Scenario:Lucius - Cries of a New Dawn

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Cries of a New Dawn

Lucius spends his days earning money as an agent when he encounters a war-orphaned boy trying to steal his food. Lucius, reminded of the difficult childhood he and Teena suffered through, considers teaching the boy how to fight.

It has been some time since Lucius left the crew.
Lucius: Raah! Haaargh!
Lucius: (Cleave evil in two, oh well-honed blade of mine...)
Monster 1: Gyargh...
Lucius: (Meaning. Worth. When I'm swinging my sword, I don't have to think about any of that stuff.)
Monster 2: Gyaaagh!
Lucius: You're finished!
Monster 2: Grrr...
Lucius: (Yeah... Slashing things is all I know how to do...)
Lucius: Wheeze... Cough...
Lucius: (This sword that slays evil is all I have...)
Lucius: ...
Lucius is propped up against a tree, sleeping off the exhaustion of days of monster-slaying.
Lucius: What's your deal, kid? What do you want?
The tip of Lucius's sword hovers but a hair's breadth from a boy's throat.
The boy is rigid with fear, tears streaming down his cheeks, but he looks Lucius straight in the eye.
Young Boy: Darn it! Darn it all!
Lucius: What are you crying for?
Young Boy: Argh! You're gonna chop me up, aren'tcha? I'm gonna die, aren't I?
Lucius: Just what were you up to?
Young Boy: I... I was gonna steal your food...
Lucius: Stealing's wrong, kid. It'll just leave you with needless regret.
Young Boy: Oh yeah? Well, that's the only way me and my sister can survive!
Lucius: Don't you have parents?
Young Boy: Sob... They died in the stupid war! My sister's the only family I got left.
Lucius: (War orphans...)
Young Boy: Sniff... And now she's waiting for me... Argh!
Lucius: ...
Lucius: (What's wrong with me. I of all people should understand what this boy is going through.)
Young Boy: Huh?
Lucius: I don't take lives without good reason.
Young Boy: So... you're going to turn me in for a reward?
Lucius: Hah. I'm not so hard up for cash that I need to resort to stuff like that.
Lucius: Look, you can't even take care of yourself. If you're going to talk big about protecting your sister, you need to get stronger.
Young Boy: Ugh...
Lucius: And you call that thing you got a sword? You'll be in the ground long before you can protect your sister with that thing.
Young Boy: Really? Well, once I turn ten I'll be even stronger—
Lucius: When you turn ten? You're as good as done with naive thinking like that.
Young Boy: B-but I...
Monster 2: Groooar!
Monster 2: Grooar...
Lucius: Heh!
Young Boy: Oh no!
Lucius: Perfect timing. Watch and learn, kid. This is how you handle a sword!

Cries of a New Dawn: Scene 2

Lucius trains the orphan boy in the way of the sword until one day the boy's home is attacked by bandits. The boy rushes at the bandits in a blind rage, but Lucius stops him before he can make a grave mistake.

Lucius handles the monster ambush with ease.
Young Boy: Whoa... Amazing...
Lucius: That was nothing.
Young Boy: No way, that was awesome! Gee, we'd never be hungry again if I were as tough as you!
Lucius: Then get good. Just thinking about it won't change a damn thing.
Young Boy: It's not that easy!
Lucius: Look at you. You're full of nothing but excuses. Guess you don't have what it takes if you're going to give up so easily.
Lucius: Oh well. That's your problem, not mine.
Lucius turns and walks away.
Young Boy: H-hey, wait, mister!
Lucius: What is it?
Young Boy: Um... Can ya teach me how to use a sword?
Lucius: I don't teach cowards.
Young Boy: I ain't a coward! I need to know so I can protect my sister!
Lucius: (He seems to trust me for some reason.)
Young Boy: Please... um, sir!
Lucius: ...
The boy's face is scrunched in desperation. Lucius slowly walks back toward him.
Lucius: I'm a harsh teacher. You'd better prepare yourself for what's about to come.
From that day on Lucius starts teaching the boy swordsmanship in between taking agent jobs.
Lucius: Your side's wide open! You're going to get your arm chopped off if you hold the sword like that!
Young Boy: Darn it!
Lucius's training is hard and fast with no lenience for the boy's age. His pupil is soon covered in cuts and bruises.
But the boy never once falters, absorbing every technique from Lucius head-on.
Lucius: Watch your enemy's body language! Concentrate!
Young Boy: Huff... Puff...
The days go by with blades clashing amid blood and sweat.
But no matter how much he bleeds, or how much he perspires, the boy's determination to improve remains unfazed.
Lucius can't help but see his younger self in the boy.
Lucius: The greatest sin that a guardian can bear is weakness! You must be stronger than anyone else!
Young Boy: Sniff... Yeah...
Lucius: You don't have the luxury of crying! Time's not going to stop for you!
Their training continues for several months.
Villager: Come quick! They set your house on fire and took Miya!
Young Boy: What!
Lucius: ...!
Young Boy's Sister: Aaaah! Stop it!
Bandit 1: Hah hah hah! That's what you get for makin' a racket! I had to torch the place!
Bandit 2: Go easy on her, huh? She's just a little girl.
Young Boy's Sister: Waaah! Someone help! Brotheeer!
Young Boy: Miya! Darn you, jerkbags!
Bandit 1: What, is this runt your bro?
Blinded by rage and with sword in hand, the boy launches at the bandits with all his might.
Lucius intercepts the boy and stops his sword.
Lucius: Don't stain your hands with blood and start a chain of hatred. Your sword is for protecting, not killing!
Lucius: Take her and get out of here!
Bandit 1: Who the heck are you?
Lucius: Me? I'm just a man who's been sharpening his blade on monsters to deal with trash like you!

