Scenario:Lucius - The Aloof Swordsman

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The Aloof Swordsman

(Captain) and the others keep Lucius company on his goblin patrols on Midnight Island. They ask him to join the crew, but Lucius won't give them an answer until he completes his objective.

During their travels, (Captain) and company join a goblin extermination task force. They disembark on Midnight Island in pursuit of information on primal beasts.
Shrouded in the growing darkness of dusk, they finally arrive at the rendezvous point and begin to set up camp.
Vyrn: Good grief... I thought we were done after keeping watch, but now we've gotta go find Lucius... Feena's such a slave driver!
Lyria: Now, now, Vyrn. Feena and Teena have their hands tied cooking so it's up to us.
Vyrn: Well... Yeah, but what do I look like? Some kind of servant?
Monster: Groaaar!
Lyria: It's a monster! Please be careful, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Over there! C'mon, we'd better hurry, (Captain)!
Goblin: Gurgh...
Lucius: I thought I smelled a rat. So the fiends were lurking here, too.
Vyrn: Hey! You okay, Lucius?
Lucius: Oh... It's you people.
Lyria: What a relief! Looks like you're unhurt!
Lucius: Humph... While you people were spacing out or whatever, I wiped out all the goblins in this area.
Lyria: Um... The food should be just about ready. Why don't you come back with us?
Lucius: I'm going to continue to patrol this area. I can't allow even a single fiend to exist.
Lyria: Then can we come with you?
Lyria: It'd be lonely to be the only one without food! We'll all help you!
Lucius: Suit yourselves...
Vyrn: Aw, man... Fine, but if we don't wrap this up soon, Feena's gonna yell at me!
Lucius: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Lyria: So is it true that you and Teena have been traveling together all this time?
Lucius: Yes...
Lyria: Wow! You two must really get along for siblings, huh?
Lucius: I guess.
Vyrn: Yeesh. I don't think I'd be able to deal with this stuffy atmosphere...
Lyria: Hmm... Um... Where will you two go after this is all over?
Lucius: I'm not thinking about the future... All I can think about is exterminating every last goblin on this island.
Lucius: You people should stop worrying about others so much and focus on how you'll make it to next week.
Lyria: We'll be fine. We have (Captain) after all. Right?
Vyrn: That's right! As long as we have (Captain), anything's a piece of cake!
Lucius: I'm stunned at how you're always putting others ahead of you.
Lucius: I've met many people in my time but none as nosy and meddling as you lot.
Lyria: Hehe. But thanks to that, we've gotten to know you, Lucius!
Lucius: Humph... I bet I'd never find peace if I traveled with your crew...
Vyrn: What's up, (Captain)? You got something to say to Lucius?
Lyria: Oh, I know! You want to invite Lucius to join the crew!
Lucius: What? You want me to join you?
  1. Yes, do you want come with us?
  2. Would that be too nosy of me?

Choose: Yes, do you want come with us?

Lucius: You're serious judging from that look in your eyes.
Lucius: But I can't answer you right away.
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Choose: Would that be too nosy of me?

Lucius: Yes, very.
Lucius: But your eyes tell me you're serious about this.

Continue 1

Lucius: All I can think about at the moment is exterminating those fiends. I'll give you my answer once I settle everything completely.
Lyria: Yay! Then that means Teena's coming too!
Lucius: Stop! I haven't agreed to come with you yet! I said I would give you an answer after everything is squared away—
Vyrn: Ooh! Something smells good over there! Time for food, food, food!
Lucius: Hey, lizard! Listen until the end when someone's talking to you! Get back here!
Lucius joins the crew, though it's fair to say that most of that decision was made for him by (Captain) and the others.