Scenario:Lunalu - Armored Warrior Shenanigans

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Armored Warrior Shenanigans

Lunalu is having trouble breaking out of her creative and emotional lull when a mysterious crab appears from the seas to cheer her up. When a group of thugs start picking on the crab, Lunalu goes up against them.

Lyria: Whee! You should jump in for a swim too, Lunalu!
Lunalu: But I'll get wet.
Vyrn: Hey, that's what the swimsuit's for, right?
Lunalu: Well, I suppose experiencing new things is important for an artist.
Lyria: The sea's perfect for that! Plus, it'll help take your mind off things for a while.
Lunalu: All right, you've convinced me...
Lunalu: I'll go back to the beach house. It's just too hot, icky, and well, summery out here.
Vyrn: Whoa, back to square one? But you might not feel like coming out again.
Lunalu: Yeah, I guess so.
The crew is enjoying its vacation in the Auguste Isles.
Lunalu wears a serious expression as she spends her days drawing one romantic illustration after another.
But she makes little progress, so she goes out to the crew for help.
Lunalu: Sigh, what am I ever going to do?
Lyria: And I thought coming out here would make things easier...
Vyrn: Boy oh boy, how are we ever going to get her to think about anything other than how stuck she is?
Lunalu: I'm so sorry, everyone. I have to head back.
Lyria: Um, why don't we actually try doing something out here?
Lunalu: No point waiting for a revelation that won't come. I just have to face the reality of it.
Vyrn: Reality, huh? I get the feeling you're taking this way too seriously.
Vyrn: What the... Everyone look! Something's in the water!
Lunalu: Could this be the revelation?
The crew looks intently at the bubbling seawater.
Crab: ...
Lyria: Umm, it looks like a crab monster.
Vyrn: I wasn't expecting a crab, but maybe this is a revelation?
Lunalu: No way. Crabs gross me out.
Crab: ...
Lyria: Strange. The crab's not attacking us.
Vyrn: Yeah, it's not moving at all. Maybe I should go take a closer look.
Lunalu: Meh, who cares about some crab. I say we just sit back down and relax.
Lyria: Sounds good to me.
Lunalu: ...
Lyria: ...
Crab: ...
Lunalu: I guess it's not so easy with a crab staring at us.
Lyria: Ahaha, I feel bad for it though. That shell looks really hot.
Lunalu: Yeah, plus it's hard and heavy.
Lyria: Hmm, I wonder if it ever takes the shell off?
Lunalu: Wouldn't that be dangerous if an enemy shows up?
Lyria: Ah, right. I guess it works like armor.
Lunalu: Armor? Well, now that you mention it...
Crab: ...
Lunalu: Hm, armor covering the entire body... (Would be even better with a dark tone...)
Lyria: You know, thinking of that as armor makes the crab look really strong!
Lunalu: It certainly does. (It also looks cryptic, dark, and adventurous.)
Lyria: That reminds me! Lunalu, do you like crab meat?
Lunalu: Crab meat?
Lyria: Yeah. I heard it depends on the type, but I think it tastes great!
Lunalu: Really? Well, when it comes to armored warriors, I'm more interested in their emotional vulnerability inside.
Lyria: Huh, vulnerability inside?
Lunalu: Gah! What I mean to say is—
Lyria: Oh, I see now! The internal organs!
Lunalu: Armor plated internal organs?
Lunalu: Haha, you know, I do like the sound of that.
Lyria: Teehee!
Lunalu: Hm, what's the matter?
Lyria: It's been so long since I've seen you smile, Lunalu.
Lunalu: Come to think of it...
Vyrn: This is not good, guys! Look at the crab!
Thug 1: Pfft, talk about a monster that doesn't fight back!
Thug 2: Bwahaha, that makes it perfect for target practice.
Crab: ...
Lyria: This is terrible! The crab isn't even doing anything to them!
Vyrn: This makes me sick! But the crab is a monster after all.
Lunalu: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Lunalu! What are you gonna do?
Thug 1: Know your place, monster. Crab's Bane!
Crab: ...
Thug 2: Wicked! Might as well try out my skills too.
Lunalu: Leave it alone.
Thug 1: Hah, who the heck are you? You'd stand up for a monster?
Lunalu: Yeah. I don't even like crabs, but this one's special.
Thug 2: Humph, that's a good one. The heat must be getting to your head. Let's see how you handle this!

Armored Warrior Shenanigans: Scene 2

After fighting off the thugs, Lunalu collapses from heatstroke and enters a strange dream. This is where she meets the talking crab that allays so many of her fears.

The crew fights off the thugs and saves the crab.
Strongly due in part to the raging summer heat, the crew is already exhausted.
Vyrn: Wheeze, I can't take this heat anymore...
Lyria: Me neither. Why don't we go back to the beach house?
Lunalu: Yeah, I'm starving.
Vyrn: Hm? All that fighting, and I don't see a single drop of sweat on you, Lunalu.
Lunalu: Well, an artist has to be strong.
Lunalu: Besides...
Lyria: Wha—Lunalu just collapsed!
Vyrn: It must be heatstroke! That's why she wasn't sweating.
Vyrn: Lunalu? Please, wake up!
Crab: ...
Lunalu: Unh... ngh...
Lunalu: What... am I doing here?
Crab: Thank goodness you're awake.
Lunalu: Did you just speak?
Crab: Heh, don't be afraid. I don't pinch. You should be waking up soon in the real world too.
Lunalu: So soon?
Crab: Sounds like you'd rather stay here. Artist's block must really have you stumped.
Lunalu: ...
Lunalu: It doesn't matter how many hundreds of illustrations I draw. I never get any better.
Lunalu: But I get worried if I'm not drawing. And when I do draw and see how bad my work is, I get worried anyway...
Crab: Well, once you get over the slump, the ideas will come pouring out.
Lunalu: Humph, what does a crab know about slumps?
Crab: Haha, we crabs go into a slump before we molt our shells. That's how we grow. So I know a bit about how growth works.
Lunalu: But it hurts...
Crab: Would you rather stay here with me forever? In this boring world that never changes?
Lunalu: Huh? Never, not with a crab.
Crab: That's right. You have to move forward! Defeat me and awaken!
Lunalu: I... I have to keep going!

Armored Warrior Shenanigans: Scene 3

Lunalu wakes up fully rejuvenated thanks to a certain crab's magical giant bubbles. She is now more driven than ever to pursue her dream of becoming a full-fledged romance artist.

Lunalu: Huff...
Vyrn: Whew! Thank goodness you're awake, Lunalu!
Lunalu: Sorry for worrying you... But how did you nurse me back to health so fast?
Lyria: Oh, it was the crab. It created these giant bubbles, and placed them all around you.
Lunalu: Crabs can make bubbles?
Vyrn: I couldn't believe it either. But I guess it cooled you down with those bubbles, and that's why you're okay now.
Lunalu: You know, I think I dreamed of the crab.
Lunalu: ...
Lunalu: Meh, I don't remember much about it. Anyway, care to go for a swim later?
Lyria: Sure, I'd love to! But you're okay with getting wet?
Lunalu: Not really. I just get the feeling I have to try new things if I want to make progress.
Vyrn: Hm, make progress?
Lunalu: Haha, let's go!
Having experienced a most wondrous encounter at the beach, Lunalu begins to break out of her old shell.
Perhaps one day the crab's beach will also come to be known as a sanctuary for inspiring one of the greatest artists of all time.