Scenario:Luna - Wanna Go on an Adventure

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Wanna Go on an Adventure?

Luna goes for a stroll and comes across the Grandcypher. She asks the crew if they'd like to come on her adventure, but they invite her to play house instead to which she gleefully accepts.

While walking through the mountains of a verdant island, Luna passes by a large docked airship.
Luna: Mother, Father! Look!
Luna: What is that? It's huge!
Luna's Father: It is, isn't it?
Luna's Mother: You're right, Luna.
Luna: Father! Can we go inside?
Luna's Father: Of course we can.
Luna: Yay! Yeah!
Luna: What is all this stuff? This is fun!
Luna: Ooh, what's back there? I have to go see!
Lyria: Hm? That girl! It's Luna, isn't it?
Vyrn: Yikes! She's the twerp who keeps trying to kill people!
Luna: Oh! It's (Captain) and a lizard puppet!
Vyrn: Uh-oh!
Luna: Hey, (Captain). Why are you guys in here?
Vyrn: Cause this is our ship! Why else?
Luna: Oh, huh.
Luna: Mother, Father, isn't it funny how we keep seeing the same people?
Luna's Father: It is, Luna.
Luna's Mother: They might want to play with you.
Luna: Yeah, maybe we can have an adventure together!
Vyrn: Hey, something about this is giving me the creeps.
Luna: (Captain), want to come on my adventure? You can be the monster.
  1. Sure!
  2. Well... Uh...

Choose: Sure!
Luna: Yay! Great! (Captain), now I'm going to—
(Captain) suggests that they do something more fun instead.
Luna: Huh? More fun? Like what?
"Let's play house instead," says (Captain) suddenly.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Well... Uh...
Luna: Why? Don't you want to go on an adventure with me?
"Let's play house instead," says (Captain) suddenly.
Continue 1
Luna: Play... house?
Lyria: Yeah, we can pretend we're a family!
Luna: So you want to be like Mother and Father?
Vyrn: Eh, well... Not quite like those parents of yours. We'll be a different sort of family.
Luna: What are you saying? I don't get it. Why should we play house anyway?
"You'll be able to play with Vyrn," answers (Captain).
Luna: Oh, really? Huh...
Luna's Father: Isn't that talking puppet special, Luna?
Luna's Mother: You'll have fun if you play with it.
Luna: Okay! You're right!
Vyrn: Hey, I don't know about this!
Lyria: Uh, please—please just hang in there for now.
Vyrn: Agh! All right, I guess we can play then.
Vyrn: As long as you're a good girl, Luna!
Luna: Okay! I'm always a good girl.
Luna: Hey, where's my room going to be? I want a big, pretty one!
Vyrn: Huh! You're settling in pretty quick!
Luna: You said we're playing house, so this is my house now. Right, Mother and Father?
Vyrn: (I don't see any way out of this. Play along for now, Lyria and (Captain).)
Lyria and (Captain) nod.
Vyrn: Oh, one little thing. When you're traveling with us, don't start any new adventures of your own.
Luna: Huh? How come?
Lyria: Uh... Well... If the people who pilot our ship die, then the ship will stop moving.
Luna: What! This thing's a ship?
Vyrn: Uh-huh! It's a ship that sails the skies.
Luna: Whoa! A ship that sails in the sky!
Luna: Hey, make it fly! Make it fly! I wanna go up in the sky too!
Vyrn: Agh! She's good.
To Luna's delight the Grandcypher begins to take off.
Luna: Wow, wow! We're really flying now!
Luna: Vyrn! I love flying in the sky!
Vyrn: It's quite the feeling, huh? Be careful not to fall overboard!
Vyrn: (Who would've thought? She seems just like a regular girl.)
Laughing innocently, Luna runs back and forth across the deck.
And the Grandcypher soars up and out into the boundless blue skies.