: Huh? D-do you mean—
Lowain: I love you, Kat. I swear on that Astral star right there: I'll love you till the end of time.
Katalina: Lowain...
Though there's no wind, the Astral flag somehow billows on steadily, as if wishing the two well on their new lives together.
And they ride on the winds of love happily ever after.

Mega Happy Ending: Scene 3

As the bros quibble over the scenery of Estalucia, they find a letter written by Katalina telling them that the crew has already left for another island. After thanking the shopkeeper for his kindness, they leave the cafe and rush to reunite with the crew.

Upon Elsam and Tomoi's advice, Lowain attempts to revise his proposal. The island of the Astrals, however, proves difficult for Lowain to picture.
Elsam: Hah! A flag? Are you serious?
Tomoi: Ahahaha! And you vowed on that thing! Your eternal love's all over when that flag falls!
Lowain: I-it ain't my fault, 'kay! How am I supposed to know what that place looks like?
Lowain: No one's even seen the island! You try coming up with something better!
Elsam & Tomoi: Uhhh?
Elsam & Tomoi: Uhhh...
Elsam: I guess it's... big?
Tomoi: Oh. I always thought it was uber tiny. Never had any info to go on, now that you mention it.
Lowain: See? Told you.
Lowain: We'll ask (Captain) when the guys come back. Might know something.
Tomoi: Word. Guess Astral Island's on hold for now then. They're taking a while to get back though.
Lowain: Yeah, looks like. Am I the only one getting worried about them? Like, I had this weird dream—maybe it's a vision.
Tomoi: Oh, me too, man. Kat turned into this robot weapon thing and—Sammy, what're you doing?
Elsam ducks under the table and picks up a scrap of paper from the floor.
Elsam: There's something written on this. It's addressed to... us?
Lowain: Hm? When did that get there? Ohh, maybe it was that time when we dozed off.
Tomoi: All that snoring must have blown it off the table. What's it say?
Lowain: Dude, what if it's a love letter? Lemme see. Hmm...
Lowain: "My apologies."
Lowain: "Urgent business has arisen and we must leave the island without you. Look for us when you wake up."
Lowain: Signed: "Katalina Aryze."
Elsam: Huh? Urgent business?
Tomoi: Kat and the guys were back here?
Lowain: But they didn't wake us up?
All Three: They left without us?
Lowain: Wait! Where are they heading?
Elsam: Well, don't ask me! Oh, here it is at the bottom of the letter!
Tomoi: Grab your stuff, guys! We gotta get to port, pronto!
Lowain: All right! Only one thing left to do. Yo, Shopkeep!
All Three: Bill, please!
Lowain: Huh? Eighty-two thousand rupies?
Shopkeep: Yup. You said you'll pay the tab when leaving the island. You're leaving, and this is your tab.
Elsam: About that... Lowain wasn't really thinking straight when he said it.
Tomoi: You guys have gotta be kidding me. We barely have enough to pay for the ride outta here.
Tomoi: Sorry, Shopkeep. We're not really carrying that much right now. But Lowain will stay behind till we get back.
Lowain: What? Okay, okay, how about we decide who'll stay with a game of I Spy?
Elsam: Oh, oh! I'll start! I spy with my little eye—
Tomoi: We don't have time! (Captain) and the guys might already be at another island!
Shopkeep: ...
You guys are broke again, aren't you?
Shopkeep: ...
The shopkeeper lets out a sigh and steps in front of the boys.
Lowain: Huh? W-wait! Shopkeep?
Shopkeep: Here.
The bros had closed their eyes in fear, but their eyes open to instead find the shopkeeper holding out a bag of rupies.
Shopkeep: Money for a ride. Go on—can't keep her waiting. You love her, don't ya?
Lowain: Shopkeep!
Lowain: Thank you! I'll pay you back—promise!
Shopkeep: Yeah, yeah. Not that I have my hopes up.
Tomoi: Thanks! The food was great!
Elsam: Bye! We'll pay off our tab next time for sure!
Lowain: We'll be back to hang some time!
Shopkeep: Heh, those runts. Always stirrin' up a storm.
Shopkeep: Humph. But those boys sure know how to hang.
Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi scurry out of the shop in a hurry.
The shopkeeper sees them off before returning to his daily routines.
Each day he tends to his cafe in peace, at times recalling the juvenile stories the boys often made... and always looking forward to their return.