Scenario:Lucius and Suframare - The Student's Mentor

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The Student's Mentor

Lucius wishes to teach others the techniques to live strong but is unable to take the next step to become a mentor. Suframare takes Lucius as her student, and after much effort, successfully teaches him about magic and mentorship alike.

Lucius: ...
Lucius stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher taking in his environs.
Laughter can be heard from beyond the deck.
Lucius: Heh... Me teaching those kids? That's one tall order.
Suframare: You try next, Vyrn! Go on!
Vyrn: I'm gonna do it! Today's the day!
Suframare: That's the spirit, Vyrn! I can tell you're going to be a fantastic sorcerer one day!
Lucius: Teaching kids magic is one thing, but I've never heard of someone teaching a lizard magic...
Lucius: Hmm, what was her name again? Suframare?
Vyrn: Oh, Lucius! Whatcha doin' over there all by yourself? Come on over and join the fun!
Lucius: It's fine. I'm—
Vyrn: Aww, don't be shy! C'mon, hurry up!
Lucius: Sigh...
Lucius lets out a heavy sigh and descends from the ship.
Suframare: Well, it's nice of you to join us, Lucius! Hm? You look like you've got something on your mind.
Suframare: Is something troubling you? You can tell us.
Lucius: No, it's nothing.
Vyrn: Ohhh, I know what it is! You're wondering about becoming a teacher yourself, but you're not sure!
Lucius: Wha? H-how did you...
Vyrn: Heh heh! It's pretty obvious to me, seeing you watch Suframare teach us from afar and all.
Suframare: Oh! You want to be a mentor? Why, that's a marvelous aspiration!
Lucius: It's... not like I've decided or anything, but...
Suframare: Why not? If you don't make up your mind, you're never going to start, you know.
Suframare: But not to worry! I'll do my very best to assist you in any way I can. Feel free to ask me anything!
Vyrn: Hmm, but Lucius can be pretty intimidating sometimes. The kids in the crew are always running away from him.
Vyrn: That's what you're worried about, right?
Lucius: ...!
Suframare: I see... It would be a pity to have students running away from someone so willing to teach.
Suframare: I've got it! How about you become a student of mine for a while to see what mentorship is like?
Lucius: Huh?
Vyrn: What? Lucius as your student?
Suframare: Why not? The best teachers are students themselves after all! I think it's an excellent idea!
Suframare: I've no doubt you'll be a superb mentor, Lucius! How about it?
Lucius: Hey! J-just slow down a second!
Vyrn: Yeah! The best way to start is by having fun, right? You can do it, Lucius!
Lucius: ...!
Unable to accept or refuse Suframare's generous offer, Lucius spends a moment at a loss for words.
But in that moment, he remembers his resolve and realizes that declining this offer would be to abandon the goal he had sought after for so long.
Lucius: Sigh... I still have much to learn, don't I? Suframare, consider me under your tutelage.
Lucius bows low and accepts Suframare's guidance with gratitude.
Suframare: Here, take this.
Suframare hands Lucius a slender training staff.
Suframare: Now... wave the staff as I do.
Lucius: Hm? You want me to wave it?
Suframare: That's right. Novice students can only wield magic with a staff.
Lucius: (I never thought the day would come when I'd use a staff.)
Suframare: Well then! Ready your staff and chant the incantation. Begin!
Embarrassed and full of hesitation, Lucius pushes past his inhibitions though sheer willpower.
Lucius: (Damn it all! I don't care anymore! I'm desperate!)
Lucius: Hrraaagh!
He swings the staff with all his might, shouting with reckless abandon.
Suframare: Hrm? What are you doing? Relax! You don't need to swing it that hard!
Suframare: Hehe! This is the first time I've seen someone swing a staff so hard I could hear it swooshing through the air!
Lucius: I knew it... I'm not cut out for this, am I?
Suframare: Oh, no, no! You just have to swing it a little more gently is all! Relax and move it nice and gently... Like this.
Lucius: I see. One thing though. If I'm not doing anything wrong, you don't need to encourage me. This is my battle...
Lucius: I shall conquer myself and open up a new path before me!
Suframare: Very well. If that's what you want, I'll respect your wishes. Now let's try again!
Lucius: Yes, Master Suframare!
Suframare: Hmm... I'm pretty sure you're making progress. I think.
Lucius: Huff... Wheeze... Pant...
Lucius has been waving his staff with undivided attention for almost an hour now but has yet to successfully conjure any frost from it.
Suframare: Maybe you could try picturing something cold shooting out from the staff?
Lucius: Hm, something cold...
