Scenario:Ludmila and Ulamnuran - Live and Let Laugh

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Live and Let Laugh

Ulamnuran learns of Ludmila's inability to stop laughing and takes it upon himself to cure her. Although he ultimately fails for the time being, his efforts have opened up new avenues for his street performances.

Ulamnuran: Good, good. This new technique'll do just fine! I'm a genius if I do say so myself.
Ulamnuran is practicing his craft on the deck of the airship.
Ludmila: Hahaha, new mushrooms! Huh? Mmpftt... What's with that hat... Snort.
And who else should pass by but Ludmila.
Ulamnuran: (Oh? A spectator?)
Ulamnuran: (Well, I can't let her leave disappointed! Time to put on a show!)
Ludmila: His hat... All it reminds me of is that mushroom. Hahaha.
Sensing Ludmila's gaze on him, Ulamnuran beautifully performs difficult tumble after difficult tumble.
Ulamnuran: Ta-da! What do you think?
Ludmila: Heh heh. It was great! You're a street performer? Haha...
Ulamnuran: Hiyah! I can do things like this too!
Ludmila: Well, isn't that something? Hahah... Ahaha...
Ulamnuran: Dun-dun! This spectacle featuring the great Ulam is just getting started!
Ludmila: Ahaha! P-please continue! Hehe.
Ulamnuran: (Um... I think she's enjoying it, but...)
Ulamnuran: (Something doesn't seem quite right about this girl.)
Ulamnuran: ...
Ludmila: Hahaha-huh? Is it over already? Pfft...
Ludmila's abnormal way of laughing throws the tumbler off his game, and he stops his practice session.
He approaches the overenthusiastic girl to have a word.
Ulamnuran: Um, thanks for watching my performance!
Ulamnuran: The name's Ulamnuran, greatest street performer in all the wild blue yonder!
Ulamnuran: Wowzers. You're a regular laugh machine, but can I ask you something? Are you actually enjoying yourself?
Ludmila: Y-yeah, I am. Hehehe... I'm sorry—Ahaha!
Ludmila apologizes through bouts of laughter, which only throws Ulamnuran into further confusion.
Ulamnuran: Huh? I don't get it. What are you apologizing for?
Ludmila: Basically I ate a weird mushroom, and now
I—yuk, yuk—can't stop laughing!
Ulamnuran: Ah, so that's the story. Guess it wasn't because my tricks were actually interesting to watch.
Ludmila: Hahaha. No, no! It definitely was! Snort.
Ulamnuran: Hehe... Well, good then. Thank you! Er...
Ludmila: I'm Ludmila. Ahaha. Nice to meet ya-ha-ha.
Ulamnuran: Same to you, Ludmila!
Ludmila: The pleasure's all—Pffft!
Ludmila: Sorry. Haha. Didn't mean to laugh.
Ulamnuran: (I can see she doesn't mean to laugh, but it comes out anyway. That's no fun at all.)
Ulamnuran: Aha!
Ludmila: Mmpff... What is it? Hehe...
Ulamnuran: I said I was the greatest street performer in the skies, didn't I?
Ulamnuran: I'll cure you of your laughing fits.
Ulamnuran: That way you can smile for reals when you get a load of my act!
Ludmila: Hoohoohoo. That would be fantastic!
Ludmila: Please—hehehe—give it your best shot.
Ulamnuran: You betcha. I got this!
Ulamnuran: Hm... Wonder if scaring the laughter out of her like you'd do with hiccups would work.
Ulamnuran: Behold! I have in my hand a deck of plain ol' cards. Would the lady kindly choose one?
Ludmila: Bwahaha! Okay, this one—
The instant Ludmila pulls a card from the deck, a bird comes flying out at her from Ulamnuran's hands.
He looks at the startled Ludmila with a victorious smile.
Ulamnuran: Bam! Spooked the laughter right out of you, didn't I? What works for hiccups surely works for the giggles too.
Ulamnuran: See? I don't hear any—
Ludmila: Bwahaha! Ahahaha!
Ulamnuran: Darn. Spoke too soon. Well, how about an awe-inspiring magic trick?
Ulamnuran: Just an ordinary wand, right? A one! A two! And a three!
Ludmila: Mmph... Hnngh... Ahahaha!
Ludmila's laughter shows no signs of stopping but neither does the great Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Nope, that won't do it either. I'm not done yet though!
Ulamnuran: I have here three colored balls. Watch as I toss them high into the air. Hah!
Ludmila: Amazing! Hahahaha!
Ulamnuran: Holy moly! Laughing so hard you're literally shaking! Shoot, this isn't a comedy act.
The street performer grumbles in melancholy.
For all of his talents, the sound of laughter will not abate.
Ulamnuran: Hrrm... All that's left is to intentionally bomb the set with a dad joke.
Ulamnuran takes a deep breath to steel himself. Flames of determination ignite in his eyes.
He casts off his pride and screams out to the world.
Ulamnuran: Ever had toadstool? It stinks!
Ludmila: Huh? Uh, bwuh?
Ulamnuran: Yes! Did it work?
Ludmila: ...
Ludmila: Mmmpph... Hnnk... Huff...
Ulamnuran: Are you kidding me? Ludmila! She laughed all the air out of her lungs!
Ulamnuran: (Captain)! Someone! Help!
Thanks to Ulamnuran's quick response, Ludmila is fine.
He has time to reflect when all is said and done.
Finally the Harvin comes to a decision.
Ulamnuran: I'll do it. I'll come up with a fantastic act to end Ludmila's laughing fits once and for all!
With renewed zeal, Ulamnuran tackles many challenges to expand his repertoire.
Meanwhile, Ludmila searches for a mushroom shaped like Ulamnuran's hat.
Ludmila: Hehehe. I found it! Hahaha!
She intends to turn it into a dish for Ulamnuran as thanks for his help.
But that is a tale for another time.