Scenario:Lucio - The Elusive Green Flash

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The Elusive Green Flash

Early one morning, (Captain) heads to the beach to find Lucio, who has come to catch a glimpse of the fabled emerald sunrise and have his wish granted. Although he is ultimately unable to see it, Lucio is inspired to change and says that he will surely overcome his trial with (Captain)'s help.

Lucio: ...
Lucio is a crew member

Early one morning, before the sun has even crested the horizon, Lucio stands on the shore alone.
He remains there waiting without a trace of impatience, until at long last the sky begins to glow in the light of the sunrise.
Lucio not in crew

Early one morning, before the sun has even crested the horizon, a handsome young man stands on the shore alone.
His name is Lucio. Once the star actor of a theater troupe, he now travels the skies as a member of (Captain)'s crew.
It is unclear how, in fact, he came to join them on their journey. No one can seem to recall exactly when or where it happened.
But despite the strange circumstances surrounding his arrival, not a single crew member offers up any objection to his presence.
In the captain's mind, one thing is certain...
Lucio: My master once instructed me to shine a light on this world of confusion. To guide its people.
Lucio: And now as the world struggles against a descent into the darkness, I have come to do my duty...
Lucio: To bring light into this realm and beyond the stars.
The words that echo in (Captain)'s dreams from time to time make it clear that Lucio is an indispensable member of the crew.
Although his true identity remains shrouded in mystery, it seems he has some sort of connection to the origin of the world.
To say nothing of the tremendous power he displays on occasion, Lucio possesses an endless wealth of secrets.
But now he gazes out at the gradually brightening horizon, his expression tinged with sorrow.
Lucio: ...
Squinting into the light of the morning sun as it peeks over the skyline, Lucio breathes a small sigh.
Lucio: Hm? Is that (Captain)?
Just then, he notices a familiar figure walking toward him across the sand.
Lucio: Good morning, (Captain). I'm surprised to see you up so early.
  1. I couldn't go back to sleep.
  2. I was drawn by your aura.

Choose: I couldn't go back to sleep.

Lucio: Oh? Something weighing on your mind?
Lucio: They say a troubled heart leads to troubled sleep. I'd be happy to lend an ear, if you'd like.
Lucio: Should there ever be anything I can do to assist you, just say the word.
Lucio: That being said, I suppose there's only so much I have in my power to do.
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Choose: I was drawn by your aura.

Lucio: My aura? That's rather concerning... I don't even remember using my power.
Lucio: There are times when I affect the hearts of others unintentionally. It's all because my master bestowed upon me such a magnificent form.
Lucio: Even when my face is hidden by a Halloween costume, I somehow end up charming those around me all the same...
As Lucio hangs his head in shame, (Captain) scrambles to inform him it was a joke.
Lucio: Oh... Heh. My apologies. I have trouble understanding people's feelings at times. It's just how I am.

Continue 1

Hearing a touch of self-contempt in Lucio's tone, the captain asks him what's wrong.
Lucio: Well, you see...
Lucio: Apparently, on rare occasions, the sun shines an emerald green here at sunrise and sunset.
Lucio: Word has it those who see it are blessed with good fortune, and their dearest wish comes true. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of it myself.
  1. You have a wish in mind?

Choose: You have a wish in mind?

Lucio: Yes. One that I'd give anything to have granted. But alas, I wasn't fortunate enough to see the emerald sun today.
Lucio turns to gaze at the glitter of the morning sun off the waves, a wistful smile on his face.
Lucio: Heh. Even so, my heart is content. The world my master created is truly splendid, and I'm lucky enough to be a part of it.
Lucio: I can think of no greater joy. Even if today's sunrise was no different from any other, it was dazzling enough to leave a deep impression on me.
His smile widens as he delights in the cool morning breeze.
(Captain) wonders out loud just how breathtaking the sight must have been.
Lucio: Oh, would you like to see it too? In that case, I'll do you a special favor...
With a single glance from Lucio, the sun suddenly begins dropping back toward the horizon.
Lucio: There we are. I made the sun set again so you could enjoy a repeat showing of this morning's sunrise.
Although grateful for the gesture, (Captain) has a feeling this probably isn't a good idea.
Who knows how people might react to seeing the sun set again immediately after rising?
Wanting to prevent needless chaos and confusion, (Captain) quickly interjects to stop Lucio.
Lucio: Hm? You think it would be best not to set the sun myself?
Lucio: Perhaps you're right. I'm sure there are people who would be adversely affected if the time of sunrise shifted. I'll put it back where it was.
Suddenly, the sun begins to rise again with clearly unnatural speed.
With the sun bouncing around in the sky, it wouldn't be at all surprising if people saw it as a precursor to some sort of cataclysmic event.
Realizing the results of Lucio's actions are akin to a natural disaster, (Captain) promptly interrupts him again.
Lucio: Oh... Did I make another mistake?
(Captain) nods gently and asks Lucio to try to restore the rising sun to its original position at a speed that people won't notice.
Lucio: Aha, you'll have to forgive me. Understanding others truly isn't my strongest suit.
Lucio: I see... Now I understand why the emerald sun didn't appear to me.
Lucio: Perhaps my master was trying to tell me that my wish can't be granted so easily.
Lucio smiles once again, squinting in the bright sunlight.
Lucio: Well, we should probably start making our way back. The wind this morning is a bit chilly.
(Captain) nods, and the pair turn to stroll down the sandy beach together.
Lucio: ...
Beneath his smile, Lucio is clearly conflicted. It seems his wish is something that not even his immense power can solve.
Lucio: Oh, did I look distraught?
Lucio: Don't worry, that's not the case at all. I've simply realized that the time has come for me to grow and change.
Lucio: And the person who will guide me in that growth stands before me.
Lucio: Yes—you, (Captain). Heh... I'm blessed to have you by my side. With your help, I'll overcome this trial I've been given no matter what.
Lucio: Now, to facilitate my growth, first things first...
Lucio grins broadly as he spots someone emerging from the inn.
Sandalphon: ...!
Lucio: I'll have to start by helping Sandy.
Sandalphon: ...
Lucio: Good morning, Sandy. Would you like some assistance with the food stall?
Sandalphon: I don't need your help.
Lucio: Haha. There's no reason to hold back. Be it manual labor or any other grunt work, I'm ready and willing to tackle any task.
Sandalphon: Grunt work? With his face? How disrespectful can one person be!
Lucio continues to smile pleasantly as Sandalphon scowls at him.
It seems this summer isn't going to be any more peaceful than the last.