(If only it were spine-chilling experiences this needed. I have mountains of those.)
Suframare: And don't forget to smile! Remember, happy chanting! Now follow me!
Lucius: ...!
Lucius has an acute and sudden realization that he may never reach his goal.
Accepting Suframare's cordial instruction, it seems to him, would also very much be a battle of humility.
Lucius: (A smile? What's a smile compared to all the other hurdles I've faced?)
Suframare: Hmm, you're still looking a little gloomy there.
Suframare: I know! How about we up the fun by trying to imagine an ice flower? Move your staff like you're drawing a flower in the air, and...
Lucius: (An ice flower? Waving my staff while smiling isn't enough?)
Suframare: Hehe, now try to picture dozens of delicate, sparkling ice flowers in bloom!
With much sweat and tears, Lucius continues to struggle through his training, abandoning any semblance of pride and hesitation left in him.
Lucius: Sigh...
Lucius stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher rehearsing the motions he learned during Suframare's training.
Lucius: (Sigh... Maybe I just don't have any talent for magic.)
Though some time has passed since Lucius came under Suframare's mentorship, frost magic yet eludes him.
Suframare: Oh, there you are, Lucius.
Lucius: Ah, Master Suframare. What brings you here?
Suframare: I was worried about you. You seemed somewhat glum during our last session.
Lucius: ...
Suframare: Let me tell you a story, Lucius. Come, sit a while with me and listen.
Suframare settles down next to Lucius and begins her story in a gentle voice.
Suframare: Once upon a time, in a far away land—my homeland to be exact...
Suframare: There lived three types of people: ice sorcerers, fire sorcerers, and those who couldn't use magic at all.
Suframare: I was from a region where most people were ice sorcerers.
Suframare: For the longest time, all three groups feared each other, opposed one another, and even fought at times. But lately things have been changing.
Suframare: They started understanding each other, teaching each other their magic. They even taught the ones who couldn't use magic.
Suframare: Those incapable of magic soon found themselves performing feats of sorcery they initially thought impossible. And I'm sure it wasn't easy for them either.
Lucius: I see...
Suframare: So I know you can do this, Lucius. Don't give up on yourself, okay?
Lucius: I have a bad habit of overthinking things. I've always tried not to, but it looks like it's crept up on me again.
Lucius: Heh... Thanks for the encouragement. I don't suppose you're still willing to mentor me?
Suframare: Of course! We're not going to stop until we reach the finish line! You can do it, Lucius!
Lucius: Hraagh! Pant... Pant...
Suframare: That's it! You're doing great! Keep going!
Lucius: Wheeze... Haagh!
Lucius: ...!
I-I felt a chill just now!
Suframare: Don't stop now, Lucius! Keep going! You're so close!
Lucius: Hraaah!
Lucius: ...!
I did it, Master! I finally did it!
Suframare: You sure did, Lucius! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!
Lucius: Pant... Pant...
Suframare: Hehe! What outstanding work! You've passed with flying colors!
Suframare and Lucius share a moment of joy as teacher and student.
They take time to bask in their triumph.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's all the hubbub?
Lucius: Lizard... I've finally learned to use ice magic! All thanks to Master Suframare!
Vyrn: For real? You've even surpassed me now!
Lucius: Hahaha. If I can learn to use magic, anyone can. Even you.
Vyrn: Uh... cool?
Lucius: Master Suframare's instruction was sometimes strict, sometimes relaxed... but always enjoyable.
Vyrn: Y-yeah! I get you! Her lessons can be pretty intense, but they sure are fun!
Lucius: Indeed. She's shown me what I should do from here on. Master Suframare... I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Suframare: Hehe! It's all because of your hard work, Lucius! I always knew you had it in you!
Lucius: Heh. Thank you, Master.
Lucius's eyes now shine with hope.
Vyrn: Well, I'm happy for ya! To be honest, I was pretty worried about you at first.
Vyrn: I always used to think you were just a hothead!
Vyrn: Looks like I underestimated you!
While Vyrn is baffled with the change that has taken place in Lucius, seeing Lucius satisfied with his accomplishment fills Vyrn with gladness.
Some time has passed since then.
A new book is seen in stores titled: From Sword to Staff by Suframare.
Vyrn: Wha! When did you write this?
Suframare: Hehe! Looks like this one just might become a best seller! Might even surpass Basic Magic Even a Troll Could Understand!
The book would soon be a hit even among the crew of the Grandcypher. But that's a story for another time.