Cries of a New Dawn: Scene 3

The young boy thanks Lucius for helping him become strong enough to protect his only remaining family. The exchange inspires Lucius to rethink his path in life, and he returns to the Grandcypher, where Teena and the crew welcome him with open arms.

Despite all the villagers pitching in to put out the fire, the young children's home is completely destroyed.
The siblings decide to leave the area to go stay with their relatives.
Young Boy: Heh heh. I'll teach Auntie a lesson if she's mean to us. There's nothing to worry about!
Young Boy's Sister: Yeah, because you're with me.
Lucius: Mmm.
Young Boy: Heh! I'm glad to have met you, Master!
Lucius: Master?
Young Boy: Yeah! Ya know, a sword master! You taught me how to fight!
Young Boy: I'm way stronger now thanks to you. I ain't gonna kick the bucket!
Young Boy: I wouldn't have been able to keep Miya safe if I hadn't met you. I'll always be thankful to ya!
Young Boy: You've been nice to me since we first met. I'm gonna be a nice guy like you when I grow up!
Lucius: Humph. I'm not a nice person. Trust me.
Young Boy: Ahaha! Well, you might think so, but I don't!
With a carefree smile, the two kids climb into the horse-drawn cart that will take them to their new home.
Lucius: (A world where kids don't have to suffer like Teena and I did...)
Lucius: (I guess this is the kind of thing she had in mind.)
Lucius: (Maybe I've been overthinking everything. I've been too stubborn.)
The cart pulls away under the cloudless, blue sky.
Lucius: ...
Teena: Lucius?
Vyrn: Hey, look who's back!
Lyria: Oh, it's Lucius!
Lucius: I just got back. I must apologize to Teena, (Captain), and everyone here. I've caused you nothing but trouble.
Teena: Lucius!
There's a party aboard the airship later that night to celebrate Lucius's return.
Lucius: I realized something while I was on my travels, (Captain).
Lucius: I have to guide the children into the future.
Lucius: I can teach them how to become stronger with my sword. That's what I still have to offer.
Vyrn: Whoa... Did Lucius just say something positive for once?
Teena: Hehe, shocking, isn't it? Sniff...
Huh? Oh, geez, I'm tearing up with joy...
Vyrn: Haha! Maybe you should open up a sword fighting school, huh?
Lucius: A what?
Teena: That's a great idea! You've loved swinging your sword since you were a kid, and it's the perfect way to help us achieve our dream!
Lucius: A school of swordsmanship...
Vyrn: Yeah, and you could name your sword-style the Way of the Single Slash or something! You'd be the headmaster!
Lyria: Wow! That has a nice ring to it!
  1. Lucius! Teach us your way of the sword!
  2. I'll show your students how it's done!

Choose: Lucius! Teach us your way of the sword!
Lucius: Wait! I haven't even said anything yet!
  1. So you're not gonna do it?
  2. I'm hearing a yes.

Choose: I'll show your students how it's done!
Lucius: What! Just try it! Wait, I haven't agreed to anything yet.
  1. So you're not gonna do it?
  2. I'm hearing a yes.

Choose: So you're not gonna do it?
Choose: So you're not gonna do it?
Lucius: I didn't say that... Look, you've made your point! At least give me some time to think it over!
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Choose: I'm hearing a yes.
Choose: I'm hearing a yes.
Lucius: Are you trying to push me, (Captain)? I have no qualms with settling this on the battlefield.
Continue 1
Lyria: Eep! Please don't fight, you two...
Vyrn: Aw, they're just messin' with each other. (Captain)'s just happy to have Lucius back.
Lucius: Humph.
Lucius: (I wonder if I'll be able to walk with Teena and the others, side by side toward a brighter future.)
Teena: Oh, right! There's something else I've been meaning to say to you, Lucius.
Lucius: Oh? What's that?
Teena: Welcome home!
Lucius: Yeah. It's good to be... home.
Lucius, unbound from the chains that had been keeping him down, has reunited with his beloved sister and faithful friends.
And as Lucius steps forward with everyone at his side, the future shines brightly for all the intrepid travelers.